Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.
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Informative and Helpful
Great discussion of the science combined with clear practical applications. And Dr. Patrick is an excellent interviewer as well as an excellent host. Highly recommend!
Very Informative and Insightful
I first heard Rhonda Patrick on a Huberman Lab episode and have since delved into the research behind some of her recommendations. She sticks to the scienc and suggests simple protocols for maximum impact.
JR Constructs
Great Info Tedious to listen to
I find myself listening to podcasts where the speaker is male because I can’t deal with the women and up speak I really like Ronda’info but I can’t handle the valley girl up speak/Kardashian tone. It’s grating.
The awesome chic
You know
She said “you know”, “right” 2000 times, madding to listen to her.
My new favorite
I recently discovered the Found my Fitness Podcast and it quickly became my new favorite podcast. As a health care provider myself, I always learn new things that help me to continue grow in my field and learn new tools to help my clients.
Lienna M
Needs Editing
As a commuter I listen to a lot of podcasts and the audio quality and conversational rhythm have become as important as the content itself. The host uses “um”, “you know”, “like” to the point of distraction. It’s making it hard to continue listening…
Fantastic content, great guests, gems galore!
Came across the Found My Fitness podcast and am loving it! Especially loved the episode with Dr. Axel Montagne about blood-brain barrier dysfunction in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Learned so much about this important subject. So many amazing takeaways! Can’t wait to listen to more episodes! Thank you!
BP Writer
The best podcast available. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is smart as a whip without the ego. I love her podcasts and approach to science.: It is accessible and motivational. Keep up the great work Rhonda!
Love the content
I so appreciate Dr. Patrick! I’ve been following her for years and find the information she provides to be so useful. If health is a priority or even an interest for you, give Dr. Patrick a listen!
Good— but biased
As a medical professional, I have a hard time with Podcasts like this because it’s really difficult for the listener to know what biases the host holds. In this case, I especially noticed that Dr. Patrick is very poorly informed about weight management and obesity. On a recent episode, she confessed to using the words, overweight and obese interchangeably! Just shows her woeful lack of education on this topic. There are people in the health research community today who can address the nuances of weight, lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Higher weights can be associated with poor health outcomes, but it’s much more complicated than fat = bad every time. I wish Dr. Patrick would host one of a guest whose research on this topic is up to date, instead of contributing to weight-shaming so regularly. Personally I’m not overweight, but I deal with patients who are and it makes me sad to listen to this anymore.
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Life changing information
This is one of my ‘go to’ podcasts. The information presented is thoroughly researched and explained on a high level (science and MD talk) while also being explained and delivered to the novice so that it resonates. You can feel the intelligence and passion oozing through the sound waves of each episode. I’ve made valuable changes in my life because of what I learn while listening. Thank you!
One of the best podcasts. Period.
Rating this podcast lower than 5 stars is directly correlated to the rater’s IQ being so low, that if multiplied by 5, the person would still drool on their knee when tying their shoe. I don’t have the DOI for the study because my dog ate it.
JT 1911
Let guests speakers SPEAK!!!
She interrupts way too much. Mrs know it all!! Please learn from Dr. Huberman. She just goes on a tangent and don’t let people speak. S P E A K S L O W…
Great show but…
Rhonda is a very talented and intelligent woman that deserves all the praise in the world. However she lost me when she promoted the vaccines.
Good info but please slow down
A lot of good information here but too fast. She’s talking to a highly educated crowd and not to the layman. But she STILL needs to SLOW DOWN! Listen to Dr. Steven Gundry to learn how to talk to your listeners and get your points across. Thank you.
Great interviews but…
Terrible sound quality. Most listening takes place in the car and the volume levels during some recordings varies from barely audible to distorting the speakers. Makes for uncomfortable listening whilst driving.
Awesome podcasts
Rhonda’s podcast are awesome! She takes what are very complex scientific topics and turns them into everyday conversations for the average person. Great work Rhonda!
Loved all the detailed info on sauna use! Excited to get mine going. Thank you!
Superb show
This show has helped me to grow into a healthier person.
Papa Esteban
A fantastic LONGEVITY, Healthy Living podcast,
A must Podcast to have in your rotation if longevity and healthy living are important to you. Always research based and constantly interviewing the top researchers and/or clinicians in their fields. Rhonda Patrick’s energy is infectious and adds to the listening experience.
Great information
I appreciate the seemingly unbiased content this podcast provides. Thank you Dr. Patrick!
I loved her on Joe Rogan’s podcast because he could facilitate/navigate the conversation for the listeners who are not academic, to put a nice bow on what she was saying. She does not help break down what her guest speakers are saying on more involved topics so that a lay person can better understand. Or maybe I’m just dumb. Lol.
