Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley
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Addicted to the show
I found out about the show a week ago and I am obsessively listening to try and catch up on all the episodes. The research, the experts that are in reviewed, the flow of the show and the enthusiasm make food come alive. You will learn things in an entertaining way that you may find yourself sharing with anyone even slightly interested in food.
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The podcast that makes you hungry for more.
If you’re looking to make great conversation at dinner parties, listen to Gastropod! I‘ve never learned so much about food before. And the bist is, the facts stick because it’s fun and entertaining. Who doesn’t love to eat? Every time I listen, I get a little smarter and sometimes super hungry for foods I haven’t even heard about. Thanks for making this show!
Favorite Podcast!
Absolutely love listening to Gastropod. Their episodes are very well research and informative, but entertaining and relevant. I listen to them all the time, over and over again! Thanks for all the hard work!
Calise G
Interesting topics, great production
Amazing, in-depth reporting about “food” that teaches us about culture and history
I love this and I usually hate everything
I’m just obsessed with these stories. The Frieda’s Specialty Produce episode changed my world and the paw paw episode sent me all over New York City on a search for it (and we found it!!) Also selfish plug for another informative but much less professional nonfiction podcast: Sunday In the Heights with Dolly.
Great break from our 2020 reality.
Such a fascinating history/science pod. I really have learned a lot and look at food differently now. The hosts are lovely to listen to and are very enthusiastic about their work. Such a happy spot in a year defined by doom scrolling.
Voices are awesome?
Gotta be kidding! What is the matter with these women? Are they on drugs? Calm down,’ll have a heart attack with so much stupid enthusiasm. Jeeez
Now I need a good spoon.
This has been really fun! I’ve needed an escape from the news and gastropod has been great. Maybe sell a set of gastropod good utensils?
Never miss an episode!!
I love listing to all the history and science about food. This show makes it interesting and I can’t wait for new episodes!!
ALWAYS interesting...long-time fan
gravitated here just to give em props...was surprised re comments about their voices-I really like theirs,and they way they trade off couple of personal faves:sourdough-my current starter dates from April 2013, and find it QUITE hardy if it gets pushed to back of frig and doesn't get fed for a while; tonic-making my own for several years now, after got irked at the high prices for the boutique/high fructose corn syrup in the regular; and pad thai-was surprised they haven't made it themselves-no recipes are written in stone, and they'll be all their bud's bff when they're invited over
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Interesting topics...
but I stopped listening, because one of the hosts pronounces every ‘t’ as hard ‘t’. I can’t stop hearing it.
Marie EC
The perfect podcast
Simply my favorite podcast out there (and I listen to a lot of podcasts). I’ve listened to every episode and look forward to every 2nd Tuesday. The hosts provide interesting and exciting reporting and all the cool facts about the food topics they cover. Huge fan and highly highly highly recommend! Also, as a response to those saying they don’t like the hosts’ voices- no! I love your voices! Ignore the haters we love you Nicky and Cynthia! ❤️
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Smart, fun, well-done!
Sophisticated, well researched and always thorough. Nicola & Cynthia make a great team and their voices are awesome! Best in podcasts!
Healthy Oiler
It is awesome but their voices are annoying
Beef with the beef story
I enjoy and learn from many of your episodes, but far too many include a political slant so pointed it distorts the episode. In this episode you talk about the working conditions in meat packing plants and how the majority of workers were and are immigrants. You never explain why they kept coming to America. They weren’t tricked into coming. They came because the opportunities were better. They could build better lives for their children. The became so wealthy they could eat beef & drive model Ts produced using the same processing techniques. One of Trump’s great crimes is his policies towards immigrants. Thanks,
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joy to listen & learn
My favorite podcast!
Gastropod is by far my favorite podcast! I’ve been listening to it for 3 years now, and every episode is both engaging and informative! The amount of research put in is incredible. This is a high quality show that everyone should listen to!
Rae A-S.
