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Gate City Live
April Harris
Gate City Live is a weekly LIVE podcast from GREENSBORO NC showcasing the region’s poets, musicians, artists, and songwriters through performance and interviews.
Luna X plus Matty Sheets and the Nervy Bees
(Season 10, Episode 1) When Luna X is on the mic, you know it. Check out her bold and original raps 1) Buddha, 2) Bliss, and 3) With an X. Also on this episode, Piedmont NC favorites Matty Sheets and the Nervy Bees. They perform 1) Rough Times, 2) Bus Stop, and 3) Dirt Chain Gang. Enjoy! (Recorded March 6, 2020)
Mar 12, 2020
33 min
LIVE from The BugHouse  - Abigail Dowd, Jason Duff, Josh King, and Julian Sizemore
(Season 9 Episode 10) This month's show from The BugHouse features musicians Abigail Dowd, Jason Duff, Josh King, and Julian Sizemore. The podcast includes a brief interview and two highlights: Abigail Dowd and Jason Duff on Not What I Seem and all four artists harmonizing on Dowd's One Moment at a Time. Every month in 2020, Gate City Live will broadcast from The BugHouse in Revolution Mill, a former textile mill in Greensboro NC. (Recorded 1-31-20)
Feb 7, 2020
11 min
Singer Songwriters Katie Boulevard and Marcus Horth
(Season 9, Episode #9) Katie Boulevard performs originals Question, Betta, and What's What. Marcus Horth performs originals Happiness and My Dear. We discuss the myriad influences and experiences that come out in their music and songwriting. (Recorded 1-31-20)
Feb 2, 2020
24 min
Time Sawyer LIVE from The BugHouse
(Season 9, Episode #8). On this show, we welcome Charlotte-based band Time Sawyer, live from The BugHouse listening room and music venue in Revolution Mill. Sam Tayloe (lead vocals and guitar) and Houston Norris (banjo and vocals) started Time Sawyer in 2011 as college students at UNC-Charlotte. Now, with Jordon Nelson (cajon), Court Wynter (bass), and Bob Barone (guitar and pedal steel), Time Sawyer joins Gate City Live for a LIVE interview and performance from The Bug House. This episode includes live performance of two singles from Time Sawyer's most recent album Mountain Howdy, 1) I Wish I Could, and 2) Robin. It’s their first album on vinyl. Get it now! (Recorded 1-25-20)
Jan 28, 2020
18 min
Tha Villenenz and Nikki Forrester
(Season 9, Episode 7) We love bringing divergent music styles together on Gate City Live just to see what happens, and we are always surprised at the similarities— not only with the music, but the artists themselves 🎧 All three of these artists grew up in small-town Piedmont NC, playing music since they were kids and bringing voice to their personal experiences. J.Melo and Saint Pat make up the #hiphip duo Tha Villlenz Nikki Forrester plays with #altpop duo The Sun God. On this episode, Tha Villenz perform 1) Soon to be released single: Carolina's Finest and 2) From their last project: Let Me Holla At You. Nikki Forrester performs 1) Maniacal and 2) Safe For Work. (Recorded 1-10-20)
Jan 14, 2020
25 min
Farewell Friend, Lyn Koonce, and Jeanie Duncan
(Season 9, Episode 6) This week we travel to Black Rabbit Audio, the home-studio for Farewell Friend, a band that Tom Troyer started a few years ago with music veterans Mark Byerly and Evan Campfield. Here, they discuss and perform two songs from their album Glenwood and Gomorrah: 1) Train Tracks and 2) Whirlwind. It's such a pleasure to listen to this beautiful combination of resonator, guitar, bass, and vocals by Tom Troyer.   Lyn Koonce joined us fresh from Nashville, where she was recording an album with producer Amy Speace. Lyn performs 1) The River, and 2) Eviction. We discuss her personal transformation from a multi-tasking music educator, nonprofit director, and musician - into a person advancing on a path that directly aligns with her personal priorities.  Jeanie Duncan, a organizational development professional, joined us to discuss Destination Stepping Stones, a multi-day program and retreat April 23-26 for mid-career women to take a step back and determine a priority-based path forward. ( Watch for Lyn Koonce's new album in Spring 2020. (Recorded 1-3-20)
Jan 4, 2020
40 min
Singer-songwriter Mike Snyder and Rapper Lil Twin/@ragingheartz label
(Season 9, Episode 5) We caught Greensboro singer-songwriter Mike Snyder while was on for break from UNC-Wilmington.  Folks, this is why we talk about the talent that thrives in our region!  You've got to hear Mike perform his originals 1) Under and 2) The Fever is Gone. Check out his new album "peace of mind," released just three weeks ago. #Spotify #iTunes Also on this episode, we meet up with Winston Salem Rapper Lil Twin, who through his record label @ragingheartz represents local artists:The Foreign, Dakota Boy, Big Twin and Lil Twin. We discuss the consistency, determination, and calculated risk required in a start-up label. Learn more about how @raginheartz is building buzz for their platform and their fan-base. (Date: 12/20/19)
Dec 23, 2019
22 min
Poet Sean Welch and singer-songwriter Doug Baker
(Season 9, Episode 4) We are fortunate to live in a region with immense talent and Gate City Live exists to showcase all of it! Doug Baker, singer-songwriter and poet Sean Welch bring voice to their experiences through spoken word and song. In this episode: Sean Welch !) Love Perspective and 2) Maybe I Should Call.  Doug Baker performs 1) Doing Something Else and 2) I Write. (Date: 12/13/19)
Dec 17, 2019
32 min
Musicians Emanuel Wynter and XOXOK
(Season 9, Episode 3) Wow. Check out the talent of Emanuel Wynter and XOXOK. We talk about the work of songwriting and taking the plunge to full-time musicianship. Emanuel Wynter performs 1) Iced Coffee and 2) Cosmos. XOXOK performs 1) Right On and 3) I'll Be Fine. This amazing show reminds us why we do what we do. (Date: 12/6/19)
Dec 6, 2019
36 min
Musician and songwriter Kasey Horton; Rob Crayton, actor, rapper, and comedian.
(Season 9, Episode 2) Both these artists presented with a fierceness and fearlessness that was stunning at times. Kasey Horton, a classically-trained viola player (NC School of the Arts), professional musician, and educator is now starting to write and perform her own songs. Here, listen to our convo and 1) Save Us Now, 2) Love Given Back. Rob Crayton delivers a powerful freestyle rap and we discuss his work as an actor in movies and television.  (Recording date: 11/22/19)
Nov 26, 2019
37 min
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