Fighting for the Faith
Fighting for the Faith
Chris Rosebrough @PirateChristian
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Thank you
Started watching your YouTube channel by chance. Thank you thank you. I appreciate your assessments and the way you show us the proof by use of Gods word. Righteous judgement all the way. I know I have to focus and learn for myself. What a treasure you are. Bless you
Arrogant, ungracious, and allows no room to disagree in a respectful manner towards those he differs with. Don’t get me wrong, Chris is no idiot by any means and I think we gets some things right, just wish he was more gracious and showed more conviction towards those whom he says are heretics or perishing
Self important mocker of Christians
Cessationist Garbage
Cessationist-based trash. Dude speaks against anyone that doesn’t line up with cessationist doctrine and camp. Not sure how these kind of people can “trust” the Bible yet deny it’s power let alone the spiritual side of the Bible and God. This dude basically doesn’t trust the fact that God still uses the spiritual gifts until the return of Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:7). I get it, the Word of Faith movement is unbiblical and demonic, but that doesn’t mean one should disbelieve in the spiritual gifts. Study the Bible. Period.
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Dangerous Flame
thank you
wonderful... I was never told that I should read the Bible I was like a ship tossed to and fro but thank you for providing solid biblical ground for me to hold on to stand on the word of God i thank you father God for directing me. getting me on the right track. I thought I lost my salvation. I will hold onto The word of God that is more precious than Gold and the wisdom the Bible gives to discern. keep up the fight for Faith. Amen
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Dragon Slayer2
One of the best podcasts
Chris does a great job, in Bibically sound and founded in his critique of what others say about the Bible.
Excellent source
I appreciate and love every podcast! While I do not agree with every single thing Chris believes, I very much love the truth he brings and how he exposes the false teachings. He does it in such a way that you are at times left laughing at the absurdity of these false teachers/messages. I am grateful to have found these podcasts! They have really helped open my eyes to see error and heresy that I had missed before.
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Truth but a little rambling/verbose
Plenty of TRUTh- found this guy through JD Hall. I found I could FF through the first 5-10 minutes since I find his “set up” to be a bit rambling/clumsy and verbose. Tell us what you’re going to expose and get to it. You don’t have to reframe it seven ways.
Great, great discernment ministry
Thank you, Pastor Rosebrough, for all you do. The work you do has changed my life and helped me see the truth so that my walk with Christ is grounded in and built on the Rock of the word instead of false teachers and prophets who lead unsuspecting Christians into smooth sounding deception. Thank you once again, God bless you.
A blazing light in the darkness of heresy.
Pastor Rosebrough does a masterful job of sword fighting against the hordes of false teachers using the razor sharp sword of the truth of Scripture. Well worth listening to.
Helped me to see the truth
I escaped willow creek but not without false doctrine ingrained. My local pastors are a huge help to guide me back on the narrow path, but this podcast and Chris’s work is a great supplement to learning what Gods truth really is. Keep praying for him and his family and we will see you brothers and sisters in eternity!!!
HaulAway K
Getting back on track
Not sure what lead me to even initially find Pirate Christian on YouTube but glad I did. And glad to find podcast to listen. Helps me remember to read Bible for myself. Also is shocking and unnerving to see how many things we believe or follow are not in the Bible even of we go to churches that say that are Bible based. They are not. This podcast helps us remember to test all things by the word.
Contented Curator
So grateful for Chris' pastoral guidance! It seems there's so many pastors that DONT do this, break down what they are saying, directly along with the Bible and what it says 💗
So Thankful for F4F
I’ve been listening to F4F since it began so many years ago. Chris is wonderful, and has become my primary teacher. I also follow his sermons. I’ve learned more biblically from Chris is a few years than I ever have from any of the pastors I’ve listened to in the last 20 years. Thank you so much Chris! You’ll never know me or the impact you’ve had on me, but I’ll always be so grateful God used you on this platform so that I can know Him. Thank you, thank you, a deepest heartfelt thank you.
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Long awaited and much appreciated.. God Bless ! Listening with an open bible... RRRRRRRRGH...
It’s back!!
I am so glad Chris is uploading podcasts again! I now can enjoy Chris at his BEST as this updated format is excellent.
Thank you for your ministry!!
I have been following this podcast for about 7 years, since I started researching about the false teachings of Joyce Meyers. Chris has been the first person to break down and teach discernment to me through this podcast ( and also his YouTube channel ), and I recommend this to everyone. I am so grateful for this ministry! Not only does he clearly understand and teach the true gospel, but he defends it against false teachers. Thank you for being a light who calls people by name to warn the sheep. The impact this ministry has had on my spiritual growth and knowledge in truth is astronomical. Thank you.