Tonic episode
It seems interesting. Unfortunately, I can only get to 9 minutes into the episode. At that point it disappears. This is the first time this has happened. Michael Keit
The pop monster
5 stars
Love to this podcast! Excellent, likable hosts with incredibly interesting content. Like, who knew an episode about mustard could keep you captivated for 45+ minutes?!
jules wojo
Your voices are fine!
Came here to write my own review, not a rebuttal of others, but well here we are. Holy hell the amount of people complaining about these ladies voices makes me disappointed. Overly enunciated? Please. This world need more enunciations and if people don’t like someone’s natural accent they can go listen to something else and keep it to themselves. A few of these reviewers should also check out a few more podcasts if they find this delivery annoying, scripted, or not professional. Seriously I listen to over 50 and there’s a handful I love but cringe while barely tolerating bizarre delivery and voice affect- I’ll be nice and not name names. These ladies have a show that’s serious enough to be factual but still entertaining. It’s a delicate balance they achieve well. Don’t be scared off by the negativity.
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miss cgh
Food fun
I love this podcast. The topics are varied and interesting. It’s about food but not just recipes... I was fascinated to hear about the history of some of my favorite foods. Some reviews focus of the voices of the hosts... I don’t get the issue. If the presentation was more “serious” I wouldn’t listen. I don’t want a classroom experience, I want to listen to an interesting conversation, and these women never disappoint.
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Foodies, don’t miss this!
I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast, and it never disappoints! I recommend it to everyone, and the science and history on each topic are great conversation starters. The culinary extinction episode is one of my favorites, or you can pick one that covers a food you love for a great introduction. You’ll definitely be coming back for seconds!
Danielle Kristan
Our new favorite podcast!!!
Smash hit.. This is hands down our favorite podcast. We recommend it to everyone we know. Informative, interesting, casual, fun. The production is fantastic. It’s like NPR for food - but better.
The best
Ok. I may be prejudiced. I am Cynthia Graber’s mother. But it is fascinating to me how she and Nikki keep coming up with new ideas for the shows. Their banter keeps the the topics light and Interesting. I frequently (ok, almost every time,) call to tell her that I learned something new. Right from the first episode where I learned that our food will always be a little less tasty because we do not use gold tableware.
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Longtime Favorite
One of my favorites! The content, the guests, how the information is presented, the editing, etc; everything about this show is great! I got my dad to buy a few pawpaw trees after listening to the episode on pawpaws. Also, I love Nicola’s voice!
Interesting content but...
One of the host has distracting enunciation, like an American putting on an affected English accent. It’s so jarring and irritating I just can’t listen to any more episodes.
Good info, lousy listening experience
Listening to this felt like being subjected to the audio equivalent of strobe lights for half an hour. When I slowed it down on my player it was just distorted, and that was worse. I suspect this is an editing issue that could be fixed by using a different podcast editing software or provider. Podcasters please don’t neglect the listener experience when you produce your show.
Phenomenal content
The level of research they do for this podcast is amazing. I love the perfect combo of history and science as it relates to food, and the quality of episodes over the years in consistently high. The topics thy pick to cover also also fun and engaging and cover basically everything you could imagine related to food. Amazing podcast amazing hosts ❤️
Great podcast. Informative and interesting.
sm esthet
Love the content but
I absolutely love the content and the guests but Nicola’s overly affected way of talking is soooo distracting, I don’t know how long I can stick with it. Those hard t’s and toMAtoes is driving me nuts. No one talks like that.
Best Show EVER!!!
Seriously. Why aren’t you already listening to this? These wonderful women have answered so many questions I’ve had about food and introduced me to so much more. I cannot thank them enough for all the random food information that I amaze/annoy everyone around me with. They are truly a treasure. Microbes!!!!
Ash Luster
Great show but they talk too fast
I love this show, but the presenters talk way too fast. What’s the hurry? I got a headache listening to their (great) show on the teaser of color. My girlfriend who is not a native speaker of English gave up (even when we slowed the speed down) so I had to listen to it by myself :-( Please. slow. down.
Il machinista
Enjoy the diversity ...
