Galaxy Brains with Dave Schilling and Jonah Ray
Galaxy Brains with Dave Schilling and Jonah Ray
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Come Back
Dang, why did they stop making these? Get a a Patreon and come back, please!
Please come back
This is only one of two podcasts I actually like. Please come back. This is entertaining, funny, smart - sad you are leaving.
Loveddddd all 37 episodes will miss y’all so much
Love this show, great guests, great hosts, and great takes
Merry Frelling Christmas
Galaxy Brains is great
I enjoy this podcast. The unique approach of review segments from different types of brains is fun. I like that Jonah and Dave dig into the history, production, and pop culture impact of various properties. Good laughs and fun commentary. Keep up the great work!
There’s good insight and entertainment here. Plz review movies with more interesting/abstract themes. Spark a conversation
jefe williams
Such a fun show!
Dave and Jonah discuss movies and shows in very thought provoking ways that range from fun and hilarious to deep and humanizing for not only the characters in the content but also the people that create it. Please keep up the awesome work! Y’all read my crazy Frasier breaks bad take on your suicide squad episode, but I gotta say, I liked Dave’s idea for Frasier more. Also, my wife still hasn’t forgiven me for subjecting her to Money Plane, but I maintain that it’s pretty fun!
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Great takes, Great fun
I think my title explains it all.
Great Podcast
I really enjoy the breakdowns of the movies in this podcast. Dave and Jonah keep it funny and entertaining as well. Keep up the great work!
Love love love it
Hilarious, smart, well produced, honest. This podcast checks every box and makes some new ones. Don’t even worry if you haven’t seen the movie or show, it’s still wildly entertaining.
Great Show!
Jonah and co. Look at movies the way MST3K (Jonah) did skits during movie breaks. Imaginative, fun and brief-all steak and some sizzle. Enjoy.
Chitown Jamie
Fun, smart show
This show has really grown on me. It’s a slickly produced pod that has goofy, peppy energy and a much more scripted feel than your typical podcast. It took a few episodes to get on its wavelength but I’m very into it now. Great hosts, interesting takes. It’s an excellent addition to my regular rotation of film podcasts.
Well produced insight
As a fan of longer running podcasts about movies, I was surprised I liked quick how quickly they get to their points. Shilling and Jonah (who I just like hearing on podcasts) have different takes in a unique way as well. Also, it’s very well produced. A fun tight 30-45 min podcast about things I like. Nice change. And good job!
Good pod
Liked these two guys individually, so them together is twice as fun! Liked the topics of discussion so far and and guest are top notch
David Cross cosplay
Hello. Love me some Jonah. Nice to hear anything fun and not news. I like the focus on what the subject ‘is’ rather than talking about and criticizing the subject for what it is not. That feels like fandom over self important criticism and sometime I just want to be and listen to good fan commentary. Like here with the Galaxy Twins: Shape of ... podcasters! I desperately want to mention criticism from others that upsets me but some faint sense of irony and self awareness is partially stopping me. Have Dave Schilling and David Cross been in the same place at the same time ever? I assume one is an alias but which one do I shoot? Shaw Brothers movies or todays equivalent please. Good Luck Dan
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Some guys talking
A real dearth of insight and context. It is like the hosts don’t even bother to prepare beyond whatever incidental knowledge they already had of the subject, yet think what they have to say is worth 30 minutes of your time.
Love it
So rare to hear a podcast that is actually well thought out and not just off the cuff. Plus it’s funny! I can’t wait for more!!!
Hey, it works!
Well-done podcast and I could listen to these two banter all day
Bigg Nate Diesel
Sounds sooo good!
Great production
1 Star
They calling the mighty ducks show a masterpiece. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dave Schilling is awesome
Can’t wait for this.
A perfect match
Dave and Jonah are ideal hosts for a show like this. Can’t wait to hear them get deep on movies and TV!