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Very calming. Focused. Not intense. Warm.
The variety of guests is really cool. I think the premise is they can interview anyone who is published on leanpub. The host is calm and draws out the guests to really express themselves. I liked Marianne Bellotti, and Lee Baker. The best interview so far is the one with Stephen Godfrey. I could listen to that whole one again.
In depth conversations which often zig and zag
I've been listening to this podcast since it started. Len Epp, the current host, asks questions beyond the typical. He asks almost every guest, "Would you get a degree if you knew then what you know now?" That question almost always prompts some deep answer, which I appreciate even if I don't agree. I like the unpredictable nature of the conversations and the various questions and answers. I like hearing about other people's writing process, and what they people want from their leanpub experience. If you write, you should listen to this podcast. You will learn unexpected and valuable information--for your writing and professional career.
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