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Discover the hidden side of everything with Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the Freakonomics books. Each week, Freakonomics Radio tells you things you always thought you knew (but didn’t) and things you never thought you wanted to know (but do) — from the economics of sleep to how to become great at just about anything. Dubner speaks with Nobel laureates and provocateurs, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, and various other underachievers. The entire archive, going back to 2010, is available on the Stitcher podcast app and at
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Too political
I’ve been listening for a few years. But the program just keeps getting more progressive with each episode. Any link to economics is clearly gone at this point. It’s purely about social justice now. Finally had to unsubscribe.
Play on both sides of the aisle
Unnecessarily political. This is a great Podcast & incredible format. Don’t alienate half your audience by hammering one side and going soft on the other.
My favorite podcast
I love freakonomics! It is an incredibly well made and (mostly) unbiased podcast — which is a rarity, today. The episodes are always interesting and provide prospectives from both sides of the argument. My only complaint is that rebroadcasts are released too often, please release new episodes more frequently!
Too much politics
I use to really like this podcast but now they talk too much about politics. There’s already so many politics podcasts. I like the older podcasts much better 😕
Going downhill
I started with the audiobook. Then found the podcast many many years ago. Was actually what got me started on podcasts in general. I’m considering unsubscribing now after probably a decade subscribed (wow, has it really been that long?? Maybe not.) Anyway, they used to really share things from every view. For instance their study on car seat safety is to date one of my favorites and most kind opening. Really getting to the “under belly” and exposing the truth, I love that stuff. But lately they see to have been bought out by pharma with their one sided, pro pharma, ignore the HUGE risks, viewpoints. And constant covid talk. Very disappointing. :(
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Like it but tired of COVID topics
I really do like these podcasts but I’m ready for the topic to not be COVID every episode. We get enough of that in the news and every other media source daily, if not hourly.
My favorite podcast
I don’t have much time to listen to podcasts, but when I do, it’s this one. The topics are always interesting and insightful, guests are brilliant, and structure is well thought out. Could not recommend highly enough!
Amazing podcast
This podcast is refreshing and it’s so insightful
Introducing “People I (Mostly) Admire”
Really enjoyed this podcast ( I do like them all) this one was a bit more thought provoking in that you asked the questions that made me think on a deeper level and more importantly, inward reflection on how move through this life. Also found your comments about energy interesting especially Nuclear, with which I agree. Overall, a lot of information in a short Podcast, and a great listen!
Thought provoking
Learn stuff and think about it. Have an open mind to make sense of the information and understanding some of what you can learn here to explain why things happen the way they do. Here's an example: the messed up health insurance system in the US? The roots of that being linked to your job was covered in a show in ~2012. If it hasn't been rebroadcast it ought to be because we are wasting a lot of money supporting insurance industry executives. No other nation does what we do and it seems most of us fight against the chains of employer based insurance and universal insurance at the same time. Michael Bloomberg referred to having a “insurance company we love“ during a debate but he must own shares in an insurance company to believe that anyone would be in a position to love their insurance company. Obviously we need facts and, if recent episodes seem political, it's only because we're approaching an election between a party who has a moral compass and values truth and another that values deception.
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Little weak on the economics game
Just listened to their Cold War supermarket episode and heard some rather silly criticisms about farm subsidies amongst other things helping the west to out compete the Soviets. To imply the west might not have won without government help when the East was all government all the time they totally missed the clear economic point that the western free markets win because it was more free. Any economist that doesn’t understand this clear lesson from history should return their degree and demand a refund.
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It’s just economics!
Love this podcast and it’s unbiased approach to how the economic world turns. I feel like a solid foundation understanding economics can help us all make educated decisions in life and have a better understanding on how our decisions and actions impact our lives and lives of others.
From mattresses to reparations
Freakonomics of 3 years ago is what I miss. They provided answers to categories of questions implied by the name, like “why are there so many mattress stores?”, everything is political. The system must be torn down. Let’s talk about whether the system should be destroyed rather than legitimate questions posed within the system itself. The podcast that once only occasionally revealed it’s left leaning views flexes it’s socialistic worldview with each episode. To be fair, it’s a podcast genre that’s nearly impossible to show complete impartiality, especially in 2020.
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Socialist policies. That’s all this is with a new cover. USA is not a socialist county.
