Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit (SVU)
Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit (SVU)
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Jesus, watch the movie and pay attention.
The hosts admit that they can’t even remember the lot of a movie they just watched.
Good Bye but listen to the old episodes
They have broken our hearts by leaving. However, I plan to listen to the old episodes and catch up. This was the best movie review cast. 😭
Great content that is almost unlistenable
This is the best podcast out there for finding hidden gems that you have probably missed — movies that are often better than the latest release in theaters that draw from these older movies. Unfortunately there are so many technical issues with their recordings that you’ll be forgiven for having trouble getting through a single episode. Usually it’s worse on Allison’s side, where she sounds like she’s on a Bluetooth headset on spotty cellular phone connection inside an elevator on another continent — which is a shame because her passion and knowledge is contagious.
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bedlam and drudgery
My favorite film podcast
I love this show for a few reasons: Alison and Matt have great insights about the films they watch without being pretentious about it. Their taste in flim covers every thing from horror to 80s action to Asian cinema to the more common critically acclaimed films. They have great banter, are rarely snarky or mean, and the podcast is well paced and well edited. Highly recommended. I listen to it every other week the day it comes out.
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An essential podcast for me
As someone with a Roku box and a passion for movies, this is an essential podcast to keep me adding movies to my “my lists”. I like how they have a main review and then lots of other highlights—listeners favorite and new releases. It is like listening to your two smart friends bantering about your favorite topic.
Best film review podcast
I have been listening consistently for years. Both hosts are smart, insightful, well-spoken, and have a vast knowledge of film. Also, Matt is hilarious (I got your back dude).
Matt and Allison are a delight
Great discussions that make me wish I could watch everything they bring up. Have also discovered movies and TV shows that I love becuase of them; Fleabag being one. A great listen.
Great film reviews and discussions
Matt and Alison are great hosts. Always enjoy their discussions. I just hope Matt never learns the horrible truth that I've never seen Gymkota. Keep up the great work, guys.
Kind of...basically...sort of...drinking game!
I love this podcast and have heard every episode. My friends and I have created a fun drinking game. Whenever you hear "kind of", "sort of", or "basically" take a shot! It is a "whole other" approach to listening! Keep up the good work Matt and Alison.
Matt and Alison Rock!
In a vast ocean filled with a myriad of film critique podcasts, Filmspotting: SVU swims gloriously on its own. The reason being is that Matt and Alison have an honest and unique voice. They are both art-minded but not pretentious, intelligent but not condescending and open-minded without being patronizing. It's a tough balancing act but these veterans of all things Cinema do it with class and seemingly effortless skill. It's simply a joy to listen to them.
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A fresh film podcast
Just as their parent podcast Filmspotting, Filmspotting SVU features in depth commentary and insight on recent and past films without the typical pretentiousness that is evident in most film criticism out there today. What separates the two are that most of the films mentioned on SVU are available to stream on a popular streaming platform: such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. This makes it a little easier (and less expensive) to keep up with the podcast. The hosts Matt and Alison are also very entertaining and charismatic which is also fresh for a film podcast. Highly recommend
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The perfect podcast for every couch potato film junkie
Whether you love films that are off the beaten path, are trying to take advantage of your streaming services, or just like to spend hours combing through IMDb profiles to find out what the face of the actor someone mentioned looked like (like I do) then this is the perfect podcast for you. If you have ever hesitated from watching a movie because it seems suspect, I.e. The Greasy Strangler, these two delightful hosts will do the work for you and let you know whether to stay away or to dive in.
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Griffin B in D.C.
One of the Best in a Crowded Field of Film Podcasts
Like other reviewers, I've grown to like SVU more than original blend Filmspotting, both because the focus on streaming video matches my viewing habits, and because Matt and Alison are so fun and interesting to listen to. They're always smart, witty, and informative.
fun film podcast
I actually prefer SVU to original recipe Filmspotting, in part because Matt and Alison have a more irreverent approach to their subject that I find quite welcome. But I also like the whole structure of the podcast, which mixes discussions of whatever's interesting on streaming sites with more regular film critic here's-what's-going-on-at-festivals or new theater releases, or whatever. I'm always interested in hearing their opinions on new stuff I can't watch (I'm in an inconvenient geographical location) as well as films and tv I have access too. I also find that their opinions are sometimes unexpected - they have preferences I've learned after a couple years (I've been listening since the start), but a I've been genuinely surprised by their insights plenty of times, and in ways that enrich my own viewing experiences. I also like how interactive it is.
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Easy to Digest Movie Recommendations
I am a filmbuff but never considered following podcasts for movie recommendations. I really enjoy Matt Singer & Alison Willmore's weekly recommendations on films that are accessible on-demand through Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. I also enjoy the themes of each episode because it invites you to bingewatch great films! Easy to digest, non-pretentious, check it out!
Favorite Film Podcast
I might like this better than Filmspotting Mothership.
These guys have been the best film podcasters running since 2007. And I'm ashamed it took the promise of a 20th Century Women bluray to finally get me to write a review of them. I owe so much of my film knowledge to them.
