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skinny patty
Best Podcast
I enjoy Mark Bittman‘s podcast program during the night because I have insomnia and I need things interesting yet cheerful to listen to.
Maremare 37
What happened to this podcast?
Mark was never a killer interviewer, but at least his show used to be listenable and occasionally enjoyable/informative. These new episodes in 2022 are markedly worse. Meandering interviews, fewer recipes, and the episodes just seem sloppy now. What happened?
Lost interest
I like mark’s recipes, books and his general approach to cooking, and although I’ve enjoyed the podcast in the past, these last several episodes are more like boring talk shows. I love Laura Linney, but I come to Mark to hear about food, not her career. Unsubscribing.
gus 24!
Super Great :)
Light enough to enjoy, heavy enough to think. Practical food tips at the start and end. Really well done. Mark is a great story teller. Guests offer further exploration in foods. A top 5 in my food-casts. ****
So enjoyable!
I love your podcast! THANK YOU for the easy recipes within the episodes. I am learning to cook so efficiently without sacrificing flavor. I also love your coverage of diverse food topics and people. Thanks to your podcast I renewed my Bon Apetit subscription after a 20 year hiatus.
Black veganism
Your guest doesn’t know all humans are animals? You need expertise not artificiality…
Multifaceted Comprehensive Food Discussions
So many wonderful guests and very meaningful & comprehensive discussions about so much more than just cooking. A really enjoyable and educational podcast than informs without sermonizing.
Love it but can't hear Mark!
The show is wonderful, but sometimes during interviews Mark's voice fades away. That's it!
Highly Informative, Enjoyable, and Thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing such quality discussions
Great! Don't miss it.
eye heart in CT
Great show
I really like the episodes I’ve listened to so far. Mark is a good interviewer and his passion about all things food really comes through in the show. Seems like there’s a great lineup of guests. Looking forward to listening more.
Nigella Lawson
Love her and enjoyed this episode very much! Thank you!
I’m a long-time fan of Mr. Bittman but after listening to the first three episodes, I’m stopping there. Great guests, but not impressed with the rest of it. His voice doesn’t keep my attention at all. Plus too much self promotion, like answering a listener’s question about baking bread by telling her she’d have to wait for his book, due out in November. Seriously? I’ll keep reading him but think I’ll go back to The Splendid Table.
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Eliza 2
A wonderful, refreshing podcast
Mark’s books, articles, interviews, and now this podcast has inspired me to improve my cooking skills and to look at food and society differently. My confidence has grown tremendously and I thoroughly enjoy time in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful information.
Go deeper on the big picture.
I’m a long time fan of Mark Bittman. I like the show and the combination of food and where it all comes from. That said I was quite disappointed that Mark didn’t ask more direct questions of the new bon appétit editor in relationship to the bon appétit test kitchen issues of the past year. I respect him deeply for asking hard questions but I feel he really missed the chance to get a direct answer to what happened and what is going to improve with this publication.
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Too much fluff, minimal content
First 10 min and heard the same 2 advertisements THREE times and self promotion THREE times. (Hint: the best way to promote yourself to the people already listening is your content, not to talk about yourself)
Excellent podcast!
Thank you for varied, informative, and succinct interviews with others and presentations of your POV.
Dr. Cam
everything food
Love the telescoping in and out from actual eating to food contexts and issues--all done with a remarkably light hand that keeps this delightful. FOOD is everything!!
Rhubarb and Nigella
I have been watching @YouTube Nigella Tonic “Home Alone” regarding the “cooking for yourself in an everyday kind of a way/getting familiar with the rhythms of the kitchen”. I love the jingle, as I do yours and thank you for having her on your show. Leek, carrot, garlic, asparagus, olive oil... all so inspiring as ingredients, but “be careful with the blender,” it will take me weeks before I am sorted in my new kitchen with my bank and @Visa before I am settled in my digestive juices for the buying leek by @JoecoffeeNYC, getting the blender back up on the shelf. May I ask if I decide plastic which blender you suggest buying (I would have to buy one). There is this enormous dishwasher in here which uses an amazing amount of water. Six cups of chicken stock: now also thinking of buying a new pot. The one this rental company left is meh. Which one do you suggest? @Mallement
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great listening--good to cook to!
So accessible, love the spoken recipes, and the guests are excellent. Really enjoying this podcast!
Witchy fun!
Even better than I'd hoped for!
Longtime Bittman fan here: I love his writing, his cookbooks, his Instagram. Having listened to the first episode it is fun, charming, and informative. I look forward to many more!!
Finally, a food podcast that “listens good”
Bittman has set the bar really high, having the great Nigella Lawson as his first guest, but if he can retain this combination of improvisatory, high-geek, low-snobbery food talk moving forward, he’s got himself a hit. I love cooking, eating and talking about food deeply and well, but other than Thw Sporkful, every other food podcast I’ve listened to has left me (wait for it) hungry for more.
Mark Bittman podcast - sign me up!
A big fan of Mark, and have enjoyed his books for many years. The first episode is great - just as enjoyable as expected. I also highly recommend The Bittman Project! That and the NYTCooking emails are some of my favorite reads.
Cooking is just the beginning
Finally, a podcast that both embraces the true pleasures of cooking and confronts the more serious side of food and its impact on our world. Something to look forward to week after week after week.
What a terrific conversationalist!