Housewives Nit
The Covid-19 episode is not going to age well. What was advertised to be an open minded and non-biased look at Covid 19 and treatments, is anything but a promotional episode for the MRNA treatments. There is so much rambling to try and justify the safety of the vaccines and downplay other treatments that could reduce hospitalizations. If HCQ and Ivermectin (proved safe over decades) had not been demonized early in the pandemic we would have reduced deaths by as much as 75%. Instead only the vaccines have been pushed. What about fitness, nutrition, reducing comorbidities, natural immunity of those that have recovered, and herd immunity? So professionals that have participated in that demonizing narrative have serious credibility issues. This episode cherry picks studies that promote the vaccines only…not really open minded and fair balanced. Using the slice of cheese analogy, your episode encourages people to only rely on the vaccine slice of cheese. I think you have a political bias and you don’t even realize it. That’s not good medicine.
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Coach Tracy Wait
Progressive Science and Spirit
You are clearly a facts-based awesome fountain of knowledge and I respect all of your work - I believe the world requires scientists like you along with spiritualists like the Deepak’s of the world to truly achieve the ultimate state of earth-ship nirvana that will take us to the next level. I have only great things to say about you. Blessings to you and your incredible work!!! ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🌞📋😎
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I love that Dr. Rhonda is so ethical! She is NEVER willing to make a claim she can not back up. As a microbiologist myself, it has been EXTREMELY frustrating seeing everyone think they understand scientific research, make harsh claims and bizarre speculations (with non-ethical sources or zero evidence to support these claims), and worst of all attack other people because they don’t understand or refuse to understand! Reading the comments was just a slice of how ignorant and nasty people really are! Thank you for sharing such an elaborate podcast! I can’t express this enough! It’s long overdue that the right people started talking to the public about this information 🙏🏽 little do people realize we would not have the population we have with out vaccinations 🙄 uhhh!
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makana kai
Thank you for all the excellent work you and your guests produce. I am not on any social media, so I loved your episodes on COVID and the myths. I cannot believe the negative comments I read, and I just read a few. Your thoughtful, unbiased, and thorough explanations helped me be more understanding to people that fear the vaccine. I can see how data can be misused or misunderstood. I avoid prescription drugs whenever possible due to several severe and permanent side effects from previous medications. However I got the vaccine even though I knew with my history and chemical sensitivities I would be more susceptible to serious side effects. Vaccines are taken for the larger community, and this virus has its own set of serious crap. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUCH GREAT, INTELLECTUAL, AND HEARTFELT WORK. I will definitely share the COVID episodes and believe they will shed light in these troubled and divisive times.
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Love Rhonda Patrick
I really do enjoy and take in Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s info and content both on here and the JRE. But this latest episode on vaccines is pretty confusing. She claims that vaccines are so safe, and she almost blows off every death that’s come from the vaccine saying the reporting is wrong and is coronation not causing. And Yet she doesn’t eat sugar because it could potentially could cause issues in 50 years but then this covid 19 vaccine has been out less than a year and she is claiming it’s 99.9999999% safe. How does she know?… has there been 50 years on research on this? Mass amounts of a new mRNA vaccine given to billions of people. No there hasn’t…. If I eat sugar for a year it’s going to be safe but down the road it’s going to cause all sorts or issues and possibly be the reason of death. But ya know these vaccines that have been out for 4 seconds and haven’t even see hardly any long term studies but Rhonda claims are safe. Terrible advice and totally a political issue for Rhonda. If that wasn’t a political opinion podcast then she wouldn’t have talked about it being a political issue at the beginning of the covid 19 vaccine podcast. I wish scientists would actually be honest and let us know the truth and the facts. But also that there hasn’t been long term studies and you should go about it with your own risk and look at all options. That is not what was said in the episode.
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When your livelihood depends on funding
Folks Rhonda depends on Anthony Fauci’s funding which is why she’s decided to tow the party line and it’s narrative.
JROD 53X11
Real Science
Love the detailed breakdown of science into digestible information. Even having a biology degree, I appreciate how Dr. Rhonda Patrick analyzes, digests, and disseminates the studies.
Pharma shill
Used to like you but you are clearly now a robot in the machine. Nothing is clear cut and so if you can not acknowledge any points by the other side you are clearly not unbiased. No side is 100% right so when you suggest that a side is 100% wrong you are tipping your hand as a shill. It was Tim Ferriss that first turned me on to you but fair or not I now question his judgement.
Lost respect
Wow. You lost me on the vaccine episode. Can’t hang w you anymore. Thought more of you. Just keep on the path of mandates. Crazy! I used to respect you so much
Used to Love This Podcast
Dr. Rhonda Patrick has been great in many areas of health. However, when it comes to COVID, she has so obviously dropped the ball. I can’t figure out is she truly isn’t understanding the real data or if she is ignoring it to toe the party line but, either way, I can no longer trust her health analyses and judgements. There are many of other great doctors and phds that provide similar information while also being truthful about COVID and the vaccines and I will listen to them instead.
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E & K Apple ID
Ignore the inbred rogan fan hate
Great show
Lost Credibility
Found Rhonda to be very credible, but after her last JRE interview her new stance on the current illness spreading across the globe makes her lose all credibility. Wont find me supporting her anymore, especially when she was trying to dispel misinformation but only spewed misinformation herself.
Ya know
Can't listen to her ya know. She says ya know too much. NO I DON'T KNOW THAT'S WHY I TRY TO LISTEN YA KNOW!!!
