The Intuitive Life Coach
The Intuitive Life Coach
Angela Harris
The Intuitive Life Coach
Angela Harris
Self-Sabotage, limiting mindset & beliefs about self, struggles with moving forward in life and resistance we feel in many areas of our lives can be so frustrating to deal with. Many of these places of resistance are simply the ego's programming and not our true self. Our higher self, the spirit self, is always there to help guide us, but we often don't take the time to listen and follow the still small voice called our intuition. The Intuitive Life Coach Podcast focuses on helping you find and release blocks in the ego mind keeping you from living as your true self. Through intuitive messages directly channeled through spirit, Angie shares insights into living the best life you can and letting go of the limitations keeping you from doing so.Follow for Intuitive Messages!To work with Angie:www.leaflessons.orgor find her on Heal.meCheck out her books:
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