Fishing with Kyle
Fishing with Kyle
Kyle Jones
Focusing on everything related to fishing in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We answer your questions and help arm you with the information needed to be better anglers.
Brett and Kyle Jones discuss Fall, winter, and Spring Fishing Opportunities.
Kyle and Brett discuss our fall Steelhead season, the upcoming winter/spring season, and Southern Idaho winter and spring opportunities!
Nov 24
1 hr
It’s Fall Chinook time!
We go through a short primer of what our Fall season looks like, and answer a few questions from listeners.
Aug 8
22 min
Summer Chinook!!!! Question and answer session for summer Chinook and sockeye
We are live again answering your questions about Summer Chinook and Sockeye.
Jul 1
54 min
Upper Columbia Sockeye and Summer Chinook discussion. Season opens tomorrow!
A wide open question and answer session on all things to do with upper Columbia Sockeye and Summer Chinook.
Jun 30
35 min
A little rant about Idaho’s Clearwater Spring Chinook Season.
We air some frustrations with the current state of salmon management in the northwest.
May 15
8 min
We are Back! Huge brown trout in southern Idaho and our plan for spring Chinook the next few weeks.
I have the great pleasure to talk with my brother Brett Jones. We discuss his unbelievable day today on the Snake River near American Falls. I also talk about exciting spring Chinook openings over the next month.
May 2
31 min
Fishing with Kyle: Episode 2, A deeper dive into crankbaits and Columbia River Walleye
We had some fantastic questions this past week, and one of the main things that came up was the question of how we go about breaking down a big body of water like the Columbia or Snake to find walleye. This week we dive deeper into the tools and what to look for to put more walleye in the boat.
Mar 18
19 min
This is Just the Beginning! Early season walleye plug fishing discussion
Episode 1!! We can’t be more excited to be bringing this podcast to you. We start out this journey with a discussion on how we approach fishing for walleye with plugs during the early spring season on the Columbia River
Mar 10
17 min