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Barry ... Barry
You are absolutely a full on Grump. But that is one of the main reasons this podcast is tremendously entertaining! I do have one complaint. All of you ‘geniuses’ are not covering the main story of the 2020 - 2021 Season. That story involves Man United’s relegation battle throughout the Season. If moron Woodward does not replace dumbass Ole in the next couple of weeks, they are doomed. The major problem affecting this team is the listing on the NYSE where the Glazers #1 Priority is the stock price. The hell with the club! Maybe you should spend a few minutes doing some investigative work for yourselves you lazy bunch.
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Enjoy the pod.
U.S. Players Impact in WSL
Love the pod. Can you give a mention to the impact of U.S. players venturing across the pond to join a few WSL teams. Heard Christen Press and Tobin Heath Manchester United jerseys outsold those of the club’s male players for three days after they were signed. And Sam Métis’ jersey is tops on Manchester City’s best selling list. Hats off to the ladies!
Barry G is the man
My title says it all, Barry G is the man. Great great podcast
Today aug. 26
Thanx for reading. More of her, whom hosts today’s show. Less certainly, of the regular host/clown. Then I will certainly begin listening again. Or his he already gone? It’s been so long. Fingers crossed. He is silly, laughs at his own jokes, and to paraphrase Mose Allison, over laughs when things ain’t funny. It’s a particular disease that that penetrates the unqualified population amongst (journalists?) Anyways, she’s a delight.
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hang zuckerberg
The World's Premiere Football Podcast
I've listened to since day one, World Cup 2006, and really doubt I've ever missed an episode. While I always thought Max was a very able deputy to ACJimbo I wasn't expecting him to surpass him as a host to the world's premiere football podcast. But he has. Like the sage you've mistaken for the villiage idiot, he just smiles beinignly when you insult him, and the next moment he's moderating a discussion about issues like racial inequalities and human rights abuses. Kudos all around.
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My regular listen
A regular morning listen on my runs. I particularly want to thank you for the discussion of club ownership, soft power and human rights. Excellent work. I hope you’ll do more of that kind of thing.
Thank You from NYC
I walk my dog as an excuse to listen to every one of your episodes. She asked me to thank you for her. I am regularly citing information I get from your pod to people who don’t care. No one in my life is interested in having football conversation, so I am glad I get to listen to yours. 5 stars
Danta Row
Love the podcast. Diverse views and well represents many parts of the football world, focusing the most on British leagues as well as the top European leagues. Always good for a laugh and some very intriguing insights from football people... also responding to another review: they shouldn’t have American guests, I’m American and, yes, we’re stupid.
Jimmy Piper
Good, but . . .
Why do you hate Pulisic?
Counterpoint to one of last commenters - no, they don’t need American guests. I’m American and we’re stupid.
Beautiful football rhetoric
Would like to hear an American guest on the show.
Love the Euro show
The European es dome with Nicky, Sid and Archie is a favorite. Hope this panel stays together. Always a great listen!
More Barry!
Outstanding program by knowledgeable folk who have become like friends from across the pond. Can’t wait for the day they do a live show here in the states. And, can we please have more Barry? He rocks!
Excellent Pod
I love the pod. Always informative with a solid mix of laughs. I would’ve given it a 5 star review but I can’t stomach Philip Auclaire. He’s a miserable wet blanket who brings the show down with his hatred of football.
Adam Cirulnick
Agree with Barry
Technically there is nothing wrong with it, morally it is wrong..........he was talking about Liverpool furloughing staff, I am talking about asking for money for the pod, at this time. Love the pod, don’t agree with the Guardian politically, but the writing is very good and enjoy almost all of the presenters. I would subscribe or buy episodes on a weekly basis assuming the quality remains (and we start playing football again soon), but asking for a handout in the current climate left a sour taste.
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Best football podcast
Its long, its indulgent, it has plenty of dry british humor. The highlight of my week.
great pod
American the pod
I usually listen in my way to work, but since the school district that I work for has a snow day today, I’m listening while cutting fabric for a baby blanket.
Top Football podcast
Max is a more than able facilitator. Love the insight of the regular guests - Barry, Philippe et al. Only complaint is the heavy mouth breathing into someone’s mic (Barry?), which is rather distracting. Apart from that, keep up the great work.
Special Agent, Esq.
Excellent, even if too long
Terrific football show, does a great job covering world football with an emphasis on the premier league. Episodes are excessively long, usually over an hour twice a week, but regardless no other football podcast I’ve tried matches it for fun and insight.
Fantastic podcast
I’ve never taken the time to rate a podcast before, but after hearing your convo with Archie about depression and mental health, I just had to. Phenomenal. Thank you all for your openness and seeing that there’s so much more to life than just football.
I love this podcast especially when Narry is on. One question, why don’t you make a podcast of the live specials for those of us who live outside the UK ??
frankspurs NYC
The way it should be
I love this podcast. I wish there was something of the sort for my own league (I live in Argentina). But the main reason to leave this comment is not to praise, but to claim that due to my lack of knowledge of the members of the cast and my imagination I always picture Barry Denglenning as Jeremy Clarkson and now I don’t want to google Barry so I can keep that image alive
Depends on the line up
If it was just Wilson and Ronay every week, it would be 5*
Big fan of the post. I listen to you every week from Cuba
Best football podcast
Brilliant. Only complaint is that it’s not on more often.
