Free Range Dogs
Free Range Dogs
Web Parton
Learn the skills needed to explore the great outdoors with a human’s best friend, unleashed! While there are a lot of folks making noise out there, if Web tells you something about dogs, you should listen to him. A natural story teller, Web’s words are engaging and authentic because they are coming from someone who has spent a lifetime out there with dogs. Enjoy a diverse slate of all-things-dog related topics which are geared to help you and your dog be off lead and safe while exploring the natural world.
EP 14: Everything about German Shorthair Pointers (GSP’s)  in Las Vegas, Nevada
In this episode, Web speaks with David Gowdey, author of a definitive book about German shorthaired pointers. David grew up with GSP and his love and affection for this breed has stayed with him throughout his life and informed his research on them. Learn more:
Mar 16
51 min
EP 13: Welcoming a New Dog into your Home in Tucson, Arizona
In this episode, Web has a conversation with a friend, John Lovell, who is soon bringing home a dog he and his wife, Mary Beth, have chosen from the Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue. They first saw short films of Scout, a 2-year-old Lab, playing energetically in a backyard pool and fountain. This was followed up by a home visit where they were able to meet him in person. They are excited about having a water-loving dog to join them on boating adventures but have concerns about managing his barking and other behaviors. Learn more:
Mar 2
1 hr 4 min
EP 12: Learning the Free Range Dog Process in Flagstaff, Arizona
In this episode, Web has a conversation with his wife, Nicole, about their life with dogs. They currently live with 3 dogs: Rafe, a Clumber spaniel; Scout, a German wirehaired pointer; and Drake, a yellow lab. Learn more:
Feb 16
45 min
EP 11: That Dane Bar: Bark Park & Brews-Community of Dogs and People  in Lake Havasu City, AZ
In this episode, Web speaks to Benz, the owner, and creator of That Dane Bar: Bark Park & Brews in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  Benz explains that this endeavor originally started as a joke that went a little too far.  Her facility is centered around an indoor dog park that includes a bar for humans (beer and wine). Learn more:
Feb 2
46 min
EP10: Dogs, Wrestling Rattlesnakes and Scorpions navigating by the stars: Mysteries of the World Around us in Apache Junction, Arizona
In this episode, Web talks to Randy Babb, a retired Biologist from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, with 44 years of experience as a wildlife biologist.  He is also the author and co-author of books on wildlife biology and a recognized authority on reptiles, amphibians, and bats of the Southwestern United States.  Learn more:
Jan 19
53 min
EP 9: Maggie, the Griffon, and her Family, the D’Amores
In this episode, Web talks to members of the D’Amore family about the newest member of their family, Maggie, a Griffon.  She joined their family after their 14-year-old lab, Toby, died and left them grieving. Through research, they found that the Griffon breed seemed a good match for their family and their lifestyle. Learn more:
Jan 5
44 min
EP 8: Bret Wonnacott and the One True Dog- the English Setter
In this episode, Web talks to Bret Wonnacott, mostly about English setters in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Bret started out when young with German Shorthair Pointers which his father raised. Over time he came to enjoy training, hunting, and field-trialing English setters. Learn more:
Dec 22, 2022
53 min
EP 7: Swimming Dogs on the Wasatch Front
In this episode, Web talks to Mike Parmley, owner of Barley’s Canine Recreation Center and Rattlesnake Alert in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Inspired by the needs of his girlfriend’s elderly dog, Barley, Mike’s Recreation Center started with the idea of providing a swimming pool for older dogs to swim and get exercise. Since then, it has expanded to provide swimming opportunities for all dogs, as well as active daycare (that includes swimming) and specialized training classes. Learn more:
Dec 8, 2022
50 min
EP 6: Talking Border Collies- Instinct and Talent in Ogden Valley, UT
In this episode, Web talks to Shauna Gourley, owner of Flock ‘n Paws Training Facility in Plain City, Utah, and Alamo, Nevada where she trains, competes in sheep herding trials and occasionally breeds Border Collies. With more than 25 years of experience, she is an expert on all things Border Collie. Learn more:
Nov 24, 2022
51 min
EP 5: Learning to Use a Rope to Free your Dog in Tucson, AZ
In this episode, Web talks about one of the most fundamental and important tools in dog training: the rope.  Building on previous episodes that discussed the importance of connecting with your dog, he explains that a rope is an extension of that connection. Learn more:
Nov 10, 2022
36 min
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