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Enjoy Max, could do without the other guy
Max Rushden is a terrific host but I wish he’d lose his drunkard sidekick.
Great, informative and hilarious
Max and Barry have great chemistry when delivering material. Aren’t afraid to tackle issues like betting, fifa corruption, and racism and deliver content in an honest manner
Too much Ronaldo slander!
Love Barry, but it sounds like Ronaldo must’ve refused to give Johnathan Wilson his autograph when he was a kid or something. As a Man U fan, please get someone who is actually positive about Rondaldo coming back (like majority of Man U fans) because wilson is a serious downer!
ronny's a red
First rate football pod
This is a consistently good football podcast and is a regular part of my listening week. Funny, informative, best of its kind.
Rankin' Rob
Good but going downhill
Used to be one of my favorite podcasts but it’s honesty one of the worst options now out of all the regular football podcasts. The constant woke/leftist talking points just get tiring after how much time they spend on it. Guests like Lars and Wilson are great but Barry Glenndenning is just the most boring miserable person imaginable to have on a podcast, he’s so uninformed.
What’s the point of Glendenning?
It’s hit and miss
I don’t understand the purpose of Barry other than playing the role of a miserable jerk. I don’t think it’s particularly likable or interesting. I wouldn’t say his opinions seems to be based on anything you wouldn’t find in a deluded Twitter thread either.
Nice balance of info and entertainment
Max and Barry make a great Odd Couple as co-hosts, and the rotating cast of analysts and commentators provide v useful insight.
I don’t think many expected James Richardson leaving to improve the pod, but Max’s more lighthearted approach has freshened it up. The Euros content has been uniformly exceptional. The new regulars like Johnny Lieu and Lars Sivertsen have been integrated very well.
Good show today
Better England analysis, but still preaching all things around England instead of their football which was defensive-Southgate. England needs to play and have opponents adjust to them. I feel a diff mgr is needed.
Footy Jedi
Poignant Euros coverage
I looked forward to the daily updates during the Euros. The mix of characters and the method of presenting the details of a match are perfect. Max does such a nice job of moderating the pod and Barry's curmudgeonly character is a perfect balance. I often laugh out loud when listening to the pod. The coverage of the Euro final was outstanding, capped by the outtake music mix of Barry telling everyone to Have a Great Day in a way only Barry can do.
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Fun story
Hello guys, I’m Garry from NYC, listening to your pod since I started podcasts and I absolutely love it! So I was doing uber at a time maybe about a year ago, I had this one rider who happened to listen to the pod with me on the ride. At some point, about ten minutes later he said “Why this guy’s voice so weird and annoying?”, referring to Barry’s voice “How can you listen to this and what are they even talking about?”. I replied was, “Well that’s not right you commenting like that, but anyways that’s your morals. I would listen to this British guy who’s voice might be unique but not weird, and how they see and think about football which you for some reason call soccer, rather than everyday conversations with abundance of word “like”, “literally” phrase “you know what I mean”. He got a bit mad, but then we got stuck in traffic and he wanted to walk couple of blocks, and as he was getting out of car I said to him “Cheers mate” with all my English accent, he got me a one star after that! But it was fun chat. Anyways, thank you guys for your great effort and all the best for the pod, cheers!!
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Defo. The best
When I’m pushed for time, I’ll definitely make some space for this pod
When they do talk football, it’s not half bad. But they subject you to a tiring anti-racism diatribe each episode. Okay … we know there are racists in the world and you are opposed to racism. We understand. We get it. We are too. Now please stop the pedantic scolding, the moralizing, and the lectures. It’s pointless — maybe even counterproductive — and extraordinarily dull listening.
Cogito Ergo Queso
Football pod for people who don’t like football
Stopped listening to this pod for a while. Despite Max being a decent host so many of the guests show only a passing interest or enjoyment for the game. Drawn back in by the need for more Euro 2020 content I came back and if anything it’s got worst. Barry is barely coherent - possibly drunk; and the show rambles along skimming the surface without insight or interest. Makes football less enjoyable
Commerial stud
Best football pod
I’ve been listening since 2017 and have seen them live twice. Spot on analysis and hilarious episodes. Definitely the best pod out there!
