Deeper Than Music with Markivus
Deeper Than Music with Markivus
Markivus Nious
Deeper Than Music Radio is hosted by founder music producer and recording artist Markivus Nious. The shows platform is a talk radio program offering insight into the story behind artists and personalities and what inspires them as artists. Guest featured includes international recording artists, songwriters, actors and producers.
Blue Soul Ten Interview
In this episode of Deeper Than Music, we have a special guest Blue Soul Ten We also showcase Blue Souls' single "Different than I'm used to" Featuring Skyler Harris.About Blue Soul Ten:Blue Soul Ten has a musical career that spans over two decades.Blue Soul Ten got his start as a radio deejay and would later go on tostudy music production at Berklee College of Music for a brief time.His sincere passion for his craft of choice can be heard through hissongwriting, production, and collaborations with internationalvocalists and performers. Most agree the Blue Soul Ten sound is ablend of jazz, soul, hip-hop, and EDM. His works have captured theemotion and imagination of listeners around the world.Come June, songwriter, and producer Blue SoulTen will drop yet another electrifying album “Thisis worth it”, which is sure to add a soulful richnessto even the simplest occasions. Blue Soul Ten isa seasoned songwriter and producer with asincere devotion to his work, which is clearlyevident in the forthcoming CD. “This is worth it”is a full-length album with 13 soulful tracks thattake listeners into the beautiful world of soul,jazz, and electronic music, and keep them askingfor more.Website: www.bluesoulten.comFacebook: /bluesoultenInstagram: @bluesoulten#deeperthanmusic #niousmedia #bluesoulten #hiphop #jazz #pop #r&b #edm #musicproducer #musicarranger #musican #musicalartist #bluesoulten #markivusnious
Sep 3, 2023
35 min
Cale Cost Boy Jr Interview
In this interview, we have special guest Charlotte North Carolina hip hop artist Cale Cost Boy Jr.About Cale Cost Boy Jr.:Artist and writer Cale Cost Boy Jr. is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and a graduate of the Northwest School of the Arts, As an independent artist with his own style and stories, Cale has been able to capture the attention of listeners with his unique approach to hip hop. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Cale has lived through experiences that have helped shape his music and helped shape his sound. Cale's musical influences include LL Cool J, Kendrick Lamar, Kodak Black, and Lil Yachty to name a few.The music video for "Supernova" is a visual representation of Cale's journey as a rising star in the hip-hop scene complete with HD cinematography, models, and more. "Supernova" was produced by Shooter Productions and Vision V Films. The video was directed by Gamble and is a must-watch for fans of Cale's music and music fans looking for a club-banging video.#sunshineanderson #ninasimone #charlotte #northcarolina #jcole #thebaby #furyus #markivusnious #Niousmedia
May 24, 2023
26 min
Celebrity DJ, I Am DJ Drake Interview
In this episode, we have celebrity DJ I AM DJ Drake and listen to his latest single, "Bother Me."About I Am DJ Drake:International DJ and recording artist, IAmDJDrake, has launched the official track and music video, "Bother Me," featuring singer-songwriter Keeyen Martin. TreDaPhenom Littlejohn III and IAmDJDrake produce the track and are now available on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and other major digital outlets. "Bother Me" is also available on Music Choice.Following his previous release, "Goin Nowhere," featuring Lamone, IAmDJDrake's latest track, "Bother Me," delivers an uplifting and soulful House music sound that blends seamlessly with Keeyen Martin's powerful vocals. Additionally, the way showcases IAmDJDrake's versatility in creating music across multiple genres.IAmDJDrake has been featured on Sirius XM's channel 47 and appeared on Shade 45's "Sway in the Morning" Show. He has gained international recognition for his unique style and ability to create music that resonates with a diverse audience.
