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This is a great podcast. Sometimes.
Rita Moreno
I was hoping Teri would ask “ Mean Moreno” why she badly treated Sally Struthers when they worked together.
Pod Love
Terry Gross Broadcasts
I listen to Terry Gross as much as possible and find her very engaging and sensitive to her guest’s needs.
Marlena Artist
White guilt is too much
Not every story to tell relates to race. That’s all this is now. I’m glad the show producers are realizing their blind spots but that doesn’t mean you turn a well rounded show into a singularly focused program.
Nothing fresh about this podcast
Same leftist nonsense regurgitated from mainstream media
Love Fresh Air (Don’t care about Jazz), hate Maureen Corrigan
I love the show and all the different perspectives it brings. I may not agree with all the authors and their perspectives, but at least Im learn from them. That is the same on the regular media critics on film, TV, music etc. I may disagree on taste, preference etc. Sometimes a piece of jazz music can be excellent, but I just don’t have the knowledge or interest to appreciate it. Which should be fine. Now, take Maureen Corrigan’s reviews. Most of the time it feels like I have to be up ‘some’ level to understand what she is ‘talking’ about. And then some to finally get it. And, even if she gives a good review it just sounds very condecending.
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Saxon in Cal
Totally Tribal
For years, this show had - and very much in spite of the primary and guest hosts stated political and ideological positions - always strived to take the reasonable person approach to broadcasting. Not sure when or how - but they now choose to take the cowardly * ‘we’ are right and good - and - ‘they’ are wrong and evil * approach to nearly every piece they push out. Not really sure if they ever intended to be journalists but clearly now have elected to be propagandists.
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Terry Gross
Terry Gross’s interviews are always engaging. She is well prepared, asks great questions, and allows her quests to reveal themselves. There is no better interviewer in radio.
No stars
Predictably one sided. Used to be informative and eye opening..It’s just like mothership now,NPR. Good buy.
Secret Service
I’ve loved the majority of the shows I’ve listened to. However, the show focusing on the Secret Service was a big disappointment. While I’m not a Trump fan, this was a thinly veiled opportunity for the author to emphasize her negative personal feelings about him. I just wanted the Secret Service story.
Great Interviewer but this show has gone “woke” and celebrity-crazy
I really respected this show especially the political content and in dept analysis through interviews with writers and investigators, but lately it’s mostly covering highly ideological “woke” views and too much pop culture/celebrities on the front end. Please bring back the intellectual content like more of the stories on Inside China.
People should listen, great content
It’s unfortunate how tribal some of the reviews are in here. Clearly this show skews to the left, but that doesn’t detract from the quality and the variety of the content. It allows the listener to hear how some people on the left view the world, as well as perspectives and stories I wouldn’t hear elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with listening to people with whom you disagree. When I listen to an interview that I’m not at first interested in, I’m often surprised at how good it is. Also the reviews at the end are often my favorite parts, particularly from Maureen Corrigan, Justin Chang, and David Bianculli.
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47 minutes of Seth Rogan? I can’t imagine anything more dull and pointless.
Very white centric
Some interviews are on, but I agree with some of the other non 5 star ratings. The show is obviously not made for poc considering the air time given to pigs. Sometimes the first half in an episode is okay-ish but I tend to change it or tune out half way through.
The best interviewer out there
I have been a Fresh Air listener for over 20 years. I have always loved the show for the quality of the guests and for Terry’s skill as an interviewer, but it was only in this latest episode with actor Jean Smart did i realize I was in the presence of a master. Terry’s rare combo of sensitivity, patience, and casual inquisitiveness allows her to delve deeply into the lives of interesting people. Bravo - David, host of the Nurse Papa podcast
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An American Treasure
Sit back, shut up, and just enjoy one of the greatest interviewers ever. What more is there to say.
Alison Bectel
This guest was so delightfully honest. Although I love Fresh Air, this is the first time I have left a comment. I loved her. Thank you.
Little duck 2000
Shorter Questions Please
I focus mostly on the celebrity interviews. Some current topics are just a little too heavy for me. Terry, please keep your questions a little shorter. You seem do you want to pack too many words into your questions. And I know celebrity guests often have something to plug, but it would be nice to hear more from them on their past accomplishments.
D Earl Wile
Drops late!
Your show is categorized by Apple as Semiweekly, vice Daily. As a result, the iOS 14.5 Podcasts app updates it hours after you publish it.
Mike in Potomac
The man is truly a comic genius. I rarely miss his opening monologues; depending on my energy level, I enjoy his wickedly funny interviews and his support of new artists. Sooo glad to have discovered this podcast so that I can catch the misses. Thanks!!
Gifts of clarity for action
best show ever
so much gratitude to the noble Terri Gross for her big heart and original mind.
Lily Saraswati Bart
Cannot remove episodes without downloading them
This recent update seems to make it impossible to delete episodes from your list unless you download them?
Boring, propagandist crap
Deleted podcast...absolute crap & waste of time
Simply the best! Great interview
Ginagina Smith
Great, great and great program
I have been a great fan of the program since I first time I listened the program back in 2001 or 2002 moving to Miami. In those days my kids were 11 and 13. 21 years later not only I keep listening your daily programs but my kids love the show. We, within my family members and close friends, exchange those programs we find interesting. All I want to say, keep up with the good job and for Terry, she simply, is amazing !
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In-depth interviews on demand
I can’t always listen live so I love being able to get shows this way. So nice to hear conversation without shouting and interrupting. Will this move to a paid platform that I heard NPR is adopting?
