Flower Mound Women's Bible Study
Flower Mound Women's Bible Study
Jen Wilkin
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More, More!!!!
I cannot get enough of your study, Jen!! Please produce more!! I continue to share this with everyone and anyone. It is so deep, truthful, funny and real. Thank you!!! 11 out of 10!!
We need more episodes!
I became a Christian when I was 15 years old. I’ve been on a journey since then in search of truth. More often than not, it has been an intellectual pursuit - why my denomination and not the Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses and their Bibles? What about the Canon of Scripture? How do we know we have the right books? Why are there so many denominations? Who is the historical Jesus? Did He claim to be God? Did his Jewish monotheistic disciples believe He was God? Did the resurrection of Jesus and other miracles in the Bible really happen? Is the theory of Evolution true? Does God exist? I’ve searched for experts (Christian and unbelievers) from different disciplines and have tried to listen and weigh the arguments.. especially in the past 20 years. One question leads to another.. the rabbit hole is deep! I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface and I’ve been double minded most of my Christian life! I’m thankful for people like Michael Kruger, Mike Licona, NT Wright, Tim Mackie, even agnostic Bart Eherman, and others who have taught me so much. At least I am feeling more confident in my faith now and had recently started feeling a longing for a more emotional, spiritual connection to God… but wasn’t sure how to go about it…I just knew I needed to advance from searching outside the Bible in order to trust it.. to really leaning into the Bible and what it says. Just as I was going through this private struggle, a friend of mine recommended the Knowing Faith podcast where I was introduced to Jen Wilkin… my ears perked up when they mentioned Bible literacy… I felt sure I was Bible literate… I mean, I’ve listened to every single episode of the Bible Project and listened to Daily Audio Bible for several years… attend church and Bible class… and I mean I’ve been a Christian for 32 years! Surely I’m Bible literate! Hmmmmm i wonder?? After a few episodes I realized that Jen kind of runs laps around her co-hosts! Ha ha…. Just saying I really like it when she speaks… so much insight and wisdom…I googled her and found her book ‘Women of the Word’. I bought it that night, devoured it over the following days, and embarked on my very first REAL Bible Study shortly after that! I selected the book of James because it was the example she used in her book. I was wrapping up my study when I stumbled on this podcast! I am currently going through these episodes wishing that more of her studies/lectures were available to me as well. I want to thank Jen for teaching me how to properly engage in God’s word. I am being challenged and changed by the Lord, through His Word, because I’m gaining deeper understanding and knowledge about Him and His Word first hand. I am approaching the Word with the right question fist - what does this passage teach me about God?? Thank you for helping me find my way through this new stage in my faith journey and search for truth. God bless you!
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Absolutely loved this series. We started doing the Women of the Word Bible study, and I saw this podcast! An amazing teacher for sure. Loved them both
Missing more content!
I enjoyed the study if James and would love for you to out more studies out!
I miss the 1,2,3 John study!
I also have been so blessed by these studies but missing them! Where did they go?
LOVE Jen’s stuff!!
I love all of Jen’s stuff. But where did all of her other stuff go??
Where did her other Bible studies go?
Seeker 2020
Please load more !! Such a blessing!
Please Load more!!!
Jen is such a needed women’s teacher!! Please upload more!! There are not enough good ones out there.
Miss the Flower Mound studies
The studies were wonderful. I, too, miss them and learned something enlightening each and every time I listened. Please restore.
Best studies
I am sad to see the lessons removed. This is BY FAR the BEST bible study I have ever done. It takes me deep into Gods Word and I am learning so much. Where can we find the lessons? Even if I have to pay for it!
Christine Smith 15
Where’s the content?
I’ve loved the inductive Bible Studies! Are they all being removed now and switched to paid ones?
Thank you!
Great podcast!! I will share with all my friends!! ❤️
Podcasts are on Podbay
Just google Podbay Flower Mound. It has several different bible studies including Exodus, Joshua, and Judges.
Gifted teacher
I love learning from Jen and her heart for sharing God’s Word is so apparent. I love that though I am across the country I can join in her little Bible study as if I am not.
Found the podcast
Try googling Jenn Wilkin Exodus. I found them on Podbay. Along with the other podcasts that were here before.
What happened
I was working my way through these. I am bummed to see this platform removed most of her podcast episodes. I guess I will find another platform.
disappointed litener
Please bring back the podcasts!
I see from the other reviews that I’m not alone in this... I’ve been LOVING Jen’s studies and learning so much and all of the sudden they are no where to be found! Please bring back the study podcasts, or direct us to where they are currently posted. THANK YOU to Jen and the ministry team for all you do to promote Biblical literacy. God has used you to change my life.
Is it possible for me to finish Judges?
I appreciate the brake check that sent me to my knees, but really, is there a way to be able to get the remaining Judges lessons? I am half way through with a group of ladies, and we were anticipating meeting on Monday. Is there a way that we could complete the study? These lessons are phenomenal. I have learned so much from Jen Wilkin’s ministry.