Subatomic Cowboy
For me, to be engaged with a podcast (or film, or book, or any story being told), there needs to be compelling, likeable, fun characters at the center of it. With Alison and Matt, FilmSpotting SVU has that. Delightful humans talking film passionately. Plus, bonus points for Matt's voices and Alison's audibly palpable rolling of her eyes. So great. Thanks, you two.
Love it!
Matt and Allison are fantastic. Wish this show was weekly. Would love to win!
TJ Wells
EXtremely handy for streaming recommendations
There's so much content on streaming sites that it's difficult to find the good stuff. Fortunately Filmspotting: SVU has you covered. There are quite a few recommendations in each episode, along with one main review of a title chosen for review by listeners. You'll get at least one title from each episode that will interest you, and that alone is worth your time.
Fred and his Incredible Sheep-Shrinking Grateful Airplanes
one of the best
Way back when podcasts where somewhat new I devoured numerous film related shows during my then long commute. As my commute has shortened dramatically so has the list of podcasts that I consume Over the years shows have come and gone or lost my favor. But Filmspotting SVU is one of my favorites. Matt and Allison are great together, having a superb on show chemistry. They dont try to be anyting more than what the show delivers, I even like Matt's bad jokes and horrible impressions. What I like the most about the show is the sheer number of recomendations I get for things to watch on each episode. Where mpst shows only focus on one movie or show, I leave each podcast with list of things to watch, almost every week. I look forward to Filmspotting SVU every 2 weeks. Love it.
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Filmspotting: SVU may be the best podcast for amassing movie and TV recommendations. Matt and Alison embrace the age of streaming, often opening up discussion for older or smaller films. Their conversations put movies on my radar that I wouldn't be able to see locally or even know existed, and give me the kick in the butt to see current stuff I should've watched months ago. Smart, funny, and informed.
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My Favorite Podcast!
The conversations between Alision and Matt are a highlight of the podcast as they are insightful, fun and provide reviews any level of film buff can appreciate. I also really enjoy the range of films they talk about, from a foreign film to a cheesy blockbuster. It provides the listener with a great way to enhance their film buff prowess without having to sound like a snob. Great podcast guys!
Thoughtful Film Discussion
Fabulous podcast. Always reviewing something interesting and offering takes that aren't always predictable. Plus, bonus for both the podcast and Twitter account being my go-to sources for finding out what is new to streaming.
Jason B (from Illinois)
Warm and Engaging
Two friends having warm, engaging, and insightful discussions about what's available to stream twice a month. Matt and Allison are a joy to listen to; both smart but not pretentious, and funny but not overbearing. A nice spinoff from Filmspotting original recipe, and a welcome addition to the Filmspotting family of podcasts.
A Worthy Companion to Original Recipe
Matt & Alison are great and always provide handy recommendations and interesting insights into a wide array of streaming shows and movies. Worth it alone for Gymkata references.
Complementary Cinema
I've been listening to SVU for a couple of years now–even making a trip up to Chicago (in part) to catch the crew's first live show. And I can confidently say that my streaming lists and queues are the better for it. This podcast fits in nicely with the other Filmspotting stable of shows, often providing reviews of films in the context of after their theatrical run, and with honest, goofy and lovable conversation. Matt and Alison have become pals whose recommendations we cherish as my wife and I decide what to stream next. Thanks for the fine work you two!
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Commute Saver
Hey guys, just wanted to share a quick rating and review. I've been living and working in Los Angeles for almost a year and a half and you guys have provided consistent entertainment throughout my lengthy, traffic-filled commutes. I love the recommendations, the discussions, the insight, the banter, the jokes, and Matt's funny voices. Who knew there were so many ways to say 'My list?' Keep up the exceptional work, and keep fueling those recommendations through the twitter page. It makes the vast sea of online streaming seem so much narrower.
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Relevant, informed, entertaining film discussion
Relevant, informed, entertaining film discussion
Number 1 on MY LIST
Where to start... This show is like the equivalent of getting that red envelope from Netflix in my mailbox. When it arrives; I can't wait to pour it into my ear holes. Each bi week they let me know what is out. Unlike most film and pop culture casts they discuss what the audience is interested in rather than what just came out. One host is tapping into my affinity for film fun, while the other tries to make me more cultured. I usually side with fun over subtitles. However I still can get into both depending on the hosts pitch. With the recent loss of IMDB forums this show will continue to be my go to for: after viewing and have yet to view film talk. Also I have become Pavlovian whenever I hear the words "My List" conjured up in various forms. I still flash back to the days when I used the 15 second forward button. Thanks for that.
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Viva Filmspotting SVU!!!
Matt and Allison make SVU comfort listening. Their conversations about film are wide ranging and never pretentious. Nothing is off the table and they are always game. Recommended for film and TV lovers who appreciate the treasure hunt of finding the next great film as much as the next OMG show.
