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Following The Leftovers
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Series and Season 3 Wrapup
We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and now it’s time to say a very fond farewell and goodbye to the greatest television show I’ve ever seen, HBO’s The Leftovers.  After we ponder things we’ve seen and read since the series left us, we open up our bulging mailbag to see the multitudes of takes and opinions from you, our fellow fans.  Thanks for everything, everybody.  This was incredible, and I wish I could see you next week for more of the same. If you’re interested in reading some of the many things we’ve looked at since last week, Vulture has an incredible collection of articles and interviews, but this piece in particular was an exhaustive behind the scenes look of the finale of The Leftovers.  As far as interviews, Alan Sepinwall did a bang up job of talking with Carrie Coon, Mimi Leder, and Damon Lindelof himself. Can you take a minute or two to complete our survey?  It will help us make Bald Move better, and it’s completely anonymous! Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
Jun 13, 2017
2 hr 8 min
308 – The Book of Nora
Jim, A.Ron, and hundreds of listeners grapple with their feelings about the series finale of HBO’s The Leftovers, “The Book of Nora”.  Was it good because it was a work of art that was brilliantly written, expertly acted and shot, and in it’s rigid adherence to ambiguity the most Leftovers The Leftovers of all time?  Or was it bad because it answered nothing, or everything, or too much at any rate, or betrayed or gave short shrift to characters we cared deeply about, or invalidated what we felt about past episodes?  The answer, more than usual, rests with the viewer, and everybody’s got thoughts.  We try to capture as many as we can.  But we also promise to return next week for more!  One final podcast before we say goodbye to The Leftovers, forever.  If that’s not worth of a Max Richter soundtrack, what the hell is? PLEASE TAKE OUR SURVEY!  It will help us plot the future of Bald Move! Want a sweet t-shirt to remember The Leftovers by?  Check out this “Keventh Day Adventist” design, which was created by fellow fan George Lampman.  Thanks, George! Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
Jun 6, 2017
2 hr 9 min
307 – The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)
We are incredibly pleased with the penultimate episode of HBO’s The Leftovers, “The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)”.  It is true that this episode is ridiculous, and dumb, and it doesn’t make any sense, and we shouldn’t care so much about, much like the reaction of Kevin himself.  But we can’t help it.  Everything they were selling we were buying, and in bulk.  Dick jokes.  Sure.  Body swapping between twin Kevins?  Why not?  Surprise guest stars as Secretary of Defense and the Vice President?  Shut up and take my money!  It’s crazy how this show can do no wrong with us, but we suspect it’s because this show can’t help but be true to their characters and find an emotional truth at the core of it that manages to surprise and delight us.  Can’t wait for the finale next week!  See you there… Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
May 30, 2017
1 hr 45 min
306 – Certified
Jim and A.Ron talk about the latest episode of The Leftovers, “Certified”.  A very dark, powerful episode that has us rethinking how much sunshine and good feelings the finale is going to allow us to have before everything is said and done.  We discuss when Laurie decided on her final course of action, Nora’s beach ball metaphor, the inability of Kevin Sr. to properly judge whether he ends up saving the world, and our thoughts and expectations for the end now that we’re only 2 episodes away.  Because happy ending or sad, we’re going to be forced to say goodbye to all these characters we’ve grown to love and care for, and I for one am not ready! Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
May 23, 2017
2 hr 13 min
305 – It’s a Matt Matt Matt Matt World
HBO’s The Leftovers had a Matt Jamison episode in “It’s a Matt Matt Matt Matt World”, which means it was heavily thematic, absurd, inspiring, infuriating, and more than anything, Biblical in it’s intensity.  Adding John, Michael, and Laurie, and a bunch of hedonists who’ve formed a cult around a 91 year old lion just makes it so much more so.  We discuss Matt’s shifting relationship with his faith, a surprising amount on the human penis, and attempt to talk a few Leftovers fans off their emotional ledges. Read the Matt Zoller Seitz interview with Damon Lindelof on Vulture if you really want to explore this episode, and this season’s, very personal themes. Check out our merch store to get George Lampman’s Kevinth Day Adventist Church shirt. Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
May 16, 2017
1 hr 53 min
304 – G’Day Melbourne
Jim and A.Ron are struggling to get by in this post-Nora/Kevin romance world.  It’s just all almost too much. But are they done for reals?  Is there hope for a reunion, or a happy ending for these two, or should we just look for our nearest LADR box and jump in, no questions asked? But there are always questions, aren’t there?  Would you kill a twin baby to save the world from cancer?  What sort of crazy whitefella adventures are the Kevins going to get up to in the land down under? Will the sun still rise in a post-Mark Linn-Baker world?  I guess we’ll just have to keep watching… Please enjoy the preview for the latest episode of Quit Yer Pitchin’, tucked away at the very end of the podcast, that can be found exclusively on Club Bald Move! Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
May 9, 2017
1 hr 48 min
303 – Crazy Whitefella Thinking
The Leftovers decides to see what Kevin Sr. has been up to in Australia all this time in the latest episode, “Crazy Whitefella Thinking”.  Seems he’s not as keen on the Gospel of Kevin as you’d think he’d be.  It’s clear that we’re on course for an epic collision as the various Garveys, Dursts, and Jamison’s start to converge.  What flavor of Armageddon do you want? Hell fire or flood? Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
May 2, 2017
1 hr 47 min
302 – Don’t Be Ridiculous
Can a Holy Book truly be successful on the Kindle Store?  Does Mark Linn-Baker, the real human being, even exist anymore now that he’s a character on a TV show?  How much of your life is a flashback?  Find out everything there is to know with our review of The Leftovers season 3, episode 2 – Don’t Be Ridiculous. Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
Apr 25, 2017
1 hr 32 min
301 – The Book of Kevin
We are thrilled that HBO’s The Leftovers are back, and in fine form. Three years after the battle for Jardin is over, our favorite characters are still grappling with what to believe and what is real, with mysteries old and new.  From the opening historical drama of The Great Disappointment to the enigmatic ending, it did nothing but confirm that this is one of the smartest, most beautiful shows around and that we are in for one hell of a ride. All this, feedback, and a very light spoiler section at the very end of the podcast, coming right up. Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
Apr 18, 2017
1 hr 34 min
Season Three Preview!!
Jim and A.Ron are fired up for the final season of HBO’s The Leftovers.  We discuss the timeline, hints and previews from the season trailers, Noah’s Ark and how it might relate to this season, A.Ron and Jim trading roles as Man of Faith and Man of Science, and much, much more. Support Bald Move:  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
Apr 11, 2017
34 min
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