Fluent in Spanish
Fluent in Spanish
Fluent in Spanish podcast is mostly based on Spanish students' common mistakes, and all those grammar issues they struggle with when learning Spanish. Therefore, any Spanish learner can relate to the episodes included in Fluent in Spanish. In addition, some of the podcasts are about Spanish culture, and curious stories about the use of Spanish in the world. They are organized in their titles. Podcasts starting with "B" are for Beginner Level Spanish Podcast. Starting with "I", Intermediate Level Spanish Podcast. With "IA", Intermediate-Advanced Level Spanish Podcast. And finally "A", Advanced Level Spanish Podcast.
I-030: Speaking Spanish in a Work Environment – Intermediate Spanish Podcast
This is Courtney Dezahd's journey as a student learning Spanish and incorporating it into her work life. Join us as she navigates the challenges and triumphs of using Spanish at work. Courtney is an expert in time management for working mothers, and her insights are invaluable. While not everyone has the opportunity for a real immersion experience in a foreign country, Courtney has managed to create a Spanish immersion opportunity right in her workplace. Get ready to hear her inspiring story. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
Jun 21, 2023
23 min
I-029: Living as an Expat in South Spain – Intermediate Spanish Podcast
Join me as I sit down with one of my Spanish students who has taken the plunge and immersed herself in the Spanish language, first in Ecuador and now in Spain. In this podcast, we dive into her incredible language immersion experience, exploring the vibrant culture, sharing charming anecdotes, and discussing the challenges she faced during her language learning journey. Get ready to discover how she copes with the differences in Spanish dialects, all while having a friendly and informal chat. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
Jun 11, 2023
37 min
IA-012: “Mientras” vs. “Mientras que” – Intermediate-advanced Spanish Podcast
¡Listen up, Spanish learners! Want to level up your language skills?Check out our new podcast episode on "Mientras" and "Mientras que"! Discover how to use "mientras" and "mientras que" in sentences, explore advanced usage, and get valuable tips on Spanish grammar. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your language proficiency! Tune in now for some advanced Spanish insights! Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
May 31, 2023
7 min
IA-011: Learn Spanish through Music – 2000s to Now – Intermediate-advanced Spanish Podcast
Join Fernando and I in this podcast we should have called "Not Our Favorite Decades". Yes, you can tell... Still we'll dive into the hits that defined this era. Don't worry, we'll brace ourselves for the eye rolls and judgment from die-hard fans. Let's embrace the awkwardness together! Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
May 26, 2023
25 min
I-028: Speaking about the DELE with Sergio Delgado – Intermediate Spanish Podcast
Welcome to FluentInSpanish.org's podcast! Today, we're getting real with teacher Sergio Delgado, discussing the DELE exam. Whether you're a Spanish newbie or a seasoned pro, you're in for a treat. Get ready for a linguistic roller coaster ride - let's dive in! Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
May 17, 2023
27 min
I-027: Poner vs. Ponerse – Intermediate Spanish Podcast
Welcome to today's podcast, where we'll dive into the fascinating world of the Spanish verb "poner" and its reflexive form, "ponerse." In this episode, we'll explore the nuances of using the verb "poner" vs. "ponerse" and answer the question, "What is 'poner' in Spanish?" Stay tuned to enrich your Spanish language skills and deepen your understanding of these versatile verbs. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
May 8, 2023
14 min
IA-010: 80s and 90s Songs in Spanish
Hey there amigos! Want to relive the glory days of 80s and 90s music in Spanish? Then check out our podcast! In my website we will live you also a playlist. Not only will you groove to some epic tunes, but you'll also improve your Spanish listening skills by listening these two native speakers. We've got a bunch of artists to help you learn Spanish through music. So, ¿qué esperas? Give us a listen and let's get this fiesta started! Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
Apr 30, 2023
26 min
I-026: False Anglicisms in Spanish – Intermediate Spanish Podcast
Are you an intermediate Spanish student who wants to improve your language skills and have a laugh? 🤣 Check out our latest podcast on fluentinspanish.org, "False Anglicisms in Spanish"! 😎 We'll explore the hilarious and often cringeworthy ways in which English words are incorrectly incorporated into Spanish, and we will explain why this happens. So grab your headphones and join us for a fun and educational ride! Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
Apr 6, 2023
11 min
IA-009: Two Natives Talking about Music & Unforgettable 70s Songs in Spanish
If you're looking to learn more about the Spanish-speaking countries and their rich musical history, check out these essential Spanish musicians we will talk about. You can improve your Spanish listening skills by tuning into their music and picking up on the language. We will talk also about the importance about music in our lives, so you will be learning some Spanish words and phrases for talking about music. I think this podcast will enhance your cultural understanding. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
Mar 23, 2023
21 min
B-005: The Difference between “Crecer” vs. “Criar” vs. “Criarse” vs. “Cultivar” – Beginner Spanish Podcast
How do you talk about growth in Spanish? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many people make common mistakes when using verbs like "crecer," "criar," "criarse," and "cultivar." In this podcast, we'll explain the differences between these verbs and teach you how to say "to grow" in Spanish correctly. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.
Mar 13, 2023
10 min
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