FT News in Focus
FT News in Focus
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Slide to the left
Sadly, the FT is becoming just another lefty newspaper long on fluff and short on rational thought. Case in point: recent podcast on Russia talked about how Trump was responsible for turning global foreign policy upside down. I guess, if you exclude the appeasement campaigns between 2008 and 2016, then I guess so. My comments exclude Martin Wolf and his peers.
Not exactly happy
Great journalism!
Great journalism!
It’s COMPLETELY left-biased; albeit the NY Times for the English
Boring and uninspiring
Shallow covering of routine events. Disappointing
craca dill
More left leaning idealistic pieces than actual financial news
I want unbiased finance reporting. Not an update on gay rights in India or how Trump is the devil. Terrible.
Army 4 Life
Great content, bad audio
I value hearing what the FT thinks considers the most pressing news but the sound balancing is so rough I almost don't want to listen. I keep needing to turn the volume up and down to hear the callers versus the host.
Travels too much
Great way to get the news on the go
Important way to stay up to date on FT news.
Mr. Carmean
Comprehensive, really every day keeps me up with important happenings internationally. Something I check each day.