Fighting Through WWII Stories & History
Fighting Through WWII Stories & History
Paul Cheall WW2
93 The 82nd airborne Part 2, letters from Sicily and Italy WW2
1 hour 28 minutes Posted Aug 7, 2023 at 3:39 am.
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More from Dave Thomas about his father’s exploits in the 82nd airborne in Italy.

Preview of The Secret Beach: A Kids World War 2 Adventure. By James Papalia

Green Howards feature - online Sicily exhibition

Telephone chat with veteran Ken Cooke who has some more titbits to share with us about his time in Normandy, with an absolutely superb explanation about what it was like fighting in the French bocage.

Loads of family stories!

More great unpublished history of world war two!

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The Secret Beach - Great WW2 history for kids!  Buy here on Amazon:

Green Howards Online Sicily Exhibition  See:



Champagne Sylvie. La Vie en France

Facebook story: WW2 STORIES OF CHAOS AND COURAGE The surly petty officer

Battles and Beers. Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told. Nicholas Laidlaw - What War did to us

And here is the background to the Italian mission from

My mum kept her dads World War I record secret until I found them online.