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One of the beat shows for health
I have been listening to Rhonda for years. I trust her professionalism and level of scientific inquiry on the topics she reports on. Rhonda has been one of the go to resources for me when it comes to my health.
My go to source
Dr. Patrick is my go to source for nutritional biochemistry information and reviews of the the latest and emerging research. She is smart but speaks in a way that is easier to understand. As a trained Dietitian, it is refreshing to stay abreast of the evidence based research and emerging trends in anti-aging.
Real science
Great scientific info by someone who actually does the research and understands it well. But the narration is just too fast, and even the interviews can be hard too follow for a layperson at this pace when so many scientific terms are thrown out. I’d prefer a more conversational pace. UPDATE: I started listening to more recent episodes (I like to start with older ones first), and Rhonda has slowed down considerably and is so much easier to follow as she’s adopted a more conversational style.
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Rhonda is an amazing host!!! She offers amazing insight and information that is really helpful for listeners!
Marisa J2
Get your note pad ready because Dr. RP brings it. She is brilliant and just spews information at rapid speed. You’re going to feel like you need to take notes and pause and rewind. I listen to each podcast Murillo times because you’ll pick up something new each time. Amazing.
I all of life enthusiasm can make the difference. From teachers, professors, to preachers, you’ve got to love your topic. Rhonda Patrick is so excited about research, it’s nuts. That’s why it fits me so well. I love a deep dive in the weeds as it were🤗
Dr Rhonda Pratick
This woman is amazing. Her knowledge is so deep and well researched. Dr. Patrick should be an iconic standard for young women and hell even young mean. She is a treasure.
Henry Getter
Great podcast
Very informative
Thank you!
Great information, just scripted
The content is amazing and there’s so much in learning as a doctor interested in functional medicine. But a so hard to pay attention to because it’s not engaging. It’s just words being read off
Great information, poor delivery
Rhonda has all the best information, but it comes with a caveat; She isn’t a very good public speaker and is especially hard to listen to when she’s reading something. When she reads, she makes common mistakes such as inserting pauses in uncomfortable places, using a monotone speaking voice, and robotic dictation. On top of that, she will often use a slightly higher pitch/volume which makes her sound like she is trying to command the attention of an audience she has already earned the attention of. It’s early in her career as a podcast host so I hope she gets this ironed out and can chill a bit and learn to speak casually.
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My favorite doctor!!
Rhonda is my favorite doctor, she is so good at explaining things and continues to motivate me to eat healthy and exercise. Thank you!
Fantastic and full of information
Really detailed, scientific information. I absolutely love listening to this podcast.
Great blog not podcast. Holistic Health News better
Listen I have a podcast and I understand how this stuff works. She is reading her article. The article that she writes thoroughly researched and therefore is great as an article on a website or blog but it’s horrible entertainment value to read your article. No some would say that it’s not supposed to be entertaining but that is nonsense. The point of a podcast is to share content but to be engaging. So yes you definitely learn something when listening to her podcast and I don’t blame her for having a podcast because she’s going to make tons of money off of revenue from it but let’s be honest. She’ll be much better in reading her article but then adding anecdotes or funny stories. Holistic health news is a similar alternative health naturoapathy podcast. And that guy sometimes reads off the articles but he adds insight in funny stories and he shows his personality and charm. That’s what she needs to do.
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Alfred Gonzales
Remarkable content
Please ignore the snide comments about her style - she is not an entertainer but a PhD with a passion for sharing her knowledge with others. I have learned a huge amount and she has been really far ahead of the COVID curve. Her content is very worthwhile regardless of your interests.
Doodle Jump Adict!
Closer to audiobook than a podcast.
Closer to an audiobook than a podcast. Very dry.
Chippy Chip Chipperson
She doesn’t sound natural
I first heard Rhonda interviewed on JRE. On there she was smart and funny with a delightful personality, which made me want to check out her show. I wish she sounded as natural on her own podcast. She gives great info here, but the podcast falls short on the way she presents her topics. It’s obvious that she’s reading to her audience instead of having a conversation with them. I wish she had a co-host to help her create a more natural conversation complete with personal stories and topical humor.
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Great information
I love being challenged to learn things. Half the time I spend listening to Dr. Patrick is spent looking up words, but it’s part of the fun for me! Her hard work, along with her team’s work, is so appreciated. The science and research is trustworthy because the information is based on so much research, studying, testing, etc. 10/10 recommend
Thank you
Great show with a pleasant host and entertaining episodes,thank you for the information and work you put out
She reads off a script
Has a phd from the elite univ of kentucky and does podcasts for a living instead of actually using her degree.
Reading copy
This is awful
Very informative, great it listen to
Really enjoying this podcast. She takes complex health and medical issues and breaks them down for the rest of us to understand so much better. I really appreciate her work.
Awesome podcasts
Rhonda’s podcast are awesome! She takes what are very complex scientific topics and turns them into everyday conversations for the average person. Great work Rhonda!
Great content with no filler
I’ve been a fan of Rhonda since her first appearance on JRE. Her straightforward way of delivering her content alongside her desire to make complex ideas comprehensible without sacrificing detail is one of a kind. Her website is fantastic as well.
Rhonda, you’re seriously the best.
Rhonda, you’re seriously the best.
Are you just reading to us?
Annoying, I could just read it as fast too..
Come back
We miss you and we need your view on the Corona.
Love it
Really great info, thank you for doing this podcast.
Rhonda Patrick is a superstar—I’m so grateful to have found her. She presents cutting edge knowledge and the evidence in that field with persistent, clear, thorough narrative. I often listen to each episode 4-5 times..the material is dense, complex, challenging, and so rewarding. Thank you to her and her team for providing knowledge in an objective way. It’s all there for the taking, and this podcast is an invitation to step onto a speeding train of exciting health and longevity science. Hop on and hang on!