Rational, Reliable, essential information
I found out about Dr Rhonda Patrick thanks to the JRE, I always love listening to her content, she like Dr Andrew Weil for me, is one of a handful of people who views and approaches health the way I thought all medical doctors should. She’s always putting out incredible content with the best resources. Every time I think of anything related to health I first search what information & resources Dr Rhonda Patrick has related to the subject and I’m never disappointed. She’s incredibly thorough, and extremely intelligent in her approach to researching and sharing information.
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This Podcast Might Help Save Your Life
Dr. Rhonda Patrick is fulfilling an important need in her “Found My Fitness” podcast that has been neglected by contemporary society—translating the complex research of medical expertise into language that is understandable to the general public. The consequences of this neglect are devastating. The common person is inundated with so much conflicting information that they find themselves in a state of perpetual confusion. The typical reaction to complexity is resignation or opportunism—give up or cherrypick those pieces of information that justify preexisting preferences. Dr. Patrick rolls us a ball of twine out of this precarious labyrinth Western Medicine has in general taken a fatalistic approach to the ailments that are the consequence of its emotionally stressful, artificially nourished, sedentary lifestyle. The result is a massively expensive and elaborate medical infrastructure designed to mitigate and manage the effects of chronic disease. What is so refreshing about Dr. Patrick’s approach to medicine is her focus on addressing the causes, the “onset before the onset” of chronic diseases. In her podcast she lucidly outlines the science of well-being, one topic at at time, to demonstrate how each behavior and lifestyle factor contributes to our health and well-being. Whether sleep, nutrition, exercise, or various non-pharmacological interventions such as sauna, cold therapy, or fasting, Dr. Patrick distills an exhaustive body of peer-reviewed research to a set of fundamental truths for the listener to consider applying in their own lives. Perhaps most impressively, Dr. Patrick has responded to the challenge of the COVID-19 crisis by providing her listeners with guidance for strengthening their immune systems and avoiding chronic disease caused by COVID. Dr. Patrick’s interview with Dr. Roger Seheult on proactive measures one can take to bolster one’s immune system in the fight against COVID are particularly salient. Dr. Patrick has long been advocating for the importance of Vitamin D supplementation, and research into the importance of Vitamin D in the prevention and mitigation of COVID finds her message vindicated more strongly than ever.
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Found My Fitness is amazing!
I have been listening to Dr Rhonda Patrick for a few years. I have used information to help myself, family, and friends. She always backs up her information with studies and data and makes it clear when she is stating something is a hypothesis of hers. She is a wealth of knowledge! Would 100% advise everyone listen to her if you want to take your own health and happiness into your own hands!
Cory Rodgers
Love this podcast!
Please don’t delete episodes
It seems like some of the interviews have gotten deleted, which is a real bummer because I have wanted to go back and re-listen to some and also share them. It looks like you have more available on YouTube, but I really love the convenience of the podcast format. I also love all of the interview episodes and really appreciate you finding and recruiting scientists to be on your show! As a fellow research scientist, it’s nice to be able to hear about other areas of research in a scientifically sound and intellectual way.
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Dr.Rhonda Patrick, thank you for changing my life!
You have changed the way I look at health, nutrition, and fitness. You’ve empowered me to take control and really understand my needs! So thank you to you, your team, and all the guests you bring on. -Proud owner of a Sulforaphane tank!!
Keni's Pantry
Rhonda Patrick is a treasure
I love listening to these podcasts Rhonda is so good at making complicated things easy to understand and she has fabulous guests. Love this podcast!
One of the beat shows for health
I have been listening to Rhonda for years. I trust her professionalism and level of scientific inquiry on the topics she reports on. Rhonda has been one of the go to resources for me when it comes to my health.
My go to source
Dr. Patrick is my go to source for nutritional biochemistry information and reviews of the the latest and emerging research. She is smart but speaks in a way that is easier to understand. As a trained Dietitian, it is refreshing to stay abreast of the evidence based research and emerging trends in anti-aging.
Real science
Great scientific info by someone who actually does the research and understands it well. But the narration is just too fast, and even the interviews can be hard too follow for a layperson at this pace when so many scientific terms are thrown out. I’d prefer a more conversational pace. UPDATE: I started listening to more recent episodes (I like to start with older ones first), and Rhonda has slowed down considerably and is so much easier to follow as she’s adopted a more conversational style.
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Rhonda is an amazing host!!! She offers amazing insight and information that is really helpful for listeners!
Marisa J2
Get your note pad ready because Dr. RP brings it. She is brilliant and just spews information at rapid speed. You’re going to feel like you need to take notes and pause and rewind. I listen to each podcast Murillo times because you’ll pick up something new each time. Amazing.
I all of life enthusiasm can make the difference. From teachers, professors, to preachers, you’ve got to love your topic. Rhonda Patrick is so excited about research, it’s nuts. That’s why it fits me so well. I love a deep dive in the weeds as it were🤗
Dr Rhonda Pratick
This woman is amazing. Her knowledge is so deep and well researched. Dr. Patrick should be an iconic standard for young women and hell even young mean. She is a treasure.
Henry Getter
Great podcast
Very informative
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