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Adam Wathan
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Good but annoying sometimes
It’s a great podcast with intelligent conversation and very useful insights. But the host should stop his continuous interruption of the guest. It is really annoying and immature. Overall I feel host talks more than the guest.
Good podcast
But it was better when it was interviews with different people.
Awesome Podcast!!!
Adam, host of the Full Stack Radio podcast, highlights all aspects of technology, innovation and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Consistenly Current and Interesting
Adam Wathan has the unique gift to find guests and topics that are both current, yet discussed in a way that makes them relevant, even when relistening to episodes from a few months, or even years ago. It's clear Adam does a lot of work in preparing for these interviews and the discussions are well directed and always informative. Even if the topics are (sometimes) technologies I may never use, hearing Adam and his guests discuss things always leaves me with a conceptual understanding and allows me to make decisions in other technologies (that I do use) just so much better. Thank you! Please keep up the excellent work!
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One of the best
One of the best - if not THE best - programming podcast I’ve listened to. He explains concepts clearly and doesn’t talk down to his audience. Introduces new ideas in an approachable and intuitive way. Thank you!
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Adam and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and wide-ranging content for developers looking to level up their skillsets. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Full Stack Radio if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to become a better, more well-rounded developer and business leader. :)
J. Barshop
Extremely Helpful & Entertaining
I just started following this Podcast and I’m finding myself listening to multiple episodes every night now. The topics are super interesting and relatable. Listening to Adam talk to other industry professionals about day to day software development problems and solutions, and their philosophies behind their decisions is helping me improve my thought process in my own projects. Definitely check it out!
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Excellently done
Enjoyable, informative, deep dives into relevant topics. Love it.
I love this show because I’m able to instantly take something away from it and use it
The episode on Dec 5, 2017 about favorite refactorings is exactly the kind of information I look for when consuming tech podcasts. Keep up the great show.
Terrance Hall
Excellent Programming Podcast
Adam is an exceptional teacher and this podcast always has good discussions with excellent guests.
Great podcast
This is my favorite tech podcast. It's typically an interview style show where Adam has on influential people from the industry and asks a lot of great questions about approaches and techniques. There's a wide range of subjects, and incidentally lives up to it's name. He does favor the PHP framework Laravel, but Laravel is awesome so that's a good thing in my opinion.
Great Info and Knowledge Sharing
Please continue this PodCasts!!! I am here to show support :D Great Info and Knowledge Sharing
Best programming podcast
Adam always comes with an interesting topic to discuss, he is a very organized programmer & has a good taste of design as well, he pays attention to the smallest details I personally enjoy his podcasts very much and wait for every episode to come out. You are an inspiration for me please go on.
One of the best
As a full stack developer, I don't know what I'd do without periodic updates from another competent, amazing full stack developer. Keep up the great work, Adam!
Great podcast!
Full stack radio is one of the greatest web development podcasts out there. A great place to come and learn about Laravel, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and many other aspects of web development. I can’t recommend it more!
One of my favorites
Great podcast. I appreciate how Adam weaves advanced concepts in while still making the content approachable to people who are still learning.Fun way to level-up. Thanks for all your hard work with this.
Great podcast!
My favorite tech podcast by far!
Recent format change makes this podcast even better
I've been listening to Full Stack Radio for a while, but I really like the recent format change where Adam has brought in another host (David Hemphill) to discuss product building. It's a nice mix of technical detail of 2 different kinds of products, marketing, frustrations, and they day-to-day work of indie developers working on web apps.
Good stuff
Great podcast, with lots of interesting and relevant topics that I find I struggle with on a daily basis as well. I suggest that Adam gets interviewed for one of these shows ;) . Watched his talk at a conference, guy knows what he’s talking about!
High Quality Content
This podcast is worth the time investment. Guests with fantastic insight and a host with considered questions that tease out important details.
Top-tier programming/web podcast
One of my favorite tech/programming related podcasts!
Amazing interviews, time well spent
I listen to way too many podcasts but this is one of the few that seems to know how to really interview a guest. With guests like DHH, Kent Beck, Taylor Otwell you learn so much as Adam asks questions that are rooted in day to day developer life and his obvious passion to be a better coder. Thanks for the hard work!
Great Show - Excellent Interviews
Adam - keep 'em coming! I've listened to every show and look forward to each new episode. Great job!
My favorite podcast
I sometimes listen to episodes twice to get everything.
Thank you
Hey guys thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experiences. Amazing podcast please keep it up.
Excellent podcast!
Adam covers what I consider the most relevant topics right now. I really enjoy the overall “don’t trust everything you hear/read” theme. Asking good questions is a very important skill as a developer and Adam asks great ones. Decision making is difficult How does it feel? Does this really add anything to my project? Will this make my life easier? I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
Definitely worth a listen
Adam does excellent interviews across the wide span of development topics. This is a podcast that get me excited to hear the next episode.
Must Listen for PHP Devs
Adam has a knack for asking interesting questions that are relevant to on-the ground developers. Its always interesting when controversial topics are discussed, or when the topic gets into the nitty gritty.
Product guy
Great job Adam! The first episode that I listened to was Job to be done @ basecamp and it was awesome. Since then I have been following and downloaded old episodes. Keep up the good work!
Off to a great start
One of the best tech podcasts I've heard in a while. Very well produced.
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