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Stay ahead of the game!
Rhonda patrick and her guests are on the cutting edge of science. If you take your health and the science regarding longevity, pathology, and overall wellness seriously, you are doing yourself a favor listening to this podcast.
BEST podcast for nutrition, aging and more
I feel truly blessed that I can gain all these amazing cutting edge info from this podcast for free. Yes, it is not the easiest to follow but how can complex topics such as fasting and DNA damage be concluded in the simplest forms! English is not my first language but with time and patience I am still able to understand 95 percent of it!
Very cool pod cast
Rhonda makes it easy to understand yet speaks in detail regarding her medical insights and brilliant background. She is the real deal. Listen and enjoy! Healthy living!
sumshine daydream
Girl’s a genius!
Here’s a podcast that truly legitimizes the medium. Dr Patrick focuses on general health, longevity, and the intricate balance between health and human performance. Every human being on this pale blue dot needs to listen to her and apply her advice and strategies...if we did, we would collectively put and end to chronic disease...effectively severing our self-imposed, ignorance-driven “dependence” on big Pharma, big Medicine, big Insurance, and big Government.
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C Meach
Pause, rewind, relisten
Wait, what did she say? I’m not a doctor so it’s hard to follow along to the fast talk and terminology used.
Scientifically credible health and wellness podcast
I am interested in health, longevity, fitness and I’ve been implementing various “lifestyle optimizations” such as intermittent fasting, regular exercise, meditation, nutrition changes etc. so I have a strong interest in such topics. Unfortunately, many podcasts and blogs in this field are based on guess work and promote quackery and often outright refuse to accept scientific and medical facts so it is very refreshing to find one that has numerous interviews with actual *academic experts* and where claims are backed by scientific studies! Keep up the great work :)
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Interesting but too complex
Doctor Rhonda Patrick sounds very well informed and she seems to conduct genuine research. The topics are definitely interesting and worth exploring. Unfortunately most of the episodes I’ve listened to have been hard to follow. The host uses a lot of technical terms and after a few minutes it is easy to get lost if you’re not a doctor too. It can also end up sounding a bit voodooish if one doesn’t have the background to understand it all.
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Mostly good
My main complaint is that we’re not all doctors, so it would be helpful to dumb it down for those of us who don’t have a PhD. I listened recently to the episode on NAD, NMN and NR, and the entire time she said the full name for those molecules (or whatever they are) REALLY made it hard to follow. Why not just say “NR” or “NMN?” It’s incredibly unnecessary to say nicotinamide ribosome 75 times in one podcast!!!!!! The interviews are best bc the guests speak in normal words...solo episodes need some work!
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Number 1 health and longevity podcast
Number 1 health and longevity podcast
One of the best podcasts
I look forward to hearing each episodes. The information is well put together and can be used to improve ones life. I have lots to discuss with my physician.
Thank you
Dr. Patrick - thank you for creating this extremely valuable content. Sharing this information with the public is so important. We are lucky to have someone like you in the world! Keep them coming!
More Please!
Please more episodes!! This is some of the best health stuff I’ve ever heard.
Richest content cutting edge research
I so look forward to this podcast - very relevant and always super interesting.
Real answers
You are amazing and full of knowledge. I’m forever a fan and will listen to you before some of these other idiots chatting about things they know nothing about. #science #truth
Stop aging
Awesome Podcast!!!
Rhonda, host of the FoundMyFitness podcast, highlights all aspects of health, fitness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Favorite podcast ever!
I LOVE that Dr. Rhonda dives deep into the FACTS in this podcast. I love knowing that I can learn from + trust the content in each episode to be true because it is being discussed by researchers + scientists with first hand experience with the subject they discuss. In a world full of opinions and biases, Dr. Rhonda shares the unfiltered truth about health + science. Thanks for giving us all an inside look at the world of doctors + scientists!
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Is there anything showing your body absorbing the heavy metals back up if you don’t shower of immediately after sauna? Also I would like to know some research behind Botox long term effects?
Daniele Dixon
Waiting for more!
I’m in medical field and find this information valuable
Low fidelity
It seems like the content is great. I’d love it if you upgraded to higher quality microphones and perhaps better recording software. I miss a lot of what you and your guests say.
11 out of 10
I am obsessed with this podcast!! Found my Fitness contains more than just in depth-conversations and interviews about things we should all know more about.. it also clarifies loads of misinformation that the news and media spew out which only confuses people. I have listened to every single episode at least once, and there are about a half a dozen that I heavily rotate on the regular (sleep, meditation and mindful eating, telomeres and aging, sauna use, Alzheimer’s disease, and fasting). And I’ve listened to every single one of her talks with Joe Rogan, as well as just searched her name and found all the podcasts she has been featured in and listened to all of them. I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH. I am a proud patreon monthly supporter and contributor and I highly encourage everyone who is able to chip in to do so.. because Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a wealth of knowledge and in my opinion totally worth the investment. The way she prepares, articulates and delivers her interviews are spectacular and truly a pleasure to watch and learn from. I can’t believe it took me so long to write a review, but I’ve just been so deep in trying to get inside her head and learn all there is to know. Now go listen to everything and anything Dr. Rhonda Patrick!
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fiona maria
Most informative podcast on nutrition
I found Dr Patrick on the Joe Rogan Podcast, a discovery which I can confidently say changed my life for the better. She is the most informative voice related to health and nutrition in the public domain. Keep up the excellent work.
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