One thing’s for sure after listening to the first episode—Bittman has a knack for asking interesting questions and inspiring candid answers. With his usual unfussy style. We’ll be overindulging at Mark’s table!
Making cooking uncomplicated
Mark has so many ideas and you can implement them easily. I have many of his books and I am still learning from this podcast!
A welcome food show
Mark is an excellent conversationalist; easy and witty and smart. He’s done a great job in the past of covering all aspects of food, and the podcast is sure to do just that. Such an exciting lineup of guests, too!
I will follow Mark Bittman anywhere
This is bound to be great because.. well, Mark Bittman!
You are what you cook
I resisted cooking for the longest time. But after listening to Mark’s latest book and realizing the cooking is the only way to eat healthy I have learned to embrace cooking. And his recipes make it possible for a non cook to make a fabulous meal.
More Mark Bittman!!
Love Mark and LOVE the new podcast ideas.
Can’t wait!
Super excited to listen to Mark’s new podcast to hear him share his wealth of knowledge about my favorite subject! He’s got a clear voice and the podcast is certain to be very informative.
This is great!
Looking forward to hearing it all 🙂
Mark is a fount of food knowledge, covering a n awesome range of cool and insightful topics. Also, love his voice. So looking forward to this!
Looking forward to this!
From Nigella Lawson to Jane Goodall to Moby as guests on the podcast…can’t wait!
Can’t Wait!
I can’t wait for this podcast - I’ve been a fan of Mark for decades: loved his NYTimes columns, cookbooks, Minimalist videos, and all that he has written re issues in the our food system. He has the gift of tackling the key topics - helping us understand the big picture, what’s at stake and the choices we can make while, at the same time, helping us put dinner on the table. He’s accessible, engaging, passionate without being preachy, always teaching, guiding, building understanding & generating respect for the many ways that farmers, chefs, restauranteurs, policy makers, and each and every one of us can contribute to a more sustainable and healthy food system. Another stellar Bittman endeavor…!
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A bit of Bittman
I’ve always enjoyed Mark Bittman’s unsnobby and unaffected way of talking about food—both high and low, complicated and simple. The Podcast is like being part of a friendly conversation.
Professora Gee
You are what you eat
Mark is showing us who we are. It’s not pretty. But you have to know it.
Love Bittman’s style!!
Have learned so much about food from him over the last decade. Excited to see meet his guests and see where this goes.
Fun and Informative
As a nutritionist and natural chef, using my skills as the Chief Innovation Officer at Foogal, I am always on the look out for tips and information and Mark doesn’t disappoint! I recommend Food with Mark Bittman for the novice and professional alike.
Mark Bittman is a total mensch
(For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a mensch is basically a boss.) He’s not just a great chef who shows everyone how to be one too, he’s warm and down to earth, incredibly knowledgable about any and all things food, and a truly good and decent person who is deeply involved with food policy and helping everyone eat well. His recipes are simple but miraculously good, and listening to his podcast is like sitting at the cool kids table if the cool kids are also smart, super-nice foodies. Yay!
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Bittmen is the best
I’ve been enjoying Mark Bittman’s recipes for years for their simplicity and tastiness. I look forward to enjoying the podcasts.
A Great Teacher paired with a great medium
Bittman changed my life. I’ve always cooked. But it was something stoners might enjoy at the end of smoking session in the heart of the Inland Empire on a Tuesday night. Like mixing Emerils essence with Kroger’s Mac and Cheese (which actually isn’t that bad). Then in 2010 I saw the Minimalists videos and he made me laugh and taught me that I could do more. And I did. Bittmans love for food is so contagious he had me asking myself, what am I missing in life? Today, I make my own salad dressings (when I hated the salad), roast chickens, bake bread, eat things I never ever thought I would eat like pasta and sardines or cozze e fagioli, that are straight up transcendent. Bittman in other words liberates you from frozen or fast food and you enter the world of quality food made with love and with instructions simple enough for anyone. You know he’s done something right when you pass a restaurant, read the menu, turn away and say, I could do better. And now the podcast? Duh, of course I’m gonna listen.
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Cannot wait!
Mark Bittman’s upcoming podcast “FOOD” is going to be fabulous, I cannot wait! I love how entertaining and informative Mark is when he’s sharing his passionate love of food. If the trailers are any indication, this is something worth waiting for week after week!
Great learning and great fun!
I learn so much from Mark. His guest lineup sounds fabulous and wide ranging. I anticipate many interesting questions asked and answered. Looking forward to it. Thank you, Mark Bittman!
Big fan of Mark Bittman
Trailer sounds great can’t wait for the launch!
Can’t wait!
I have only listened to the previews thus far, but I have already learned things and been inspired! I can’t wait for the full episodes!
Can’t wait to listen
Live everything Bittman! Will definitely follow!
I have several of Mark Bittman‘s cookbooks and pretty much worship the guy. I love his unfussy approach to food. SoI am very much looking forward to the full podcast and enjoyed the trailers. I’m hungry now.
So good!
Mark’s cookbooks are excellent and his general philosophy around food is so informative, I can’t wait to hear more from him!
No rambling here - just straightforward good food
What I like about Mark Bittman’s cooking is that it is, together, simple but yet creative. All you have to do to hear an example of this is to listen to the short trailer and learn how to make an amazing grilled cheese sandwich. Same easy procedure as usual but who would think to add a little chives, mint and blue cheese to cream crease instead of using the usual greasy slab of cheddar. Not difficult but way more interesting and satisfying.
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