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Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.
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More important than ever
Feeling so much appreciation for this bedrock of American democracy
Very moving
This was a wonderful interview that showed Terry’s skills in getting close to her guests. And David and Rebecca are gracious in their openness with their struggles and love for each other. Thank you for allowing us into your private world and for raising awareness for both COVID and ALS.
Sheryl Bay Area
Bad review
This is retarded I hated this
Weak episode blaming white parents for PS issues in NYC. It’s the dept of edu, de blasio and cuomo who are responsible for this. Allow charter funding, close bad schools and allow school choice! Cry me a River
Always good
Always fresh and good
Love it! Great variety!
Archives are difficult to access.
Why are shows from 2019, 2018 archived? Every time I try to listen to something from the archives, it cuts out after five minutes. And why the repeated insistence on autobiography in interviews with writers and actors, as if there were a one-to-one correspondence between a novel and the writer’s life?
opera gloves
Ayad Aktar
Listening to Dave Davies mispronounce Ayad Aktar’s name was the beginning of a clueless interview in which DD couldn’t wrap his head around autobiographical fiction and kept trying to get Mr. Aktar to tell him what was “real” and what was “fiction” which is totally beside the point. I think you need to have some younger interviewers if you want this show to survive. Marion Falk Oakland CA
Louise D Oaklme Ca
Guest Host Suggestion
Great show. Maybe bring in Michael Ian Black as a guest host when someone needs a break.
Is terry okay?
Usually they mention when she is coming back but haven’t noticed that’s lately... I love Dave Davies but just noticed I hadn’t heard from terry in awhile!!
White privilege
I’ve listened for years and liked show. I now realize while there are people of color interviewed They are in the minority and they are more “acceptable” to white liberal audience please include more Asians, Latins and other minority groups that speak with accents and not always “standard English.” Terri do your part to open up the air waves
Mail Buster
That’s such a great question
Regular listeners will know how often a guest says “that’s such a great question!” Terry Gross is the best, and Fresh Air does a good job of varying subjects so you stay informed and keep your sanity. Dave Davies is great too!
One of the best!
I have been listening to Fresh Air for years. It is one of the best programs. Informative and insightful. I have learned so much from this program. Terry Gross is a wonderful interviewer and host and the rest of the team, Dave Davies, David Bianculli and the others are excellent! Well done.
Monrad Touhy
I love Fresh Air and have listened for years. I am frustrated with the podcast because I am routinely kicked out and required to re-subscribe. I don’t understand stand why this happens.
This show needs new blood
I fell in love with Fresh Air and Terri years ago. But I find myself cringing by how tone deaf Terri can be sometimes. Yikes! Also Dave D. isn’t a good listener. A couple examples: When an author told Dave “after 9/11, in Texas folks would come into Muslim owned shops and shoot the person behind the counter.” Dave doesn’t even react and just pushes onto the next question. Ouch. Terri says “that’s interesting” when she’s told racism isn’t a white problem. Oof! Wake up, dear. The racists (whites) need to fix racism...duh. Please hire new folks to save this show.
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Qubits Toy > Lego
Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy USAF Veteran owned Made in N.C. Better than Lego, you’re right!
Quality > Quantity
Excellence in Podcasting
Terry really does her homework and hosts the known universe of subjects to interview.
Terry Gross is the best!
Terry Gross is able to relax her guests, yet still ask pointed questions that result in important answers. The variety of guests is exciting too. I love this podcast! Terry is a perceptive questioner, and a receptive listener. Great podcast!
What is up with "padooooother"
I am quite liberal in my outlook and voiting record, but I can easily understand how this show and others like it whip up dim witted working class whites to a level of rage and to vote against their own interests just to stick it to smug left wing insufferably PC elites. If you dont get it, you probably never will. However, beyond all this, there is one thing I simply can't stand. It is uterly ridiculous and unexplanable. Why the heck does Terry Gross pronounce "producer" like a toddler with a lisp as "pa-doooo-ther"? Does she have a speech problem? Is there some kind of growth on her toungue? Since she occassionaly slips and pronounces it like a normal human (or 'yoo-man" as she likes to say), I have to assume this is some kind of PC left wing affectation.
