Friends of the Countess
Friends of the Countess
David Baxter
Amanda and David have never watched an episode of the Real Housewives of New York.Until now...
SE2 EP11 - Haus of Van Kempen Party
We're almost done with season 2!! Alex and Simon, god love them, set themselves a reno end date and party. Kelly proceeds to lash out at anyone who says the word "high" in her presence. Not pictured in this episode: Ramona and Luann
Nov 17
1 hr 11 min
SE2 EP10 - Unfathomably Late
Good news!!!! We're almost to the end of Season 2, which means one step closer to the reunion and Scary Island!!! (I have no idea what's the next milestone after that. Aviva's leg?) Amanda and David take this week to talk about how Luann isn't COMPLETELY the worst, Kelly continues to be the actual worst, and our hearts are softened by Alex and Simon, again.
Nov 12
1 hr 13 min
SE2 EP9 - Wife in the Overpriced Gift Lane
This week, the Housewives buy things. Way too many things. Way too many expensive things that cost more than my college education. Kelly and Brad continue to be super annoying and in general, all we can do is distract ourselves from the shit show that is our current lives.
Nov 5
1 hr 14 min
SE2 EP8 - Game, Set, Phew?
Amanda and David continue our journey through the upside world where we like Simon and Alex and where the Countess makes us question our podcast name. Kelly continues to be annoying so at least we have that touchstone. Content note: this episode was recorded a week after the death of Amanda's beloved cat, Pauly Walnuts, and the first ten minutes does include a discussion of animals passing.
Oct 27
1 hr 8 min
SE2 EP7 - Kelly vs Bethenny (Is ANYONE Team Kelly?)
Amanda and David are gobsmacked this week. No, not at Kelly's potential drug use. Nor her pink Wellingtons. Nor her I Bought It From Wish edition Kyle Mclaughlin. We're floored because we had nice things to say about Alex. AND SIMON. We need to go lie down.
Oct 13
1 hr 10 min
SE2 EP6 - Runway Run Over
Amanda and David finally see why Kelly's in this season. But we still don't like her. Bethenny has seconds at lunch. Alex looks better than she ever has. Simon disgusts us in every scene he's in.
Oct 7
1 hr 9 min
SE2 EP5 - Luann's State of Mind
UGH LUANN!!! WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU!!! WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!!This week... Bethenny goes on a date, Alex gets a bit of a glow up, and the Countess royally pisses off Amanda and David.
Oct 1
1 hr 11 min
SE2 EP4 - ...Come Sit By Me
Amanda and David loose respect for our beloved Countess this episode. Is Ramona on something? What is a model museum? Why is Kelly even IN this episode? All the answers and more!
Sep 22
1 hr 12 min
EP2 EP3 - On (and Falling Off) Their High Horses
Join Amanda and David as we ponder life's mysteries, this week. What happened to Kelly's horse? Is Simon actually naked under all of this? Why do we loathe Brad? Listen, subscribe, and leave a five star rating to find out!
Sep 15
1 hr 19 min
SE2 EP2 - Hamptons Retreat - And We Surrender
Back from Labor Day Naps, Amanda and David are ready to take on the Housewives! What is Blue and Cream and why does it sound like I don't want to eat it? Will Simon scandalize everyone with his speedo? Can Gloria adopt us? Why is Kelly here? All this and more!!!!
Sep 8
1 hr 15 min
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