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Rekindling Your Leadership Fire
Famed Actor, The Rock, says "You're not tired; You're uninspired."  And I think there's a lot of truth in that for many who have allowed their once-fiery leadership embers to cool. This episode of FREDTalks explores the ruse of success, some of the reasons for leaders going into autopilot, and where to go from here.  Listen-- and if you like it, share it!
Apr 18, 2021
39 min
Unleashing Your Imagination
Albert Einstein said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  But how do we expand our thinking in this way?  How do we unleash imagination in order to make our minds perform at their highest capacity?  Learn 7 ways to cultivate a powerful imagination in this episode of FREDTalks.
Apr 12, 2021
58 min
Growing a Backbone
In this episode of FREDTalks, we enter into the field of Leadership and explore the need for today's leaders to present themselves as convictional people.  A great part of this has to do with having moral courage to lead.  To do that, one has to have a backbone.  This episode will explore how to "Grow a Backbone" and, as a part of that, avoiding the common problem of becoming emotionally crippled and incapable of leading at a high level.    
Apr 5, 2021
50 min
How We Should Think About Technology as Christian Higher Educators
How We Should Think About Technology as Higher Christian Educators Professors have lots of opinions about the use of technology.  Some good.  Some bad.   But here we are, in the thick of the Digital Revolution.  What is a balanced way to think about technology so we can avoid its negatives and take advantage of its positives?  Find out on this episode of FREDTalks podcast.
Mar 29, 2021
21 min
Christian Teaching and the Use of Educational Technology
Christian Teaching and the Use of Educational Technology Christian teachers and college professors have a tremendous responsibility to prepare men and women for life.  In what ways can educational technology play a role and help equip today's young adults to make an impact and to meet their potential? Find out more in this episode of FREDTalks podcast.
Mar 22, 2021
24 min
How the Digital Age is Impacting Christian Higher Education
How the Digital Age is Impacting Christian Higher Education The age of technology has changed everything.  But in what ways is our world different?  How have we as individuals been changed?  What challenges do we face and how should Christian educators in higher education respond?
Mar 15, 2021
20 min
The Impact of Technology on Higher Education
The development of the Computer Age and then the Digital Age took the world by storm.  We are still reeling from its effects.  Learn how technology has and continues to make an impact on higher education in this episode of FREDTalks Podcast.      
Mar 8, 2021
23 min
Ten Secrets to Better Lecturing
One of the most commonly-used forms of instruction in academic classrooms is the lecture.  Loved by some, hated by others, it's been a part of the educator's toolbox for hundreds of years, and that isn't likely to change soon.  And, for that matter, there is nothing wrong with lecturing-- particularly if one is a good lecturer and assuming it's not overused to the point that learners disengage from the educational process. So whether a professor uses lecture seldomly or frequently, when he or she does-- it is important that the lecture is educationally potent and pedagogically powerful.  To achieve that, listen to this podcast episode and learn more about the secrets of better lecturing, in hopes that you will connect with the elusive "teaching moment"-- where students are forever changed by the impact of an effective teacher.
Mar 1, 2021
45 min
The Difference Between Teaching at a Church and at a College: A Tale of Two Causes
  The Difference Between Teaching at a Church and at a College is real, but sometimes Christian Educators miss it.  Christian Education occurs in both church settings and college or seminary settings, but the roles and responsibilities of a Pastor are different form those of a Professor.  And the goals of a church are different than the goals of a college or institution of higher learning.  Learn what those are and how to teach in both venues with excellence.
Feb 22, 2021
36 min
A Tale of Two Classrooms: Advice to Professors and Professors-To-Be
In this podcast episode, join Dr. Freddy Cardoza as the addresses how to come to terms with the two different extremes of academic classrooms a professor will face: The Motivated Classroom and the Meme Classroom.  In academic situations, one of these is the "ideal" classroom-- and for some profs, the other is the "real" classroom.  These two scenarios will be described in detail and tips will be given regarding how the professor should approach teaching these two extremes, in order to become the best professor one can be.
Feb 15, 2021
42 min
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