Mw2 iz awesome
Simply the best
Every host is ginger😀 , god dam you , I love it
What’s not to love?
I love the host, the depth of info, the mix of reality & positivity, the original music, & even the ad reads. My only tiny quibble is there is overlap w NPR but I guess that’s because it’s all news! Thanks for this great pod!
Love this pod
Great analysis, great humor, always brightens up my day
Love Max/Barry, But Time for Me to Move On
I’ve loved the pod for many years and was one of the few that welcomed Max when Jimbo moved on, but the bias and favoritism that’s penetrated broader football coverage has gotten to the pod as well. I get that there are legitimate concerns about the administration and ownership of football, but to openly ridicule and only cover individual clubs and their supporters in negative light is just exhaustive. These guys make a living reporting on football - enjoy it for what it is or find something else to do. Time to move past the negativity and hate.
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It’s okay.
Upon the Totally Football Show breaking off, this pod lost its top talent. It’s fine and fills the need for content well enough, but definitely second tier: what the Premier League would be left like if the European Super League had gone through. The “Barry is a curmudgeon!” shtick gets very old very fast. But all around, okay.
Tom Bombadil Day O
Love Bary
He is the best. So funny and knowledgeable.
Continues to be the best football podcast of them all.
Barry and Max are funnier than Abbot & Costello or even Bert & Ernie. Their guests offer the perfect mixture of football knowledge, skepticism and entertainment. I never miss a podcast.
Clown show
This is every thing that’s wrong with modern sports commentary. Just lazy uniformed takes over and over. Every single one of these clowns would be absolutely lost if you put them on the touch line. Wouldn’t know the difference between an X and an O if they had printed out instructions
Love from Minnesota
Started listening in early 2019 and haven’t missed an episode yet! I wasn’t sure what to expect when football stopped for a period of time this year but you all still delivered great content. Loved hearing about the presenter’s backgrounds. I routinely find myself busting up laughing while listening - the best yet was shoveling a foot of snow while listening to the 2020 Xmas eve show. Barry was giving a heartfelt send off when he went silent. I thought he was crying which almost made me cry. Turned out he actually had his hand over the mic. So hilarious and perfect! My fav podcast hands down!
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Barry is a clown of pundit
listening to the analysis about Manchester United is painful. After of the most exciting matches in recent history, first time theyve scored 6 goals since Fergies retirment, there is not ONE peice of analysis from the MU perspective, literally all Barry can come up with from his Scourser pee-brain head is to say “Ole doesnt deserve the praise hes getting on MOTD”, and goes on to list all the bad results United have had previously this season, as if those results any relevance to the match he's being paid currently talking about. and he goes on to say: “because Ole’s going up against a Leeds team with less resources, and that MU should be swatting aside teams like that” hmmm... how about when Leeds played Liverpool earlier in the year and is was 4-3 on a last minute goal? surely the champions have more resources than a newly promoted side?? If the Guardian are reading this please fire these jokes of pundits and hire someone who can give actual unbiased analysis of the football being played.
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Women’s Football
The episode of the Guardian Football Weekly podcast that lists their opinion on the top 10 female footballers in the world, however they only mention 1 member of the USA women’s national team in Julie Ertz. Yes Ertz is the best holding midfielder in the women’s game right now, but she is not even the best player on the USA squad. A squad I need not remind you, have won back to back World Cups! To leave our players such as Lindsey Horan, Crystal Dunn, Christen Press, and Tobin Heath is offensive, and shows an inexcusable European bias. Please stop this spread of misinformation! Love the other shows keep up the great work! Sincerely, T Bux
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T Bucket$
Thoughtful and funny. Great insight. Helps me run. Missing James, still but love Max.
Ben in India
Great show!
Informative and amusing summary of EPL, European and World footy.
My go to soccer podcast
Never predictable but always intelligent and playful. A tiny quibble from afar: a woman panelist each show please!!
