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Terry Gross asks unnecessarily long, and at times rambling questions. She constantly interrupts. For these reasons, I am less likely to listen if she is hosting.
Fresh Air is GREAT!
Love your shows - Terry and Team continue to put out awesome shows.
JGO Ortiz
All NPR hosts are talking too much and incessantly interrupting guests. Stop your support to wage a complaint.
Terri Gross
Simply the best interviewer of our time.
Technical problems
I loved the content, but this is the only podcast I use that constantly stops every 5-10 minutes and I have to grab the phone and swipe up to get it to play again. What’s up with that?
You make life better, Fresh Air!
The recent series with the stars of Summer of Soull- a great theme to showcase the wonderful archived riches of Fresh Air interviews honoring great African-American musical artists.
Used to be my favorite
It’s time for Terry to pass the torch to someone else. She fawns over pop-culture celebrities, immediately saying “ Thank you SO much for being here.” and ”I LOVE your work.“ she sounds like a fangirl and not a journalist. Then she’ll have a brilliant scientist or doctor on and is blasé with them.
What year is it again?
A faithful listener but
You are an idiot
terry gross rules
A faithful listener but...
I have been a fan of Terry Gross and Fresh Air for years but I am becoming exceedingly annoyed by Terry Gross' spoilers and her excessive talking. Her questions are often long-winded and limit the time left for her guests to speak. And once again she ruined a series/film for me by giving away crucial plot points... this time it's Killing Eve
No one interviews as well as Terry Gross… unless you’re not a white cis-het interviewee. For all other subjects, her questions are loaded with racist assumptions and thoughtless and really just dumb questions. Examples include asking Zadie Smith to describe her braids to the listening audience and asking Lizzo how it feels to be so “brave” to show her body. With white cis-het subjects, I’ve found Terry’s questions to be thoughtful, incisive and probing. In contrast, with all other interviewees, she simply cannot see beyond her own racist stereotypes about women and people of color, LGTBQ folks, etc.
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Sometimes Terry Gross just talks too much
Sometimes Terry Gross just talks too much about background information before and during interviews. It’s boring. I’d rather hear from the person being interviewed.
won't send with one star
Paid subscription?
Awesome show. I’ve listened to it for years. I’m Frustrated that you now must pay for a subscription to the podcast. Isn’t that what my NPR membership pays for? Why not keep the ad-based model? I have way too many content subscriptions already. Subscribe to each podcast I like is cost prohibitive, especially since I only listen to a few select shows and never listen to most.
The Best
No one interviews better than Terry. Asks questions no one else does about things we want to know. Keep doing what you do!
Loved Cecily Strong
I always love Terri’s interviews. Really loved the one with Cecily- just a wonderfully open, genuine person. Comedians often just give more of the “show” in interviews- just be funny and irreverent all the time. That’s fine, if that’s what they like or works for them. But, it’s nice to see and hear about their bumps and foibles in a genuine and honest way. I’m an even bigger fan now.
The best interviewer!
I remember the first time I heard Terry Gross, it was mind blowing because she’s thee most incredible interviewer! She asks the questions I’m thinking of and doesn’t make herself the center of the conversation — she knows how to let her guests shine. I’m sure a lot of prep is involved with each show, but she expertly makes the convo flow naturally. I never miss it!
Democrat socialist commies
Can’t face reality and global warming saved 50000 lives from freezing bot thr other way around
Great questions!!!
Wonderful, insightful podcast.
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Desert Island
If I could only have one podcast it would be this podcast
My Podcast Staple
Terry Gross is fabulous and a master interviewer!
Prepared. Insightful.
I’ve been listening for decades. I have learned a lot about what makes people tick and how to think about other people’s lives and work. It has shaped my way of thinking about others. Terry has amassed an amazing catalog of in-depth interviews with all sorts of people that will long out live us all. It is an astounding and valuable accomplishment because of the depth of the interviews. At times it seems like I’m eves dropping on a conversation between close friends.
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New Fresh Air subscription
I love Fresh Air and am a dedicated listener. But I’m conflicted about this new subscription for Fresh Air Plus. I already contribute money to NPR, as I also do for my local PBS station, which affords me access to my PBS plus station without asking for more money. Now, if I want to listen to all Fresh Air interviews, I have to pay. Yes, $2.99/month is a small fee that I can afford. But somehow, this goes against the NPR grain for me. Disappointed.
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4191 Myth of the Alamo
This episode was very interesting and is very educational. However, I suggested it to my brother-in-law, who is from Texas, but his hearing aid could not distinguish the various voices. Is there a printed version one could read? There a lot of hearing impaired individuals out there...
A physical therapist
Incredible journalism in podcast form
I love listening to your incredible journalism in podcast form. Your truly thoughtful interviews from Rita Moreno to Akash Kapur Illuminates such insightful untold stories.