Apr 28, 2023
33 min
Muenster Interview
In this episode, we interview previous guests and former Co-Host of Conscious Cafe, North Texas hip hop powerhouse Muenster. We catch up with him and discuss life after COVID, his new album, his venture into the Meta Verse, and transferring his assets into the digital domain. In this episode, he shares his knowledge of taking his music to the next level and into the virtual realm; this episode is where we discuss the cutting edge of the future and piece.About Muenster:Muenster is a versatile wordsmith, polished, flashy creator, and prolific national performer. But this Austin native/Denton transplant is not your typical Texas Rapper. The Rhymesayers resume boasts more than a decade of experience and dedication to his craft, evidenced by hundreds of live performances, several Warped Tour regional circuits, and a collection of meticulously crafted recordings that seemingly have no low points.#orcharddistribution #muensterrapper #texas #texashiphop #niousmedia #furyusdeeperthanmusic #iammarkivus #meta #metaverse #hiphop #rap #ushiphop #wordsmith #texas #california #talkradio #celebrity #celebritypodcast #outtheboxradio
Mar 19, 2023
44 min
Singer/Songwriter and Author Coco Short Interview
In this interview, we have special guest singer, songwriter, and author Coco Short.About Coco Short:Coco Short Bio:Meet Coco Short, an accomplished singer/songwriter and touring artist who has captivated audiences around the world with her soulful R&B performances. Her international success has taken her to countries such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Barbados, Africa, New Caledonia, France, Canada, and the United States, where she has opened for renowned artists like Earth, Wind and Fire.In addition to her musical career, Coco Short has also made a name for herself as one of the nation's top Tina Turner impersonators with her hit show, "What's Love Got to Do with It." She has entertained audiences in Las Vegas with successful residencies at some of the city's top hotels.Now, Coco Short is excited to embark on a new journey with the launch of her children's books. She has written three books featuring her original character, Mr. Tummy, with titles such as "The Mr. Tummy Sing-a-Long Book for Kids," "Mr. Tummy Chases Rainbows," and "Cocochun Meets Mr. Tummy" now available on Amazon. Her mission is to inspire children to eat healthy foods and promote the nutritional benefits of a healthy lifestyle through the children's book series featuring Mr. Tummy and an upcoming animated cartoon with Mr. Tummy leading the way.With her dedication to creating positive content for families and children, Coco Short is on a mission to inspire kids across America to make healthy choices and lead fulfilling lives.Coco's Mr Tummy Books for children:, #singer #cocoshort #tinaturner #tinaturnerimpersonator #earthwindandfire #awjplatinumpr #niousmedia #iammarkivus #talkradio #entertainment #podcast #outheboxradio #mrtummybooks #mrtummychildrenbooks
Mar 12, 2023
17 min
EDM Singer/Songwriter Xandra Miriam Interview
We have a special guest, EDM artist Xandra Miriam, in this interview.About Xandra Myriam X Xandra Myriam X is a singer/songwriter passionate about music, fashion, literature, and the arts. At 12 years old, Xandra Myriam X nearly lost her eyesight. As a result, she developed the unique ability to understand sounds and appreciate the beauty of color as a pure form of art. This ignited her creative and musical journey. Xandra Myriam X’s musical style is inspired by diverse genres and rhythmic influences worldwide. Born in Germany, Xandra Myriam X is a multi-talented creative artist who writes and sings songs from the heart. Through a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds, Xandra Myriam X effortlessly expresses her voice as a talented singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and dancer.For more information on Xandra Myriam X, please visit:Website: Instagram: #EDM #awjplatinumpr #germanmusic #steviewonder #michaeljackson #pharrelwilliams #furyuslyspeakingmusic #furyus #niousmedia #entertainment #recordingartist #talkradio #musicpodcast
Feb 20, 2023
20 min
Synth-Pop Artist and Grammy Contender Hersey Interview
In this episode, we interview Synth-Pop singer, songwriter, and Grammy Contender Hersey.About Hersey:Hersey is an American electronic synth-pop artist, producer, songwriter, and vocalist. Hersey also was featured in Billboard Magazine's October issue as a Grammy contender for Best Pop Solo performance. She has worked with the likes of Mark White the former bassist of The Spin Doctors and legendary producer Kevin Dorsey. This is an episode you don't want to miss we also share Hersey's latest single on this episode.#awjplatinumpr #furyus #deeperthanmusic #hersey #synthpop #grammy #grammycontender #kevindorsey #billboardmagazine #furyuslyspeakingmusic #thespindoctors #popmusic #celebrity #entertainer #entertainment
Jan 26, 2023
34 min
Jess Marie Interview
In this episode, we have a special guest North Carolina singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Jess Marie.About Jesse Marie:Jess Marie is a hip-hop recording artist, entrepreneur, and singer/songwriter originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is known as the Queen of the NC for her freestyle skills and overall talent.She also has a successful fashion and hair business. Her new single release, "Ay Papi", is creating a buzz with almost 99,652 organic streams upon its release and climbing. Music Video for "Ay Papi" Illustrated her performing freestyle recently on Famous Animal TV: #deeperthanmusic #furyus #hiphop #hiphoppodcast #raleigh #jcole #sushineanderson #jcole #furyuslyspeakingmusic #iammarkivus #jessemarie #femalehiphopartist #femalemc #northcarolinahiphop #fashion #hair
Jan 2, 2023
19 min
Joe Black Interview
In this episode, we have unique guest hip hop artist and professional pool player Joe Black. You will love this interview if you love the golden era, boom-bap hip hop with lyrics and content. Like myself, Joe Black started as a B-Boy, then he fell in love with the art of rhyming. We talk about hip hop history, music industry rule #4080, and his journey into music. We also get to check out two of his latest singles, "It's Just Me" and "The Hangover."#hiphop #boombap #lyrics #bboy #dj #hiphophistory #Kentucky #graveyardrecordings #dkompose #furyus #furyuslyspeakingmusic #deeperthanmusic #niousmedia #goldenera#goldeneraofhiphop
Sep 1, 2022
33 min
International Recording artist Zandy Storm Interview
In this interview, we interview special guest singer Zany Storm.About Zany Storm:Zandy Storm, originally from the Philippines, has been a singer her whole life who auditioned for Philippine Idol during her career. Struggling to get a singing career off the ground, Zandy made her way through all of the traditional routes an artist would take in an attempt to reach success. She eventually started singing background vocals for other famous artists from overseas.Zandy eventually found love, was married and moved to Minnesota where she now resides.
Apr 20, 2022
20 min
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