WV Lynn
Lauren Hough interview
Normally I love Fresh Air because the interviewees seem to be so interested and engaged in the interview. But the recent Lauren Hough interview was a real drag to listen to. She has a very interesting story to tell, but she could not have seemed less enthused to be on the show and being interviewed. Terry was obviously trying to get more out of her, but it was at times painful to listen to someone who does not seem to have any interest in being asked questions. Not Fresh Air’ fault - just disappointing to listen to such a challenging interview.
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Saidu Tejan-Thomas
Loved that interview, please Google his poems or go to YouTube and listen, his poems are really good. Thanks for this interview
Fresh Air is the best RS
I love Fresh Air, it's my favorite radio show I have listened to Fresh Air since I started my career as a news Anchor in the 90's on channel 13 Telemundo the first newscast in that city. In Spanish Language Fresh Air is a very well produced program, and with an extraordinary content of interest to all. Fresh Air helped me overcome fear in the interviews, I learned a lot about the topics that are touched on the program. I am a Venezuelan American and I listen to Fresh Air🤓 every day!
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Love fresh air
Middle Eastern Food
I have enjoyed listening to your insightful and informative interviews for several decades. I would like an hour long interview with an Israeli chef to add context to 3000 years of Jews using identical ingredients to those mentioned in the interview with the Palestinian chef/author. Questions about politics should be commensurate with those in this interview.
cool grabdma
Amazing content as alway however
Love Fresh Air and pretty much anything NPR. However, for whatever reason when Terry is speaking, there is a high pitched noise that drives me insane! Please fix.
Kathryn Hahn
What I’d love to know is how Kathryn Hahn gets roles for women with tangled unbrushed mousey brown hair and no makeup. I can’t ask my friends about this because they’ll say I’m sexist. She’s a great actress, but her anxiety level is way off the charts, and she has no shades of mood and presentation. Two speeds, “erupting volcano”and stop.
Great interviews
Terry has a way to grab your attention and listen.
Blue Banthas
Joyful experience
Such a skillful interview. Terri Gross knows when to get out of the way and let the music and the artist speak. They were both as moved by the music as I was.
lovely man, brilliant artist
Thank you Terry for this amazing conversation w John Batiste. Delightful & profound. I am forwarding this to friends who teach music, language and literature.I feel like I’ve been to a concert, a music workshop, nonviolent protest, writer’s workshop, cross cultural celebration ,a wake and street dance.
Rachelle in WI
Best Interview Ever
Terry's interview with John Batiste was entertaining, informative and heartwarming. Lifted my spirits and sent me off to watch Soul. Thank you.
Great to hear such a wide variety of guests from musicians and artists to journalists and politicos. Terry is a grade A interviewer. Nearly off of the guests come from a certain relatively narrow political philosophy and it might be nice to see a little more diversity there but the show is still great, there’s a reason it’s been on the air so long.
Five microphones.
Terry 4 Prez.
Mr Higgins interview March 2nd
I was a little disappointed with this interview Terry because you asked little about u.s. government involvement in helping fund bellingcat. You also seemed unaware of the controversy surrounding the veracity of claims of Syrian culpability for gassing and the role of white helmets being dupes in advancing the u.s. version of events. Could you interview Aaron Mate or his colleagues or the chemical warfare whistleblowers from the u.n.?
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Avid listener
Terry’s great interview style makes even the most boring topics and guests interesting
Kevin Whitehead???????
I think Kevin Whitehead just characterized the proof of the sustained reality of lynching as an extrajudicial method of controlling Black people in the American South as “anecdotal” in his review of the Billie Holiday biopic????????????????? Has he ever heard of Ida B. Wells? Maybe he was clumsily trying to point out that societies rarely keep good records on the own atrocities but the records of lynchings, the photographs of lynchings, are not anecdotal. I’m surprised and angry that the producers of fresh air let this by.....
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Great Content; Too Many Ads
I love the interview content. I wish they did more author interviews and fewer TV/film star interviews and for Heaven’s sake drop all the commercials and promotions PLEASE.
Money $teve
Spike Lee is drunk
Fresh Air is great! The show deserves every award it earns! It is timely and thought provoking. The recent interview with Spike Lee was great, he did nothing to cause alarm but he had either been drinking or is having some issues. Still a good interview, I just hope he is doing okay and I wish him well! He is a grand talent!
Subjects this week so far...racism, the pandemic, police reform...groundbreaking. Gosh, no one in America is discussing those topics on podcasts. What’s the next “fresh” subject, Donald Trump?
Don’t speak for me, you have no clue.
I just listened to your podcast called, “What racism costs everyone”. I was with you on everything except when you make the assumption on what a white Republican thinks and needs. In one portion, your guest states that the facts of the benefits of public services like universal childcare and universal Medicare goes over our heads and essentially gets blocked by the emotional side of the discussion. This is a false and insulting assumption. It’s not about race, at all. We do not trust the government with our money and to do the right thing. If nothing else, Trump should have proven this to you. Republicans believe in as small a federal government as possible. Over inflating the government to run these programs means there is less money overall to run these programs. There are much better ways to accomplish these goals using Republican values. You see. The big Republican value is to lift the country by providing opportunity for everyone. A value that Trump accomplished with his policies, as proven by reports from organizations such as the Federal reserve. The second issue I have with this piece and many others, you talked about redlineing, draining pools, and systemic racism like it happened this morning. All of these policies were outlawed before I was even born. I’m 45. This means that these practices were outlawed before about 1/3 the country was born. It is ILLEGAL to redline, it is ILLEGAL to use race as a qualifying factor. You took a piece that could have brought us together and chastised me for being a white Republican.
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Maureen B.
I love this program❣️thank you. It’s so important to carefully investigate the other side. This world needs to do more too understand the others, or everyone.
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