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Shadwell von Bernstein
annoying political bias
the content used to be more varied-- sadly now the show is heavily political, and all one-sided, no attempt at open-minded discussion. seriously have to ask (after listening to and admiring Ms Gross for 30 plus years) ... should US taxpayer money be used to fund the unwavering "orange man bad" narrative that is so well covered elsewhere? History, science, the arts - excellent in depth coverage. But there is too much "social justice"/politics coverage, entirely lacking in balanced or nuanced discourse.
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Where is the “Fresh Air”
What has happened to Fresh Air? I have listened faithfully for years. I have enjoyed interviews with creative and inspiring guests. I miss them. If I want political stories I can watch the 24 hour news cycle. I miss interesting stories that took me away from the craziness of the world. Isn’t that the definition of fresh air? A place to escape. I know I am not the only one thinking this way. Many of my friends who have also listen faithfully tell me the same thing. Please go back to the original format.
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Luv Terry Gross
I absolutely luv listening to Terry Gross interviews, she always has fascinating guests and asks well thought out questions
Terry Gross tattoo
I’m thinking about it. She is my touchstone.
Terry Gross Can Never, Ever Retire
I am a longtime fan of Fresh Air, and I am pleased to hear them using newer and excellent hosts. Just listened to Terry Gross’s “Foxification” of television media, and am reminded that she is utterly irreplaceable. She simply can never, ever retire :))
Crème de la crème
I love this podcast. Keep it going Please get more people of color interviewers.
Does Fresh Air Need My Five-Star Review?
This show is historic and prolific. Even if I don’t always agree with the interview questions or approach, this show has provided years and years of amazing, accessible content. It’s a must-have in my queue.
Shalma M.
Would love to hear more diverse subject matters
If I have to hear “...from the Trump administration” one more time! Just feels very negative and hard these days, I’m curious to hear about people doing good things in their communities, elected districts, businesses, art and activism spaces, etc. There are many.
Absolutely love listening and hearing such wealth of story’s and the people who create them. Thank-you.
Alllison Graham
I love the way Terry Gross words her questions in such a way that the answers go with the flow of the speakers intent. Then she builds on the answers to form her next question. Other interviewers have predetermined questions and there isn’t a kind of “flow” that Terri is able to create with her guests. It’s a pleasure to listen to her interviews.
This episode is a hoax “Why QANON is important”
This so off base and intentionally skewed the beliefs of of Q to attempt to discredit the group. Q doesn’t believe in censorship and controlled media, they do stand for freedom of press, media, and speech. Stop lying to society!
Love Terri
Such a huge fan of Terri, and I love e diversity of topics that this podcast touches on.
You are doing no one a favor by giving these people a platform and having this author laughing at every comment doesn’t help at all. Worst Fresh Air ever.
Heissen interview, 36:44, weird.
Carl H is gracious as usual. What pains me is that the interviewer let out a chuckle, beforen asking about his dear brother’s death. Around minute 36:44. This is atrocious. Carl H let it go, exhibiting his usual gracious demeanor.
I have to wonder, did anyone go back and listen to Carl Hiaasen’s podcast? As a lover of Fresh Air, I have to believe you did not. Surely, you would not lead him to speak about a traumatic moment in his life, then silence him to run an ad for something as ridiculous as “Big Brother”. Frankly, not even the best Tupperware in town warrants this interruption, but I digress. Your ads are necessary, but your timing was deplorable. Apologize. If you’re reading this Carl, I’m a native Floridian and I relate to you on every topic...that’s why I’m looking for real estate elsewhere.