Monocultures are Boring
Monocultures are boring, so this podcast suffers from being boring. NPR seems to be diverse in everything except thought. Gets 2 stars because of production quality.
Review of Nick Quah
Nick Quah should keep his day job reviewing podcasts for the NYT and leave the on air reviews for ANYONE else. He is a terrible reader of his own script. I know it takes practice but please-do it OFF the air.
Interview of Dr. Leana Wen
Wonderful interview! Thank you to Dr. Wen and Terry for speaking about Dr. Wen’s relationship with her mother.
Terry Gross
She obviously prepares well for her interviews, but she’s also self-effacing in her presentation of interviews that derailed. About the same age, with about the same years of experience, she and I also have in common a SUNY education at different schools.
The gold standard
Just the best.
Terry is the best
Terry is simply the best. I love her interviewing techniques. She’s sensitive and knowledgeable. Everyone should listen to her; it’s an education in itself!!!
Oh, the irony...
That E5014 was about the “Ugly Truth”...the dangers of misinformation....Terry says about Nov 6, “when Capital Police were killed by the mob”(33:48). Fact: ONE officer died Nov 8th of NATURAL CAUSES....2 strokes. This was conclusion was confirmed and widely reported TWO MONTHS prior to this interview. Last Fresh Air for me. 🙌🏻 Disgusting.
Thank you again
Terry Gross is always being great! Alison Schuback
Ali Schu
What’s going on?!
I love fresh air, and look forward to listening to it nightly as I make dinner. I rely on being able to download it at approximately 5pm EST. Lately though there isn’t a show to download. It’s either available way later in the evening or not until the following day. What’s going on?! Please fix.
Episode #5007 got me to give it a 5star!
Terry, you make it worthwhile on podcast! Keep it up, abs up the ante by episodes. We’ve got so much we can become when we overcome the trivia!
Yup I agree
We get to meet some very interesting people, I learn so much. PBS is vital, vibrant, and I appreciate its people, shows, so very much 💐
Fresh air
I have rarely heard a woman so ignorant and naïve about foreign countries, especially the Third World. She seems to have never gotten out of her bubble from high school drama school. She appears to rarely know when her questions are too intrusive or intimate--she lacks healthy boundaries
Subscription 😡
5 stars for the show . 2 stars for paid content. I already donate during pledge drives now I have to pay to access certain content
How about discussing what’s in CRT? Why not have a historian as part of the podcast who can present facts. There are a lot of inaccuracies in CRT that are well documented. Instead we are presented with all the bad behavior of opponents but no facts that can help us reach some conclusions about CRT. Are we suppose to accept CRT without any critical analysis? Progressive initiatives have been misguided on many occassions. They have also pushed for many very beneficial changes as well. We need look closely to discover whether CRT is in fact of benefit or not. Your broadcast does not help with that at all. No balance, no questioning.
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Critical Race Theory.
The two things mentioned by Mr. Kincaid that deserve to be highlighted: 1. Parents are fighting to take back more control of their local schools. 2. The pushback to CRT is not just a red state issue. It includes blue state voters. It includes Hispanics and blacks households. Both points give me hope for a better future.
Paid subscription required
Fresh Air is great but if this paid subscription continues I will delete from my library. The FAQs say subscription is not required yet I can’t download today’s unless I subscribe and pay - fishy. As of Tuesday June 22 the latest episode doesn’t even appear in the feed.
Technically sound liberal activism
Terry’s interviews with entertainers such as Steve Martin or Lorraine Bracco are memorable. The great majority of the shows are derived of Terry’s liberalism. Fresh Air is a lower-pitch Maddow, well produced, with increasingly rare non-activist content.
Blue Oyster Perpetual
The best
About as good as it gets. Pbs, public radio, etc is the only good news in the united states
Taking about the Alamo
The author, one of 3 white men who wrote the book, said he may not be the best person to talk about how Latinx people are hurt by the Alamo Myth. And I think white men-white people-are excellent ambassadors of the message. It takes so much for Lantinx people to debunk it- white folks need to step up and shoulder more of that burden.
Seriously, Latinx?
The neuter in Spanish is « latino »
Pete Trg
This is a great podcast. Sometimes.
Rita Moreno
I was hoping Teri would ask “ Mean Moreno” why she badly treated Sally Struthers when they worked together.
Pod Love
Terry Gross Broadcasts
I listen to Terry Gross as much as possible and find her very engaging and sensitive to her guest’s needs.
Marlena Artist
White guilt is too much
Not every story to tell relates to race. That’s all this is now. I’m glad the show producers are realizing their blind spots but that doesn’t mean you turn a well rounded show into a singularly focused program.
Nothing fresh about this podcast
Same leftist nonsense regurgitated from mainstream media
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