Has improved since the TFS split
Jimbo was great, but Max arriving was a good change. He lightens it up. Good balance of topics for the average PL fan, knowledgeable guests, and good chemistry.
How long is the greatest character on the pod gone for? I’ll miss him
fisherville listener
Soccer insights abound
Love the show, great balance of characters, keep it up!
Best Footie Pod on the Planet
The numpties who rated anything below a 5 are numpties.
Please, please, please, no more talk on VAR. it’s destroying football and this podcast with it.
Use to love this but......
I used to listen to every episode if this. It’s brilliant in the discussion of club football, but I can’t stand the nauseating focus in the English National team during the international breaks. So I skip those now. I guess since the Guardian is an English and not an national paper I should know what to expect by now.
Best pod ever
Always informative and entertaining. Absolutely love this pod.
Mateo Pelota
Hit or miss
I don’t need every pod to be an effusive praise of every little thing that has happened in the football world but too I think if the hosts don’t care, why am I listening?
So Good I Listen Twice a Week
Love this show and the extra version on Thursdays. Listen in the US. What these folks don’t know about football isn’t worth knowing. They’re often quite witty too!
Inconsistent depending on guests
Decent, if inconsistent EPL pod. The focus is almost completely on top 6 Premier League with some lip service to other football. I think Max does a solid job and is generally low ego, likeable and relatable but the quality of content really depends on guests. Often the grumpy bants from the awful dour Glendening, nonsensical Brewin, and self important Wilson can be almost unlistenable; but at its best (Barney, Lars, Bandini and a couple of others) its a fun and informative listen
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Commerial stud
Brilliant especially if you don’t like Football
I don’t play football. I don’t watch football. I have no interest at all in football. But there is something comforting about listening to well-informed, witty people discussing something they love. It’s like listening in on sewing circle. I never miss an episode.
Lucasite 123
The Best
I love this group—mostly Max, Barry, Lars, Jonathan, Lars, now Nicky—and look forward to every Monday and Thursday. I do this even though I know little about football culture and have no experience playing. I like to settle in with them, like being in a genial, funny group and not having to contribute myself.
clare howell
Just Unsubscribed
This was already the driest, most poorly-paced football podcast I listened to. Last in the cue after I finished better options. Was very put off by Barry Glendenning on the latest episode. He showed his “intolerant curmudgeon” persona is more than a schtick. When he referred to the band Evanescence as “Jesus-Creeping Bible-Thumpers” (voice dripping with disdain) I knew I was finished. Can’t believe the co-hosts or, ultimately, a producer would not see this type of comment in extremely poor taste. But, this is the ultra-liberal Guardian, after all. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Can you imagine a conversation like this on the podcast? “How about that goal by Riyad Mahrez?” “Well, he happens to be a Mohammed-loving Quran-thumper, was a well-taken goal.” Clearly wrong. Clearly intolerant. Take a long, hard look at yourselves Guardian, and ask - “Why are we okay with this double-standard?”
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Great Football Chat
“Are we obliged to patronize the referee” said Barry patronizing the referee.
Best football podcast
Max is a terrific host combining wit and insight with a knack for keeping the conversation flowing. The panelists are always knowledgeable and odds are one of them was at a big game in person, which adds to the insight. Its always a good time listening to Barry as well. Can’t rate this enough.
Always a great listen! A great cast of witty,honest, and intelligent Journalist with great dialogue, inclusive and progressive views on the game. The team lead by Max brings a level of insight and detail including behind the scenes looks at all aspects of the game. Great humor and light hearted discussion makes this podcast so enjoyable.
Loving the pods.
Always on the look out for new pods on Mondays and Thursdays. I like the crew, the fun shared, and the articulations of all the pundits. Btw, Barry need to visit Abidjan to help with his French pronunciations.
Love Max/Barry, But Time for Me to Move On
I’ve loved the pod for many years and was one of the few that welcomed Max when Jimbo moved on, but the bias and favoritism that’s penetrated broader football coverage has gotten to the pod as well. I’d love to see fair coverage and appreciation for all the teams, but now it’s become obvious the pod and it’s regularly correspondents have their own angles. Just so disappointed in the negativity and coverage at the end of last year. Let’s keep the chat to on the field and understand the world of football has changed.
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Fun pod
I’m a listener here in the US. I love the camaraderie of the varied pundits who get together for the episodes. I don’t even like the EPL that much (I’m besotted with La Liga) and yet I still never miss a pod.
This is trashhhhhh
Starting to get old, and very boring
Last Monday’s pod was a massive hack job. 1 minute of praise for a team that has just won 3 trophies followed by 30 minutes of sanctimonious repetitive negative clap trap.
Dave SFO
Wish it was more football and less outside topic
Aswad Islam
The best of the bunch
Out of all the footy podcasts this one is the best. Entertaining, informative and insightful. Well done Guardian.
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