Fortt Knox
Fortt Knox
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Makes me more informed
I enjoy Jon Fortt for a variety of reasons: he is smart, gets great guests and asks meaningful questions when executing an interview.
Insightful Questioning Worth The Ear Energy
Johns style and content is something I have grown to really enjoy as a listener. He’s the complete package of someone viewable yet realizes the growing power of audio. Sometimes when you have it, you have it. John has it.
Best podcasts out their
Jon as always the master of telling it like it is. watched him in CNBC Squwak alley and just like how he cuts thru the clutter to get to the heart of the matter. Awesome
Great Pod!
Loved the interview with Darren Walker.
Ted J 10
Does a great job with guests in 30 minutes
Jon Fortt's podcast gets to the heart of the matter quickly. He is respectful yet tough. I get a lot out of listening to his interviews.
Excellent podcast
This is a first class podcast! As a subscriber of several podcasts over multiple genres, the Fortt Knox podcast has quickly made its way to the top of my list of favorites. The content is consistently good whether it is an interview with a family member (actually that was an amazing episode) or a CEO. There is no rambling and Jon does a fantastic job of setting up the interview, keeping it focused, and then ending before the energy drops. The editing is masterful and, what any avid listener will appreciate, there are no ads. Having said that, the quality in this podcast is so good that I think I'd still be ok with an ad or two. Great job. You've got me as an avid subscriber. Subscribe today.
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Equal parts entertaining and educational
What you see of Jon Fortt on CNBC is what you get. But what you get in Fortt Knox is a layer deeper: Honest, vulnerable conversations with business mavericks who may have previously appeared invincible. It’s their ability to overcome modern-day adversity (with a dash of good humor) that’s helped so many executives to succeed in the face of disruption. The lessons gleaned from Fortt Knox just might help you unlock that potential in yourself.
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Kayla Tausche
Straight Talk with CEO's
Love podcasts like this, that give an inside glimpse into the paths of successful CEO's. Fortt provides candid conversation that unearth great hidden gems that make you feel like you're truly getting to know the person on the other end of the headphones.
Morgan Brasfield
Jon Fortt Got it Right
Love this show. Interesting topics, smart conversations, great guests...overall a really good listen. Excited to see what's next for Fort Knox, as it looks like the podcast is just getting started.
Quick Guy Me
Smart, Topical, Fun
Fortt knows how to interview and is very informed on any number of topics. Excellent!
Anchor, CNBC
I sit next to Fortt every morning on our CNBC program, "Squawk Alley". So I'm well aware of his ability to cut through the noise (and hype) in tech, and help viewers focus on the important trends to watch. The podcast, format, however, adds another layer to his skill set. In an era crowded with podcasts, "Fortt Knox" has quickly jumped to the front of the line in my weekly podcast diet. It's a good thing it's called "Fortt Knox" -- because it's gold.
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Carl Quintanilla
Saavy, Smart & Interesting
As a manager in Silicon Valley high-tech, I am always looking for helpful insights from successful and smart entrepreneurial leaders. Jon Fortt's newest podcast Fortt Knox offers exactly that. The candid interviews about subjects of real importance are jarring - in that they get me thinking about things in way I typically wouldn't. Fortt asks questions that - left to myself - I wouldn't have even thought to ask. And yet, oddly enough, as these ideas are being explored, I'm often left wondering, "How is it that I never even thought about this topic in this way." It's powerful, enriching content brought to you by a powerful, enriching voice. After catching Jon's analysis on CNBC's Squawk Alley for the last few years, this is a welcome addition to my weekly intake and learning.
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The Tactics, Psychology, and Strategies of World-Class Leaders
Jon Fortt is an absolute master of cutting through the clutter and teasing out the most impactful, needle moving, tactics and though-patterns from his guests. This podcast will help you analyze the habits of high performering leaders in a variety of fields, synthesizing common themes that you can easily adapt to achieve your own success. A must listen.
Lactose Fondue
Best in the Business
Jon Fortt's meteoric rise through the ranks of business journalism is likely due to many factors, but any list of Fortt's strengths must include this: his astonishing ability to sift through the mountains of noise and understand what's actually relevant and what's actually important. Fortt's impeccable instincts lead him to cover the most interesting angles of business, and often lead to broader conversations about the gestalt of our changing, complex modern world. "Fortt Knox" is Fortt doing what Fortt does best: asking people important questions about important things, and then helping us make sense of it all. Fortt's accessible style coupled with his depth make this podcast perfect for anyone ranging from the neophyte who has only a casual dalliance with business to the most invested (ha!) business and industry leaders. And like the actual Fort Knox, you'll find the conversations found here are pure gold.
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Anytime I can listen to an interesting conversations with Jon Fortt, I'm better for it. Smart, funny, sincere describe him well.
Russell Buddy