Fighting Through WWII Stories & History
Fighting Through WWII Stories & History
Paul Cheall WW2
94 Bob Metcalfe memoirs PART ONE Dunkirk/N Africa/Sicily/Italy
1 hour 41 minutes Posted Nov 17, 2023 at 10:13 pm.
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Featuring No time for dreams: a soldier’s six-year journey through World War II.  By Robert W. Metcalfe, 4th Green Howards

Bob Metcalf enlisted in the fourth battalion, the Green Howards in December 1935. He saw action in France in 1940, where he was wounded. Subsequently, he served with the sixth battalion, the Green Howards, and the western desert, in Sicily, and was part of a British increment that fought with the fifth United States Army in Italy. After the war, Bob lived in Canada and became a Canadian citizen. He wrote his memoir in the early 1970’s.

Plus loads of family stories!

More great unpublished history of world war two!

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