First Baptist Norfolk
First Baptist Norfolk
Dr. Eric Thomas
At First Baptist Norfolk we love God, love others, and live the mission each day in our local community and around the world. We are a multi-generational and multi-cultural church and we've been serving our community for over 200 years winning and leading everyone within our reach to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
How Do We Know? | Dr. Eric Thomas
How can we know the best way to live? 1. Memorize God’s Word. 2. Pray for specific steps to take. 3. Share our absolute delight in God’s direction. 4. Meditate on God’s instructions.
Apr 21
42 min
The Pathway to Blessing | Dr. Eric Thomas
Obedience to God’s Word makes us happy. Psalm 119:1-8 1. Our path is safe and secure when we follow God’s instruction. 2. Our life is full of joy and free from shame when our passion is God’s purpose. 3. Our hearts overflow in worship when we obey God’s will.
Apr 14
41 min
The Right Words for a Disciple Maker | Dr. Phillip Herring
A Disciple remembers, repeats, and reproduces. 2 Timothy 2:1-2
Apr 7
48 min
Victorious Power | Dr. Eric Thomas
The resurrection offers victorious power to those who believe. 1. Power for victory over sin. 2. Power for victory over death. 3. Power for victory in life.
Mar 31
44 min
We Need A Place to Belong | Dr. Eric Thomas
1. Jesus brings us into His family. 2. Jesus fits us together for a holy function.
Mar 17
38 min
We Need Peace | Dr. Eric Thomas
We need Jesus, because Jesus makes peace possible. 1. Jesus destroyed the enemies of peace. 2. Jesus builds the bridge to peace.
Mar 10
39 min
We Were Strangers To Hope | Dr. Eric Thomas
Jesus alone gives us hope in this life and in eternity. 1. Without Jesus, we are strangers to hope. 2. In Christ, we are immersed in hope.
Mar 3
38 min
We Were Dead In Sin | Dr. Eric Thomas
We need Jesus because we are dead in sin. 1.We need Jesus because we are dead in sin. 2. God’s love sends Jesus to make us alive.
Feb 18
39 min
Mission Sunday | Dr. Tim Whitney
1. The Great Cost. 2. The Great Claim. 3. The Great Commission. 4. The Great Comfort.
Feb 11
50 min
God's Promise in Prayer | Dr. Eric Thomas
God promises power through prayer. 1. Prayer awakens gratitude in our hearts. 2. Prayer advances spiritual growth. 3. Prayer applies God’s power to our lives.
Feb 4
38 min
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