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The Official Football 24-7 Podcast, discussing Football news, views and general transfer gossip.
The Premier League Football Review - 25th January 2022
The team at have put together The Premier League Review as at the 25th January 2022.
Jan 25
11 min
What is a Football Acca
The Football24-7 team have taken a close look at What is a Football Acca?  In basic terms an Acca is also known as an Accumulator and forms a selection of antipicated results and or scores of a group of seperate football matches.  Please listen to our definition and let us know your thoughts.
Feb 23, 2021
5 min
The Football 24-7 Podcast Sports News Review - October 2020
The writers at Football 24-7 have created the first official Podcast for the latest sports news.  We aim to ensure all of our listeners are kept up to date with the latest sports news and opinions from around the world. Using the medium of Podcasting is new to us, and we would love to hear all of your thoughts on our publications.
Oct 9, 2020
5 min