Free Range Dogs
Free Range Dogs
Web Parton
Learn the skills needed to explore the great outdoors with a human’s best friend, unleashed! While there are a lot of folks making noise out there, if Web tells you something about dogs, you should listen to him. A natural story teller, Web’s words are engaging and authentic because they are coming from someone who has spent a lifetime out there with dogs. Enjoy a diverse slate of all-things-dog related topics which are geared to help you and your dog be off lead and safe while exploring the natural world.
EP 27:  The Adventures of Abu Doggi in Seattle, WA
In this episode, Web speaks to his niece, Sophie Campbell, about her adventures as an active-duty Navy Officer nurse in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and how she came to find Abu Doggi, her beloved canine companion. Learn more:
Sep 21
46 min
EP 26: A Sonoran Desert Javelina & Dog Thriller in Oracle, AZ
In this episode, Web speaks with a long-time friend and dog lover, Mike Merry, who shares a story about a terrifying encounter he and his dog, Gizmo, had with a herd of javelinas when they were out bird hunting near Oracle, Arizona. Learn more:
Sep 7
31 min
EP 25:  The Rhythm of Ryman Setters in Lewiston, Montana
In this episode, Web speaks with Christine Taylor, who, with her husband Rick, owned Setters West Kennels which bred and sold Ryman setters from 1995-2022. She speaks about the characteristics of the Ryman setters and her experiences with dog breeding and running the Pheasant Tales Bed & Bistro in Montana. Learn more:
Aug 23
52 min
EP 24:  Adventures with Fly Fishing Setters in Kalispell, Montana
In this episode, Web speaks with a longtime friend, Rob Breeding, about English setters, dog training and fly fishing. Rob is a lifelong journalist and journalism professor, who currently teaches at the University of Nebraska in Kearney, NE. Learn more:
Aug 9
1 hr
EP 23:  Jump Starting a Dog’s Scenting Abilities in Patagonia, AZ
In this episode, Web returns to Patagonia, AZ, to speak with Kelly Kirby, owner of LunaRita Outfitters.  They engage in a discussion regarding dog training techniques they are developing to help dogs in both aversion training and bird dog training. Learn more:
Jul 27
48 min
EP 22:  For Dog’s Sake! Dog Training and French Bulldogs  in Lake Havasu City, AZ
Valarie Candelaria is a Community Dog Trainer in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  She started out as a dog owner with a loved but difficult dog, an aggressive 85-lb American Pitbull Terrier that she worried would need to have euthanized.  Searching for solutions, she got a puppy and went to training classes with him. She would then come home and apply the same lessons to her 85-lb Pitbull who responded so well that he eventually overcame his behavioral issues and became a well-trained member of her family. Learn more:  
Jul 13
45 min
EP 21:  Dangerous Sonoran Desert Toads and Dogs in Tucson, Arizona
In this episode, Web and his wife, Nicole, talk about Sonoran Desert Toads (Bufo Alvarius) and how to keep your dogs safe from them. Sonoran Desert Toads, also known as Colorado River Toads, are found from Central Arizona to southwestern New Mexico and Sinaloa, Mexico. They stay underground, buried in dirt and sand, until the seasonal Monsoon rains. Learn more:
Jun 26
28 min
EP 20: How to protect your Dog from Porcupines and other Dangers in Alaska and Arizona
In this episode, Web speaks with Don Lietzau, a friend and fellow dog lover and dog trainer. Don has recently moved to the Southwest after many years in Alaska. In this conversation, they speak about dangerous encounters between dogs and wildlife and preventive measures that can be taken to mitigate harm to dogs. Learn more:
Jun 8
53 min
EP 19: On Becoming a Dog Trainer in Patagonia, AZ
In this episode, Web talks with Kelly Kirby, owner of LunaRita Outfitters in Patagonia, AZ, about all things dog.  Kelly is a professional dog trainer and hunting guide. As this is something Web and Kelly have in common, they have much to talk about. Learn more:
May 24
54 min
EP 18:  What to Expect during My Essential Rattlesnake Aversion Training in Tucson, AZ
In this episode, Web talks about the rattlesnake aversion training that he has developed with over 40 years of experience working with dogs and being out in the field with rattlesnakes. Learn more:
May 18
14 min
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