FirefighterToolbox Internet Radio Show
FirefighterToolbox Internet Radio Show
David J Soler
Firefighter Training Podcast - The FirefighterToolbox Podcast and Internet Radio Show is for those firefighters who want to take their firefighting and leadership skills to the next level. We will be interviewing top firefighters, experts and leaders to learn what it takes to be a great firefighter and leader in the fire service.
074 - Introduction to Firefighter Functional Fitness
In this episode, David gives us a taste of his new project with Dan Kerrigan & Jim Moss – the Firefighter Functional Fitness book and program. Here’s what you need to know to start your fitness journey: What are the changes and challenges we face off the Fireground? How do we develop the habits and disciplines of healthy firefighters? What are “career side effects” and what can we do to mitigate them? How do we equip ourselves with the mental and physical tools to be successful in the job? What’s in the Firefighter Fitness program?
Jul 20, 2016
19 min
073 – The 3U Method for Firefighters and Leaders
In this episode, David and Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso discuss the various challenges leaders face in dealing with their team, and becoming a role model in the fire service and the community. Defining the 3 Us: Unaware, Unable, Unwilling and a guide to dealing with them. Social media etiquette and how it reflects on you and your team. What is the biggest challenge that leaders face? Credibility. How do you deal with conflict? The importance of recognition and reward.
May 31, 2016
59 min
072 - 3 Habits of Great Firefighters and Leaders
Becoming a great firefighter and leader requires a consistent and sustained effort. You have to instill and implement the HABIT of excellence in your career and your life. In this episode, David breaks it all down for you.   What are the 3 habits of great firefighters and leaders? The Habit of Training (often and continuously). The Habit of Teaching and Training Others. The Habit of Being Prepared.
Feb 2, 2016
36 min
071 – Firefighter Nutrition II
In this episode, we welcome back Camille Gallinger of Vitality Exchange to help us shed stress and pressure from our lives by taking better care of our bodies with 3 simple changes in our diets. We discuss: What is the most important key to removing stress from our body? Why should we eliminate dairy from our diet? What are alternatives to everyday dairy products? How do we minimize exposure to pesticides/herbicides in our food? Is going organic worth it? What are the benefits of bone broth?
Jan 26, 2016
36 min
070 - New Year - New Opportunity
Welcome to the first episode of Firefighter Toolbox for 2016! In this episode David guides us as we go through this new year and take advantage of this opportunity to get the best out of your firefighting career and life. Stay tuned for what David and the Firefighter Toolbox team has in store for 2016! Ask yourself: What are you grateful for? What's great about gratitude? What drives you? What do you want to accomplish? Where/How do you start accomplishing your goals?
Jan 19, 2016
18 min
069 -5 Staying Motivated Tips for Firefighter Fitness
In today’s episode, David Soler and Lt. Jim Moss talk about how being able to do our job on the fire ground hedges on staying motivated to take care of our health. We discuss: What keeps you motivated about firefighter fitness? How do you get in to the right mindset? What does your workout consist of? How do you stay motivated? What are some examples of real health risks we face everyday? Some tips/ways to keep yourself motivated that have worked for David and Jim.
Nov 10, 2015
38 min
068 – Firefighter Preplan Introduction
In today’s episode, David Soler shares years of field experience, training, and interviews with great and respected firefighters and thought leaders through his book and audio program, “Firefighter Preplan.” He gives us a glimpse of what it takes to be a great and respected firefighter and how to earn it in the fire service. David tells us about his book: What is Firefighter Preplan about? How did the book come about? How did he test these principles? Who is this book for? Who are these great and respected firefighters? How can you use this book or program?
Nov 4, 2015
36 min
067 – Firefighter Nutrition
In this episode, Camille Gallinger and David Soler discuss firefighter nutrition to help you take care of your body better and become more effective on the fire ground and in life. We discuss: What is the #1 thing we need to know about nutrition? What are the side effects of not working to replenish the vitamins/minerals we use up? Why do we need to pay attention to building our adrenal glands? Why do we need to take better care of our digestive system? When is the best time to take digestive enzymes? What are the benefits of probiotics and in what form is it best to take them? What are alternative, healthy oils we can use for cooking? Where should we purchase our supplements and why?
Oct 27, 2015
49 min
066 – Maxximus Bar Review
In this firefighter training episode we had Lt. Jim Moss spend some time with the next generation Halligan bar, the Maxximus Rexx, a tool widely raved about as the new ultimate tool for forcible entry. Jim Moss and David Soler shares their review of the Maxximus Rexx to see if it’s up to the task and if it lives up to its reputation.   In this review we discuss: What are our initial impressions of the Maxximus Rexx? What are the main features/specifications of the Maxximus Rexx? What are the issues firefighters have met with previous tools that the Maxximus has improved upon? Why is it called the “Rexx?” Does the Maxximus Rexx deserve its reputation and do we recommend it?
Oct 20, 2015
26 min
065 - Improving Fire Scene Cooperation
In this firefighter training episode Darren Dake and David Soler talk about the field of fire death investigation, and what we, as firefighters, need to know about how we can help medical examiners preserve evidence and get the answers that they need. We discuss: What are some of the biggest mistakes/issues you see firefighters doing in terms of the Medical examiner? What are, maybe, the top priorities that we need to have in our minds as firefighters or EMS personnels on a scene like this? How can firefighters / EMS work with the Coroner / MEs at fire scenes? How can we have better cooperation and scene management? How can we (fire service) do a good job preserving the evidence and scene while still doing our job? What else should we as firefighters/EMS know about to help?
Aug 4, 2015
31 min
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