Geek K.O.
Geek K.O.
Geek K.O.
Your Geek & Pop Culture Trivia Podcast! Each Level, Justin Madriaga, Joshua “Ish” Ishizaki, and Producer Hannah Moroz study a different geek topic to take on a guest End Boss who quizzes them on their geek specialty!
LVL 101: National Treasure
Ish and Justin grab their spy gear, bifocals, and history textbooks as they attempt to steal the Declaration of...I mean, do battle with End Boss Robert Cormier as they quiz them on the "National Treasure" movies! Who will be swimming in riches and who will just find out the treasure was within them all along?
Jul 10
1 hr 21 min
We're halfway through our 100th LVL and Ish and Justin are already taking a trivia beating going through our End Boss Gauntlet! Listen to part two and find out who will come out as the geek trivia champion and who will be regretting it the next morning!
Jul 3
1 hr 24 min
We have made it to our 100TH LEVEL and we're smashing open the End Boss door, unleashing a whole slew of our past End Bosses to quiz Justin and Ish on what they learned over the past 100 episodes...and we turned it into a drinking game! This episode is so huge, we split it into TWO PARTS!! Who will survive the End Boss Trivia Gauntlet? Listen now to find out!
Jun 26
1 hr 27 min
LVL 99.5: Who Even Are We? [SPEED ROUND]
Justin and Ish quiz Justin and Ish on their hardest subject yet: Justin and Ish!
Jun 19
14 min
LVL 99: Supernatural
Justin and Ish pack their holy water, salt, and pie, and jump into their Impala as they travel to do battle with End Boss Aaron Niotta as he quizzes them on Supernatural, Seasons 1-5! Who will successfully smite the demons and who will be left behind to clean all up all the ectoplasm? Listen now to find out!
Jun 12
1 hr
LVL 98.5: Punderdome
Jake Malloy (Writer, "Geekend Update") joins Justin and Ish for another round Punderdome!
Jun 5
11 min
LVL 98: The Witcher
Ish & Justin grab their sword, Roach, and Challenger Jake Malloy (Writer, "Geekend Update") grabs his lute as they go into battle against End Boss Natalie Benavides as she quizzes them on trivia about Netflix's "The Witcher"! Who will get coins tossed at them and who will be forced to travel with Jaskier? Listen now to find out!
May 29
58 min
LVL 97.5: Hercules [SPEED ROUND]
Who puts the "glad" in "gladiator"? Listen to find out as Justin and Ish ask each other trivia questions about Disney's "Hercules"! (ft. End Boss Justyn Cortes)
May 22
18 min
LVL 97: Iron Man
Ish and Justin put on their time travel suits to jump into the quantum realm to do battle with End Boss Justyn Cortes as he quizzes them on the film that kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man! Who will celebrate with a victory burger? Listen to find out!
May 15
1 hr 20 min
LVL 96.5: Video Game Binging [STUDY BREAK]
In this Study Break, Ish and Justin are joined by End Boss Nathan Schulz (Agents of GUARD) to discuss what video games they have been binging while stuck in Shelter in Place orders.
May 8
11 min
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