Diluted-a shame
Good grief! The lineup used to be terrific. Now, it is soooo diluted to reach some sort of pol correct mix despite the product being flushed given the changes. Natasha baker? One topic - johnn- one- note: always offended. More than predictable. Bandini? < shaking head> I never used to miss an episode. Now, skip thru or just ignore some pods where the lineup has no quality. I feel for max and barry
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Forty Acres
Audio Monday 23Nov
The audio from Max on Monday was a mess. I’m sure I am not the only one to comment. It totally spoiled the show. Ken Raleigh N. Carolina
Scouse Ken
My favorite Podcast
This podcast really warms your soul. Quality banter, I love every guest that comes on. Barry's laughter always brightens my Mondays
Barry ... Barry
You are absolutely a full on Grump. But that is one of the main reasons this podcast is tremendously entertaining! I do have one complaint. All of you ‘geniuses’ are not covering the main story of the 2020 - 2021 Season. That story involves Man United’s relegation battle throughout the Season. If moron Woodward does not replace dumbass Ole in the next couple of weeks, they are doomed. The major problem affecting this team is the listing on the NYSE where the Glazers #1 Priority is the stock price. The hell with the club! Maybe you should spend a few minutes doing some investigative work for yourselves you lazy bunch.
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Enjoy the pod.
U.S. Players Impact in WSL
Love the pod. Can you give a mention to the impact of U.S. players venturing across the pond to join a few WSL teams. Heard Christen Press and Tobin Heath Manchester United jerseys outsold those of the club’s male players for three days after they were signed. And Sam Métis’ jersey is tops on Manchester City’s best selling list. Hats off to the ladies!
Barry G is the man
My title says it all, Barry G is the man. Great great podcast
Today aug. 26
Thanx for reading. More of her, whom hosts today’s show. Less certainly, of the regular host/clown. Then I will certainly begin listening again. Or his he already gone? It’s been so long. Fingers crossed. He is silly, laughs at his own jokes, and to paraphrase Mose Allison, over laughs when things ain’t funny. It’s a particular disease that that penetrates the unqualified population amongst (journalists?) Anyways, she’s a delight.
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hang zuckerberg
The World's Premiere Football Podcast
I've listened to since day one, World Cup 2006, and really doubt I've ever missed an episode. While I always thought Max was a very able deputy to ACJimbo I wasn't expecting him to surpass him as a host to the world's premiere football podcast. But he has. Like the sage you've mistaken for the villiage idiot, he just smiles beinignly when you insult him, and the next moment he's moderating a discussion about issues like racial inequalities and human rights abuses. Kudos all around.
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My regular listen
A regular morning listen on my runs. I particularly want to thank you for the discussion of club ownership, soft power and human rights. Excellent work. I hope you’ll do more of that kind of thing.
Thank You from NYC
I walk my dog as an excuse to listen to every one of your episodes. She asked me to thank you for her. I am regularly citing information I get from your pod to people who don’t care. No one in my life is interested in having football conversation, so I am glad I get to listen to yours. 5 stars
Danta Row
Love the podcast. Diverse views and well represents many parts of the football world, focusing the most on British leagues as well as the top European leagues. Always good for a laugh and some very intriguing insights from football people... also responding to another review: they shouldn’t have American guests, I’m American and, yes, we’re stupid.
Jimmy Piper
Good, but . . .
Why do you hate Pulisic?
Counterpoint to one of last commenters - no, they don’t need American guests. I’m American and we’re stupid.
Beautiful football rhetoric
Would like to hear an American guest on the show.
Love the Euro show
The European es dome with Nicky, Sid and Archie is a favorite. Hope this panel stays together. Always a great listen!
More Barry!
Outstanding program by knowledgeable folk who have become like friends from across the pond. Can’t wait for the day they do a live show here in the states. And, can we please have more Barry? He rocks!
Excellent Pod
I love the pod. Always informative with a solid mix of laughs. I would’ve given it a 5 star review but I can’t stomach Philip Auclaire. He’s a miserable wet blanket who brings the show down with his hatred of football.
Adam Cirulnick
Agree with Barry
Technically there is nothing wrong with it, morally it is wrong..........he was talking about Liverpool furloughing staff, I am talking about asking for money for the pod, at this time. Love the pod, don’t agree with the Guardian politically, but the writing is very good and enjoy almost all of the presenters. I would subscribe or buy episodes on a weekly basis assuming the quality remains (and we start playing football again soon), but asking for a handout in the current climate left a sour taste.
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Best football podcast
Its long, its indulgent, it has plenty of dry british humor. The highlight of my week.
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