Exodus Gone
I have listened to these podcasts countless times, gleaning more and more each time. Most of them have disappeared. Where did they go? Please bring them back! I love these studies!
Where have all the podcasts gone??
I am so upset that I cannot find all of Jen’s podcasts!!! We have been using them for women’s Bible study at church and now I need to know how to get them. Glad to pay if that’s the reason.
Thank you for providing sound teaching, and giving us the tools we need to study on our own.
Joshua Audio?!
I’m in the middle of the Joshua study and can’t find the audio anymore. Is there a way for those of us in the middle of a study to finish with the recordings?
Where did podcasts go?
I was almost finished with the Exodus 2 study, but now I can’t find it. Where did they all go?
Please bring them back!!
These studies are amazing. I was wanting to start Judges in January (finished Joshua in November) but it’s not there! I’m so bummed.
I’m so disappointed, I was in Exodus part two and can’t find it!!! Where did it go?
Where did Judges go?
I have truly enjoyed this study and 1/2 way through, it disappeared. Please repost.
Where did judges go?
I hope judges will be available again
In the middle
I was leading my children through Abide and am in the middle of Exodus for my own personal study. I was so sad to see the podcasts we were using aren’t available any longer. Thank you for such great studies and sound biblical teaching.
I love these studies!
But now most of them are gone☹️
Where did they go?
This is so frustrating. I finally found something that clicks and they are taken off. Please put them back up.
Where to find missing episodes?
These studies have impacted my life in a big way. Are the episodes that have been taken down returning? Or can they be found elsewhere?
What happened to all the other episodes?
I was listening to the studies in Joshua and they are all gone.... does anyone know what happened? Or is it just my phone?
s.l. say what
I agree with the previous post. I was listening to Exodus two when they started to disappear. I am SO SAD and would love these back on!
Wonderful Bible Studies
I e learned so much through these bible studies and am SO SAD many have been removed. I had just finished 1 & 2 Exodus and was going to do Joshua. Please consider putting them back up or even making a purchase option available.
Where is Joshua?
I have been listening through Joshua and now it’s gone?
These are incredible but...
Most of the episodes are gone. Are there new ones being released soon? 🤞
Where did they go?
I’m on Week 8 in the Abide study on 1 2 3 Johns and now it’s gone? I’ve grown so much in this study, in part thanks to these teachings. Please bring them back.
We were listening to a series!
...and it disappeared! Please bring back the old series on I-III John, and Judges - and while you’re at it, Genesis!!! My daughters and I were listening through them.😢
What happened too?!
Yes bring her back please!!
Bring them back please!
In the middle of Exodus study, loved it!! Could you consider bringing these podcasts back?? PLEASE!!
What happened?!
I was wrapping up the abide study and looking forward to more studies and they’ve been removed from her web page and the audio sessions. I’m so sad about this. Bring it back please!
Why was this series removed?
I have been working my way through highlighting Exodus in my Bible and listening to Jen’s perspective afterward. I’m so saddened to see many of her teaching on various books, including Exodus, have been removed. Is there a reason? Are they available somewhere else, including a purchase option?
Bring them back!
Love these podcasts and was in the middle of Judges and Joshua with two small groups. Please bring them back!!
Love these!
I love these podcasts!! I have learned so much through the study and teaching. I was in the middle of the 1, 2, 3 John Abide study though and it looks like it was removed. Is there somewhere else I can find it?
JP Doherty
Podcasts will be dearly missed!
These podcasts have been such a blessing to my personal study time. I learned so much through the Exodus study and I’m on week 10 of the Abide study. Please consider bringing them back or allowing access in another way. I would be willing to pay a fee!
Amazing Resource - So sad they’re gone!!
Jen’s bible studies are AMAZING! I’ve grown tremendously in knowing and loving the Lord and His Word to us. For all those sad (like me) that these series’ have been removed so recently (in the middle of Judges now), I desperately searched the internet for it and it is on Podbay for now. Hopefully “they” won’t take it down there too. I feel confident Jen would want us to have them for free as they were! Peace be with you all!
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Exodus study
Is there a way to access the Exodus studies that were recently taken down? Willing to pay. Have so enjoyed the studies and was about half way through.
Love (but miss) the teachings here!
I love these teachings and have grown so much from them. I was looking forward to doing the 1,2,3 John study as I finish my yearly Bible plan then re-listening to the Old Testament teachings. I am so sad to see them removed as they have been such a blessing to so many. I am hoping and praying to see them here again by the time I get to Exodus again.
Missing study
Our church had just finished Exodus I and had plans to begin Exodus II in January. Please let us know if these will be offered. Willing to pay for them! Our ladies have never been more engaged in studying Gods word!
Big Al 1769
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