Funny news
Funny news
Bob the Builder
News that can be funny.(warning might not be funny)
Christmasish news episode 4
Santa fills a pot hole, a frendly squrle, carilers arested, and a rino stuck in a tire swing
Dec 17, 2018
13 min
And the news is back episode 3
A world record broken, lifting a ban on snowballs, a vending machine for cats, and a man arested for saying santa isn't real.(warning might not be funny)
Dec 11, 2018
16 min
O no the news is back episode2
An officer with chiken, a manican that had 911 called on it, birds aren't real, and a cheater.(warning might not be funny)
Dec 5, 2018
11 min
And the news starts
Funny news like a man with his pants on fire,dog that steals clothes,a squrlle with opinions,and a crazy atm
Nov 29, 2018
8 min