Do-not plan. Socialist
Unbiased Reporting and Analysis
I love Freakonomics careful discussion of politics. I’m a conservative but your discourse is fact based, intellectual, thorough, and thoughtful. For my conservative friends, practice what we preached. Please don’t be hypocrites like our conservative leaders. kkkrump and his cronies are not conservatives, they’re nazis. I hope my conservative friends won’t have their feelings hurt by me using kkkrump. I hope you will allow me to practice political incorrectness too. Conservative’s definition of political incorrectness is the ability to insult liberals and not allow liberals to insult us. Conservative’s definition of free speech is to suppress liberal speech and protect conservative speech. Please stop our hypocrisy. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.
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cal bears blue
Reparations Episode = Trash
How can the title of the episode state the pros and cons of reparations but the bulk of episode focuses on the opinion of a conservative black economist? His selection seemed intentionally aimed at providing an exclusively anti-reparation perspective by a Black person. Disgusting. This episode clearly intended to propagate “boot strapping” as the main strategy for the collective uplift of Black Americans. If you’re unable to provide a balanced discussion, perhaps consider not discussing it. This episode was trash.
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Best podcast to keep you learning!
Everytime I listen to this podcast I learn something. Love the thought provoking questions.
Search bar??
This ap needs a search bar. I’m looking for an episode exploring eye witness accounts
Booger 12345
Episode 427
I was so impressed with the variety of viewpoints on this episode. It provides so much to think about. This was one of the most topical podcasts I’ve listened to recently.
Podcast 429
One fluff piece. Not one true challenging question or counter argument. Just a communist advertisement. Utopia that spreads out misery to everyone equally. Guess the only counter argument is history.
Great show!
This show is entertaining, informative and enlightening! I really enjoy it
P4 Gavin
For Anyone Who Wonders
Smart. Witty. At times hilarious, at times concerning. All the time interesting and sparking thoughtful conversation. The opening tune alerts my brain it is about to get KNOWLEDGE, something I’ve had a hard time finding since leaving the college academic bubble. This is your dose of motivation to get out there and do something that positively affects the world like all these intelligent interview subjects.
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Die Femme
The real content
This show is amazing. Great content...researched, edited, and of true value. As good if not better than the books. Thank you for this show it enriches our entire culture. Well done!
Used to be great
I used to recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone that listened to podcasts because it was an unbiased and honest, straightforward economic viewpoint. Since the start of 2020 it’s become very political and biased, straying further from economics. I do understand politics and economics are involved with one another so I could understand a little politics here and there, but it’s gotten out of hand and I’ve stopped listening and recommending.
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Slow and Disjointed
I feel like I get 15 minutes of content in an hour with the show. Too much music and narrative overview. You have these great guests why not let them speak? I don’t need you to tell me what they’re gonna say let them say it. Feels like some coffee house college NPR show.
Always with the facts
Sometimes I can’t listen to this podcast because I’m not ready for the truth. I don’t know if Dubner is liberal, conservative or what, just that he cares about getting to the bottom of things—regardless of what he finds. Even if the truth hurts. That’s a man and a methodology I can get behind.
ayotte girl
Thank You
Dubner does a great job of really rounding out his topics with plenty of opinons and balance between them. It stems into the political, economic, and social impacts of our decisions. I wasn't really a "behavioral economist" per se, but I've become more of one thanks to connecting with the work of many of his subjects' publishing.
I loved how to make your own luck.
I loved how to make your own luck. The idea of spinning off this pod cast format into a new show I think is fantastic and enthusiastically look forward to.Thank you so much.
They use to be good
Before PEBS started taking over they used to be really good, they did their best to be unbiased, and focus just on the economics. But now their no longer focused on being balanced and just focusing the facts and economics.
Sir . Knight
Not so much unseen any more
Freakonomics used to be all about finding the unseen about economic. This is no longer the case. Episodes now are generally one-sided, uncritical dispositions of a conventional Keynsian economic perspectives. Little criticism debate or insights are presented. Many more economic podcasts are out there worth your time.
Freak Yeah Enomics
Big fan of Mr. Dubner’s work. Each episode is interesting, well-researched, and even fun to listen to. Good stuff.
What is it with the random lisping?
It’s hard to listen to when one word ends with a proper /s/ and the next word containing /s/ is pronounced /th/. It’s very distracting!
