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Great film selection and conversations
Dan and Chris pick exciting themes for their seasons and fun films to talk about within those themes. They also do a lot of background research on the movies they discuss and ask each other and their guests poignant questions that encourage engaging conversations.
A couple of posers with no taste, just look at the films they’ve covered so far. Daniel is the worst offender, claiming to have insight into the inner workings of Hollywood due to his other failed podcast, The Wild Line Podcast. He also hasn’t seen most of the directors’ other films yet still feels qualified to speak on their career filmographies, and just film in general. And lest we forget, he’s a self-proclaimed “horror nerd.” But only because he saw ‘Hereditary’ in the theater and likes the Conjuring Universe. If you asked him what his favorite Lucio Fulci film is, he’d probably stare at you blankly. Chris, on the other hand, is apparently a film teacher but has a basic knowledge of film history and seems not to enjoy most of the films they themselves choose to cover on the show. Go figure. 🙄 Do yourself a favor and listen to any of the hundred other movie podcasts available. They can’t be worse than this one.
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