From Ha Ha's to Aha's
From Ha Ha's to Aha's
Sybil Wilkes and Stephen Hill
From HaHa’s to Aha’s is a podcast brought to you by two industry legends, radioveteran Sybil Wilkes and entertainment executive extraordinaire, Stephen Hill.  Sybil and Stephen Hill met over 25 years ago when Stephen was the executiveproducer for the Tom Joyner Morning show.  From there, a friendship developedthat has span decades and endured trials, triumphs and celebrations.   For thepast 22 years the two friends come together for a time to connect, share, getchecked and have fun.   During this time, they regularly have “Roundtable Table”discussions where they openly and honestly share their lives experiences, hopesand dreams from the previous years.   This podcast will cover a myriad of discussions from politics, to health, toentertainment, to love, to sex, to the orthodox and unorthodox way of thinkingand living.   Sybil and Stephen will open the discussion to celebrities, people ofinterest and regular everyday people.
Biden Takes The 2020 Presidential Lead
Sybil and Stephen discuss the election results for the 2020 Presidential Campaign, what a Trump departure from the White House looks like and the influence of black women and men on the race. Recorded Friday, November 6, 2020. See for privacy information.
Nov 6
53 min
Did Donald Trump Really Have Coronavirus?
Sybil and Stephen talk about Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis with Dr. Jen Caudle (@drjencaudle). Dr. Jennifer Caudle is a board-certified Family Physician who appears on television, radio and in print as a health expert. New charges for the Central Park Karen   Recorded October 11, 2020 See for privacy information.
Oct 25
54 min
2020 Vice Presidential Debate Takeaways
Sybil and Stephen discuss the first vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, the Jonathan King case in relation to the Black Lives Matters movement and Indigenous Peoples· Day. Recorded October 8, 2020 See for privacy information.
Oct 14
49 min
2020 Presidential Debate Takeaways
Sybil and Stephen discuss the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden, grand jury details in the Breonna Taylor case and down ballot voting.   Recorded September 30, 2020 See for privacy information.
Oct 8
48 min
Justice for Breonna Taylor
Sybil and Stephen speak with the Honorable Glenn Lewis about the charges in the case regarding Breonna Taylor and why there may be no actual charges in her death. Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Bloomberg helps out Florida felons. Recorded September 23, 2020 See for privacy information.
Sep 27
46 min
Covid-19 Vaccine Testing At HBCUs
Sybil and Stephen discuss the effort to push vaccine testing on HBCU students and why we should all be concerned. Complete your census. #KarenOfTheWeek returns. Recorded September 16, 2020 See for privacy information.
Sep 27
56 min
Cancel Culture
Sybil and Stephen discuss cancel culture in today's climate. Odell Beckman's alleged personal preferences. Comedian Chris Paul drops in with the sports report. Recorded September 9, 2020 See for privacy information.
Sep 16
50 min
Remembering Chadwick Boseman
Sybil and Stephen reflect on the passing on Chadwick Boseman. Tyler Perry·s big milestone. Brandy vs. Monica · who really won? See for privacy information.
Sep 8
46 min
The Police Shooting Of Jacob Blake
Sybil and Stephen talk to former police officer LaRhonda Young about the Jacob Blake case. Takeaways from the Republican Convention. Tory Lanez gets canceled. See for privacy information.
Sep 4
58 min
Takeaways from A Historic Democratic Convention
Sybil and Stephen discuss highlights from the 2020 Democratic National Convention, hidden messages and the woes of auto-correct. See for privacy information.
Aug 22
55 min
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