An integral part of my podcast diet
If podcasts had advanced stats, Filmspotting SVU would likely be the highest efficiency film podcast I listen to. Between the main review, cue shots, and listener recommendations, I come away from every episode with several additions to my watchlist, whether they be totally new titles to me or movies I hadn't realized/had forgotten were headed to a streaming service.
One of many Tylers
My Favorite Podcast on Cinema
This may be my favorite podcast period - yes, even a notch above FS Original Recipe! I love the interplay of Matt's manic riffs and Alison's soothing, calming voice.
Great movie podcast
I love this podcast. As someone who seldom gets to see movies in the theater, I appreciate hearing reviews of easily accessible movies. Alison and Matt's reviews are insightful and helpful. I've discovered many great streaming options (both movies and tv series) through their and listener recommendations.
Great streaming movies podcast with fantastic hosts
Matt and Allison are knoweldgeable, funny hosts giving you recommendations of new streaming content and throwing in some new reviews as well. You have a chance to contribute and follow along, which I often do. If you're looking to make the best of your streaming options, you don't have to look any further than Filmspotting: SVU.
Great podcast
I love that the show focuses on the listener and they review what the listeners want to hear. I also like that it focuses on streaming because that's how a lot of people view content these days. I also like how we receive perspective from a male ad female.
One of the Best Film Podcasts Available
Listening to this podcast is easily the best way to get streaming film recommendations and reviews, and really it's just a great film podcast in general. The hosts, Alison and Matt, offer lively conversation on a variety of film topics, including recent releases, hidden gems, festivals, and much more. Love it.
Dan the Movie Chap
One of my favorite podcasts!
I love some filmspotting original recipe--but I may like SVU even more! I do pretty much all of my film and television watching through streaming services, and they always squeeze a ton of recommendations into every episode. It's also nice to have a female host, as most film podcasts are very male centric. Love it!
great recommendations always to stream
Matt and Alison’s conversations are always interesting and is a great podcast to find new films to watch on streaming, like the filmspotting original recipe is for movies on theater.
Great Film Recs From Smart, Personable Hosts
Matt and Allison bring lots of humor and wisdom to their film criticism, even when I disagree with their evaluations (like my beloved Swiss Army Man). They're great Twitter follows too. Also, whoever runs the Filmspotting SVU Twitter is very kind too, because they always retweet me when I mention them in a response to their recs. Look forward to each episode!
Jeremy Burgess
Fun & incisive film commentary every episode!
I was very disappointed when The IFC News Podcast came to an end at the beginning of 2011, so the arrival of Filmspotting: SVU the next year was a total delight. Matt & Alison have a great pdocast rapport, especially after having been podcasting together for about a decade, and each episode of the show contains plenty of funny and intelligent film criticism along with a healthy amount of streaming recommendations for movies I'd never even heard of. Most episodes also leave me with a few points/turns of phrase that make me say, "Ooh, well put, I wish I'd thought of that."
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Fun & Easy Place for Film Recommendations
I'm a fan of both the FILMSPOTTING and FILMSPOTTING SVU podcasts, and I wanted to specifically recommend this one to make sure it didn't get overlooked. It's a great source of movie recommendations from a bunch of different platforms, not just Netflix/Hulu/Amazon. I find it's a helpful way to know what's coming to streaming platforms since those platforms don't always make it easy to find what's new and what I would like. The hosts are great and it's a great bi-weekly listen.
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Thank you so nice
Very informative podcast. Love hearing Matt and Allison talking about classics from 50 Shades of Grey to Citizen Kane and a great entertaining way to learn about new films streaming.
A Must Listen!
I've been listening to this duo for many years, one of my first favorites in the early days of podcasts. The show name has changed but the rapport is still the the same if not better. Two true friends/critics dealing with each other, eccentric segment title readings and all. Great idea for a podcast in this age of video streaming. Two shows per month, jam packed with awesome recommendations from some of the best writers on film that are out there.
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Smart, fun and so useful!
Thanks to Matt and Allison, be watched films and tv shows which otherwise would have fallen into the streaming abysses. A special shoutout to Matt with whom I share a strong attachment to Semi Pro!!!
Nathalie (from D.C.)
Entertaining and Informative!
One of my favorite film podcasts! I love the relationship between Matt and Alison, and my Letterboxd watchlist is always a little longer after I listen to each episode. Keep up the good work!
Banter, Friendship, Movies
I have been listening to Matt and Alison talking about movies since the days of the IFC Podcast which they also hosted together. Their love of movies, respect for each other, and genuine friendship comes through in every episode. If you love movies you should definitely give SVU a listen. Even when they dislike a movie I loved I can't be mad at them!
Enjoyable film podcast
Matt and Allison deliver a reliably entertaining and insightful film review podcast. It's only every 2 weeks but worth the wait. They review not only free streaming films but also movies playing in theaters. Much less pretentious than the original Filmspotting. Recommended.
Very Enjoyable
This is a highly entertaining bi-weekly film podcast. Has given me many options to add to my watchlist over the years.
totally worthwhile
Matt and Allison have great chemistry. Really enjoy listening to these two.
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