Flight Deck with Rich Cimini
Flight Deck with Rich Cimini
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Guests never disappoint
It pays to be a beat guy for a million years; Rich’s connections to the organization present and past always lead to interesting guests. Great listen (even if he never takes my questions!!)...
If you’re a Jets fan
If you’re a Jets fan and you don’t listen to this podcast, I question your fandom. But seriously, Rich is just the absolute best at talking Jets. They do a great job with the podcast!
Great podcast well balanced
Great podcast
Rich Cimini is one of the best Jets beat writers. His podcast Flight Deck is to the point and great listen for Jet Fans . Naveen
Inside take
Great podcast. I really like your 4th quarter through out the years experiences. I am sure you can write a book on that stuff. Always tell it like it is! Keep up the great work!
Flight Deck
Outstanding content and really enjoy the interviews of former Jets. Great insights.
champ fegan
Great Podcast
Thanks for putting so much into the pod Rich! Really enjoyed hearing the Gase episode and the Senior Bowl episode. It was nice to hear Gase so relaxed and candid; you clearly have his respect way more than the media in general. The Senior Bowl guy made me feel way better about some of the picks I was a little confused on ie. Davis when we have Adams and Maye with Cushenberry still on the board; Morgan when if Sam goes down the season’s pretty much shot
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Great job Rich!
Rich is the gosh darn best
Love this podcast
Your Favorite Bullpen Catcher
Great Podcast!
Rich Cimini has been on the Jets best for over 30 years and his knowledge of the Jets really shines through with every episode. He does a great job with providing insight on the team and giving time to reach back to the fans through Q&A portion of the show. Love the work this podcast does for all the Jets fans across the world. J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!!!
Can’t Find Current Episodes
My phone tells me there are new episodes but i can’t find them??
Lohikan is amazing
Where are the episodes?
Hey Rich - I love the podcast, but you haven’t posted a new one since mid-October. Can we expect it to return?
A great listen!
I have been reading Rich Cimini’s work for over 20 years and this is a great addition to his coverage of the Jets. The 4th quarter segment is particularly awesome with fascinating stories about his 30+ years on the Jets beat!
Super fan?
Generally enjoy the podcast and the interviews (at least the first two episodes). But you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with the fan “who goes way back” with the team. All the way to when he emigrated to the US in 1982? Excuse me, but I go back to 1960 and the Titans. I’ll just interview myself.
Best Jets Beat Writer
Enjoying the podcasts!! 👍🏻
Flight Deck Review
Like the podcast very up tempo ( no huddle feel) no time wasted. Good anecdotes from Jets past. Keep up good work
Freaking best!!!
Love reading and hearing anything this man says !! I really enjoy what he has to say and value his input and hard work he puts in for this team !!
George Arvan
Love it!
Love the podcast Rich! Jets are on the up and up and it’s about time we had a quality podcast!
Great Execution. Excellent Analysis.
Wow. Finally a Jets podcast with professional execution, interesting segments, and insightful analysis. So many shotty Jets podcasts out there, but Rich brings 3 decades worth of experience on the Jets and a high quality show. Just subscribed.
James McWilliams
Best Jets Podcast!!!
Finally a great Jets podcast. Can’t wait for more.
Follow the NY Jets? This podcast is all you need.
I’ve been following the Jets for ten years now and I’ve listened to various podcasts out there. Most have been amateurish and uneven. Rich Cimini has been my favorite writer for this team and always my main source for news and analysis during this time. Some prominent beat writers can be hysterical and petty. Not Rich. He’s a steady, no nonsense kind of reporter. This podcast is a welcome addition to the great journalism he does for ESPN and I’d highly recommend it for any Jets fan out there.
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Must Listen
This is a must listen for Jets fans. Rich has always done a great job covering the Jets and this podcast takes that reporting to the next level. Great insight behind the curtain of the big top. Cant wait for the next one.
Jets season
What a Jets follower needs
Cimini brings the perspective of a knowledgeable longtime Jets beat writer.
Great podcast
Best jets beat writer now has the best jets podcast 5*
Great Insight
As usual, Rich does a great job of pulling back the curtain and providing insight. A must-listen for all Jets fans!
Very good, and in depth about the NY Jets
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