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688 – Doctor Who – Rogue
This week, Simon, Ben, and Eugene discuss the Doctor’s sexuality and changes in the representation of sexuality on Doctor Who, Gatwa singing the same pitch as Gene Wilder, and Checkov’s psychic earrings as we look at the #DoctorWho episode #Rogue.
Jun 10
1 hr 13 min
687 – Doctor Who – Dot and Bubble
This week, Simon and Eugene look at #DotAndBubble, the 5th episode of the 2024 Doctor Who series. They discuss having sympathy for a homicidal AI, the influence of #BlackMirror on Doctor Who, and they talk about judgment with hindsight as they have a “fierce” argument over whether this episode is better than Kerblam!
Jun 4
686 – Doctor Who – 73 Yards
*Note* This episode was originally intended to be released on May 27; however, quotas at my podcast host prevented it from releasing until June 1. This is re-release. This week, Simon and Eugene look at the 2024 season Doctor Who episode #73Yards and discuss whether a reset makes an episode worthless, whether Doctor Who is ... Read more
Jun 3
685 – Doctor Who – Boom
This week, Simon and Eugene are looking at the 3rd episode of the 2024 series of Doctor Who with the episode Boom. They discuss different approaches towards the writing of different writers, faith, and the logic of the landmine with the flashy lights.
May 21
1 hr 6 min
684 – Doctor Who – The Devil’s Chord
This week’s second bonus episode looks at the Doctor Who episode, the Devil’s Chord. Simon and Eugene discuss a missed opportunity for a respectful pastiche of the Beatles, whether bi-generation will be reversed, and whether Ruby is an abominable snowman. #DevilsChord nKIrtJ7h5tA19QybvwBv
May 13
1 hr 4 min
683 – Doctor Who – Space Babies
Bonus episode discussion this week is the first episode of the 2024 Doctor Who series, Space Babies, by Russell T. Davies. Simon and Eugene discuss whether the best way to introduce the show to a new audience is a massive info dump, what Ron DeSantis would have thought of the episode, and whether it was ... Read more
May 12
1 hr 3 min
682 – Bugs – Renegades
This week’s episode under review: Bugs S03E10 – Renegades. Simon and Eugene discuss whether this episode was always intended to be the finale of season 3, whether it’s another sequel to the Cybernauts, and Eugene gives us his interpretation of Australian Eric Idle.
May 11
1 hr 2 min
681 – Space Above and Beyond – Level of Necessity
This week’s episode under discussion: the 13th episode of Space Above and Beyond, Level of Necessity. In this episode, Damphousse gets psychic powers, and Kenneth and Eugene ask, “what good are psychic powers when you’re in the military?” Level of Necessity originally aired on January 14th, 1996.
May 4
38 min
680 – Outland
This week, John and Eugene watch Sean Connery in space as they discuss the 1981 Sci-Fi movie Outland.
Apr 27
48 min
679 – Neo Ultra Q – Argos Democracy & Hominis Dignitati
This week, John and Eugene take a look at the last two episodes of Neo Ultra Q: Episode 11, Argos Democracy, which first aired March 23, 2013, and Episode 12, Hominis Dignitati, which originally aired March 30, 2013. In Argos Democracy, they discuss the sad third wheel that is Sohei, ponder pro-kaiju terrorists, and ask, ... Read more
Apr 20
50 min
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