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there are others
Great podcast
Great, in-depth interviews. But listening to Stuart Stevens try (and failing miserably) to defend that deceptive campaign ad against Barack Obama made me realize that even trying to redeem himself Stuart Stevens is still disingenuous and unable to admit that the ad was essentially a lie.
Fresh Air
No one interviews as insightfully or as skillfully as Terry. Love the show.
Great pod
Intelligent, relevant, and well done. Great guests too!
I’ve been listening to NPR and it’s various programs including Fresh Air for 20 some years. Episode such as the interview with the Republican Party strategist Stuart Stevens yesterday (8/11/2020) is what I mostly value. It’s bipartisan, open and informative. I appreciate this type of reporting, bringing listeners info unbiased and as is. It’s up to the listeners to form their opinions.
From 8 to 32 years old now.
Grate ideas going around. I would like to bring up that have been vary happy this is still going. Please please try to move past political bios that might subconsciously crop up from time to time. This will give your voice more power with I larger group of people. Red team Blue team is not how everyone looks at this country. That tone is vary real in this show. The middle class vs 1% is much more of a conflict in my eyes. After all , most people are still paying income tax when others live off long term capital gains. This is a real force that is really affecting people every day in a way that might not make the American dream = for everyone
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Fresh Air is awesome. I think the negative reviews are hired people. They even use the pronoun “he” and clearly that’s incorrect. And also why would you listen if you liked the Koch brothers.
Great content
Really love what you talk
There’s no better interviewer than Terry Gross. Her breadth of knowledge and ability to constantly engage her guests with deep, meaningful, and personal questions is bare none. I can listen to any episode and walk away feeling more educated.
Must for Droid converters
What a hack
Unbelievable. He reads into the report what he wants. His bias is too obvious.
Soooo good
I am 13 and I used to listen to Fresh Air almost every day on the way to school. Now I listen to it a lot before bed and when I am going for runs. Fresh Air has brought up some really cool ideas and has made me aware of things that are going on in the world lol. Teri asks insightful questions and brings out the best in people. I love Fresh Air so much that almost every day I will do my own interview and pretend that I am on Fresh Air. It’s really fun!! Anyways, I recommend Fresh Air to anyone between the ages of 2-120.
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A podcast where you can actually learn something
Enjoy the content thoroughly. Keep up with the good work!
Wilkerson episode
- Relatively new to podcasts, thought I’d check Fresh Air out - This episode was intensely dull - speakers’ voices, contrived topic, etc. Will try another to see if it is better
Election season and I’m done with the most biased podcast around until afterwards, or maybe never again I try to listen to both sides but this has just become outrageous Hot air Stale air Poisonous air Certainly not fresh
BillyBobV in Nor-Cal
Fresh Air is the best
Terry Gross is a wonderful interviewer. Her questions are insightful and thoughtful. She’s empathic and I find the interviews interesting. I feel like I have gotten to know a lot about her guests through her questions. Excellent show.
Ana from Chi Town
Excellent Program
Very interesting and varietal content with wonderful book and music reviews. Terrific Gross never interrupts her guests : such a class act. But I was ALARMED to hear book reviewer Maureen Corrigan use “mistakened” ( unmistakable ) instead of the correct use of the word which is “mistaken”. That’s tantamount to saying “irregardless” or “expecially “. And doesn’t Corrigan teach at Georgetown ?!? Horrifying! This grammar blooper occurred on an episode in late July -early August 2020 after Ms. Gross had interviewed theology professor Jones in which he discusses white supremacy in the baptist church. I am not mistaken. But Corrigan was highly “ mistakened”.
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Brian Goulet
Right wing conservatives r trolling this show
So sad to see some of these reviews. Fresh Air is among the best shows out there. There is someone on here saying that she speaks poorly about the Koch Bro’s. Ummmm the Koch Bro’s are the devil. Lol who is a fan of the Koch Bro’s? I guess I have heard and read everything possible in these past sad months.
conned and lied to
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