Re: Pros and Cons of Reparations episode
So, I thought this episode was supposed to be about the pros and cons of Reparations? All I heard was the pros. Where were the cons exactly? Not a single person in this discussion is thinking about or advocating regarding the consequences of Reparations : ie. race-based government preference programs, upon future generations. Dishonest titling of podcast and biased reporting
My go-to podcast
I thoroughly enjoy all of Dubner’s episodes. They’re interesting, insightful, and presented well. I’ve listened for years and I will continue.
Erin LM
Thank you for providing such a well-researched perspective on reparations.... I think it’s important to distinguish between every black person in the US and the descendants of Africans who were enslaved in the US. This is different and an important distinction. Also, the discussion needs to include more information about the present day effects of systematic racism by current US federal, state, and local government. This discussion needs to include more stories of the social impacts of these injustices. Anyway, thank you! Thank you! Thank you for even creating the episode that you do. It was a delight. 🙂
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Dubner endorses the race hustle
To repair those who were never slaves at the expense of those who did no wrong is the strange vision of Justice now espoused on the Left, and it’s racist. The fact is that Jamaicans who immigrate would receive reparations “for slavery,” and white families that arrived after slavery would be punished. That means in practice that the policy depends on race and not addressing past wrongs. And it’s racism. Plain as day.
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Lauren Mable
Stop trying to make reparations happen. Reparations will never happen. If they do, you will see a mass exodus from the U.S. by the victims of such a policy. Holding people accountable for the crimes of their perceived ancestors is not a viable long term strategy for cultural unity. If you disagree, you hate this country.
Flawed Arguments to Fit Narratives
This is a short response to the women soccer podcast. All salaries are based off of demand for labor, especially sports (entertainment). A great composer makes far less than Nicki Minaj, even though he/she makes (almost) objectively better music, and almost certainly has a better grasp for music. Why? Because more people pay for and listen to Nicki Minaj. No one is out to get the composer, they just simply find her/his product to be worth less than they find NM’s. Men’s soccer also appeals to The Whole world, where they not only play, but have a part in all these other countries’ FIFA chances. Countries who care much more about men’s soccer than women’s. This all seems painstakingly obvious to me, and I enjoy women’s soccer, but they simply need to negotiate their contracts like every athlete. They should make way more, and they will. They just signed a terrible licensing deal to a cable company, and now they know how much money they missed out on or “deserve”.
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Adam Cocozza
Life Skills from poker
Loved this format. Gave me an interesting book to read. Thanks
Nana ejd
Full truth
Lets stop telling minorities that they are victims. Let's instead, encourage them that they can do anything that they put their minds to. Lets teach them to "catch their fish", rather than give them fish. Lets give them school choice. Lets remember that today is a new day, we are not living in the past. What happened in the past, is done. None of us living today are guilty of our ancestors sins. Love ALL OF THE HUMAN RACE. Stop dividing us by color, sex, religious views etc., we are only victims if we allow ourselves to be.
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Loved the episode with Maria konnikova
Viking X
Better than any crap on the radio. And I love the objectivity.
Fun, Interesting, Stimulating Guests and Topics
Lots of interesting topics, engaging interchange
Turned into Woke-onomics
What used to be a great podcast has turned into a woke pile of the Dubner’s leftist views.
Going downhill fast
Normally very respectable and very scientific, but episodes as of late are nothing short of propaganda. Reserve racism, shilling for the police state, I get Dubner is biased himself but he’s never forced it into the show like he has now. Very disappointed, very sad this is what’s happening to a once great show about economics and human behavior
Anonymous Apple ID
Host is all about himself
If you’ve listened to a few episodes, you’ve probably noticed this too: the host loves to show off how well he understands something or how much he knows, even though the interviewee is a (if not THE) leader in the field. What I mean is that he introduces or explains an idea BEFORE he plays the audio of the interviewee explaining the same thing. The content is interesting and informative, no doubt, but I find this behavior annoying.
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how to make your own luck
please do the spin off series this was so cool!!!
great show, thanks
intermittent intense joyful jolts
Dubnar, welcome back baby!!!!
The old episodes are very good and fact based. The newer episodes are basically leftists political talking points and a lot of times don’t even discuss the obvious economic downfalls of what their guests are saying.
economic realist
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