Freshly Brewed: An MTG Podcast
Freshly Brewed: An MTG Podcast
Frank T. Lepore and Robert Castillo
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A Magic: The Gathering podcast hosted by Pro Tour and Grand Prix Top 8 Competitor Frank Lepore and FNM Top 8 Competitor Robert Castillo. Each week we'll talk about the latest MTG news, updates, and our own deck ideas. When new sets are approaching, you can also expect lots of spoiler talk. Support this podcast:
ZNR, Episode 4: Custom Marvel Cards, Part 1!
This week Rob and I try our hands at designed four separate custom Magic cards based on Marvel Comic characters: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, and Captain America's Shield. Be sure to find us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think of the designs, if you like this exercise, and who you'd like to see us tackle next! --- Support this podcast:
Oct 20
48 min
ZNR, Episode 3: Om Nath Surprised We Had Another Banning
Here we are...again, talking about three more Standard cards that have been banned. Get the low down on our thoughts about the latest rounds of Standard and Historic updates this week! --- Support this podcast:
Oct 12
50 min
ZNR, Episode 2: Ban Omnath, Stupid
This week we talk about the most recent Standard banning of Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, and why it's kind of a joke. We also discuss how the Standard format has gotten itself into the mess it has in the past few years. --- Support this podcast:
Sep 30
53 min
ZNR, Episode 1: Zendikar Landing
Zendikar Rising previews are flooding out the gate. This week we talk about some of our favorites, and why we think this set has some of the best mechanics ever printed to mitigate variance. --- Support this podcast:
Sep 4
53 min
M21, Episode 9: Diving into MTG Arena's Historic
This week we discuss all things Historic, including the upcoming banning that has been announced for next week, a ton of brews we've been playing, and some of the cards that might not belong in the format. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 21
49 min
M21, Episode 8: Getting the BAN back together...AGAIN.
Wow. Another week, ANOTHER round of bannings. Will they ever stop? Four more cards banned in Standard bring the total up to a record breaking 10 cards. Let's discuss those, along with the bannings in Pioneer and Historic. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 3
48 min
M21, Episode 7: Boy, Karn is Really Confused...
This week we talk about lots of set-related things! We talk about the Set Boosters that are being released with Zendikar Rising, we talk about Double Masters, and we talk about some of our favorite cards and new art present in the set. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 31
51 min
M21, Episode 6: Ban All the Things!
With new bannings seemingly every week, this week we talk about the latest round of them that affected four formats: Historic, Pioneer, Modern, and Pauper.  --- Support this podcast:
Jul 17
46 min
M21, Episode 5: Pick Five M21 Edition
This week we each pick five cards from M21 to answer five questions: 1) what card do we see as a possible organized play mistake, 2) what is a pet card of ours, 3) what card did we expect more from, 4) what card do we think will shine soon that hasn't yet, and 5) what card do we want to brew with next! --- Support this podcast:
Jul 13
51 min
M21, Episode 4: Set Review, Part 2 - Red, Green, Gold, Colorless
This week Rob and I continue our M21 set review, including all the red, green, gold, and colorless cards in the set. Below is a list of the cards we're fond of,  that we believe will see some amount of play. Red Bolt Hound Brash Taunter Chandra, Heart of Fire Chandra's Incinerator Chandra's Pyreling Conspicuous Snoop Heartfire Immolator Kinetic Auger Scorching Dragonfire Soul Sear Terror of the Peaks Thrill of Possibility Transmogrify Green Azusa, Lost but Seeking Elder Gargaroth Fungal Rebirth Garruk's Harbinger Garruk's Uprising Life Goes On Llanowar Visionary Primal Might Quirion Dryad Ranger's Guile Return to Nature Run Afoul Scavenging Ooze Thrashing Brontodon Track Down Gold Conclave Mentor Experimental Overload Indulging Patrician Niambi, Esteemed Speaker Radha, Heart if Keld Watcher of the Spheres Colorless Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Solemn Simulacrum Sparkhunter masticore Land Animal Sanctuary Fabled Passage Radiant Fountain All Five Temples --- Support this podcast:
Jun 30
1 hr 29 min
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