We listen to Science Friday and Ira suggested your podcast. We are enjoying the diverse subjects - my husband is the Main Chef in the House but we both love to shop for fun food! Only one suggestion: could you please talk more slowly - sometimes we have to rerun to catch all of your thoughts. Thanks!
This is one of the best Podcasts ever
This is not a recipe or cooking show. It is ABOUT food. The why, the, how, the history. It is fascinating! Cynthia & Nicola are smart, talented, and very entertaining. Great show, thank you, ladies!
New subscriber
I purchased, “The Midcentury Kitchen” by Sarah Archer, reviewed by Nicola. That’s how I discovered Gastropod! I’ve listened to every episode over the past 6 weeks. Thank you both for your fascinating episodes.
Charming and witty and genuine
That refers to both the show and the wonderful hosts! Great entertainment for food-lovers, science-lovers and history-lovers all.
Each episode tells a fabulous story that’s informed by science and explores through history to properly introduce us to the foods we love and thought we knew.
Informative fun food science and history!
Fun educational show about food!
Incredibly high quality production!
Gastropod is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts (and has been for years!) The production value is seriously incredible- the quality of research, interviews, funny anecdotes, interesting side stories and chemistry of the hosts is so high! It’s honestly one of the best produced shows I listen too! I’m a long time listener and always feel so inspired and full of facts to share with those around me after listening to any episode! My personal favorites include the episode about Avocado Domination, David Fairchild, and Tonic water!
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The Alt Vault
Great podcast
Love this podcast. So interesting and always waiting for a the new episodes to drop. And to all you folks that are insanely obsessed with their voices/accents: just chill.
Ali Fitzgerald137
Great content but...
As many have already commented Nicola’s variable pronunciation of t’s and vowel groupings is beyond distracting. Have another voice actress do the lines. unsubscribed
One of my favorite podcasts ever
I recommend everyone who is at all interested in food listen to this podcast, it’s well researched, produced, and a fun listen. Most food related podcasts I get tired of, and only listen to in fits and starts but never Gastropod! I’ve listened to every episode (many multiple times) for years!
Go Chris!
Food and history and science!
Food, science, and history is a winning combination. You learn a ton and listening makes me want to find some good food afterwards.
History of food!?
I would have never thought to make this podcast let alone go searching for it. It kind of fell into my lap. I liked to an episode on whiskey and was hooked. I forget that most everything has a history and learning about foods makes me want to try new meals.
Amazing podcast
Fantastic podcast - the episodes are a delight to listen to, and always leave me thinking.
Fascinating podcast
I like the way the hosts go into food subjects that are different. Loved the peanut and the honey episode. Lots of fun and the hosts seem like they are having fun. One of my favorites. I do wish Nicola didn’t try so hard to say everything like a tanker Brit. Listen to Omega 123 where everyone but her says it correctly while she say O-Ma-Ga. As a Brit I’m baffled.
Great podcast but the affectation...
I watched a Nicola Twilley ted talk (maybe an off-brand TED-style talk) and she pronounced a word with standard American accent and then corrected herself to a vaguely Home Counties sounding accent. She’s clearly been in the US a long time. I’m wondering how old she was when she moved her. Her Englishness is a huge part of her identity and character on the show but it doesn’t come off as entirely genuine given the changing strength of accent, the complete absence at times, and then the focus on it. It mostly just sounds like a pedantic American. It’s a major distraction and makes me want to not listen to what is in every other way a good podcast.
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Neat, nerdy, need-to-listen!
A scientist, a foodie, a historian, a reader, and a chef would all love this show.
Best of Food Podcasts
I have learned SO MUCH from this delightful and in-depth food podcast! A must for any foodie or generally curious person.
Give up on the Ts
Generally interesting show, but one (I think it is Nicola) needs to give up on those hard “T”s. It is not merely annoying, but flat-out distracting from the actual content.
Niban #2dj
Please find new hosts.
The topics and guests are fascinating but the voices of the two hosts make it impossible to listen to. I’ve tried to get past their annoying affected voices several times but I’m giving up. Do they think they sound clever? Who knows. I’m done.
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