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Yippee!! New episodes!!
I’m so happy the podcast is back!! Love to listen while driving! Also at bedtime!
Discernment tastes
The truth is good but only after one acquires a Tate’s for it. If mocking grates you wrong you will have a hard time because declaring foolishness as what it is and laughing at it’s absurdity is quite common in this podcast.
Peniel Gen..32:30
Truly Fighting for the Faith
Thank you for bringing me out of the bondage of false Christianity. I have been set free by the Word of God because you faithfully preach the Word of God. I really appreciate your podcast and all the work that you do for the faith!
Law and Gospel
Thank you Chris for teaching me the distinction between law and gospel. Ive learned more about it in the last year that I discovered your podcast than in the 25 previous years I’ve been a Christian. Your critiques of the most popular preachers, teachers, conference speakers, so-called apostles and apostlettes have been instrumental for me in identifying some of the most urgent issues in the church today. Thank you for your wit and verse by verse exposition of the most commonly misinterpreted passages in the Bible. I listen to multiple episodes every day when I’m welding at work. Now my struggle is how to talk to my wife about these issues because some of her most favorite authors and speakers are ones that you have repeatedly critiqued. Thanks again for all you have done. I hope that you can begin releasing your shows on this feed again someday. Preferably sooner than later
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Adam in Iowa
Truly insightful
Please don’t give up the podcast. You are doing amazing work and really helping people break free by sharing the truth in the Bible.
Great discernment ministry
Chris’ handle of scripture is phenomenal! I’ve learned so much from this podcast. It has taught me how to properly study scripture and discern false teaching and doctrine peddled by so many modern evangelicals. Keep up the great work, Chris!
Great content-no uploads
This is a great podcast but most of the new content never makes it from his YouTube channel over to this platform. Chris does new programs almost weekly and sometimes more often than that, but it seems nothing gets transferred over. Could be so much better. I can’t sit and watch the two hour YouTube video, but I must surely can listen to a podcast for my drive to work. Five stars for content; one star for new material. Final score-3*
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Production has ground to a halt
For two years it seems the production of the podcast has most stopped. A big part of podcast is the consistent production of episodes. I guess people could benefit from old episodes but they could feel dated. There a lot of other good solid podcasts to listen to move onto them. Thank you Chris for the ten years you did focus on the ministry
A whole new read!
The Bible takes on a whole new read when you read it from the perspective of what’s already been done for you rather than what can it do for you. Thank you Chris for your discernment. God bless.
Smart & Funny Theology
Who says you can't have a bit of fun studying Theology?
Philip Heard
Great podcast.
Chris has a good handle of the Scripture.
Arizona G.
Quality Content that takes down False Teachers and Heretics
My wife and I discovered Pastor Rosebrough five years ago from his appearances on “Issues, Etc.” Because of him, Reverends Wilken and Wolfmueller, we left evangelicalism and are now Confessional Lutherans. CR takes on the false teachers and compares their heresy to the truth of the Bible. We highly recommend a regular diet of F4TF for biblical truth that will educate, entertain and, yes, anger you.
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Great content!
I love this discernment ministry. It helps to look at these things in a humorous tone at times. While I appreciate some of the humorous approach, I appreciate everything being constantly help up and compared with the scriptures.
True to it’s name!
Fighting for the Faith is a treasure and much needed in the midst of a church age filled with false doctrines, teachings and apostasy. Some won’t like the humor and sarcasm but as the old saying goes, “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry”.
Excellent resource
One of the best podcasts out there that does comparative work, if not the best. Has gone more down the YouTube route lately, but still meaty nonetheless. May the LORD bless and keep those in this work.
I want to be like Chris when I grow up!
Reading the one star reviews for this podcast is quite the humorous experience. Itching ears are so delicate! I’m so thankful for this ministry. It’s really taken my discernment skills & hunger for sound biblical exegesis to a whole new level...& I often laugh until it hurts in the process. Best podcast ever!
This podcast has infused hope, understanding and LAUGHTER back into our faith after we realized we’ve been following the false gospel movement of the NAR for over 20 years. Thanks for speaking the TRUTH. You are making a difference!!!
Fighting for the Faith has been instrumental in...
The Fighting For the Faith podcast has been instrumental in my learning the Bible more deeply. The Fighting for the Faith podcast was also somewhat instrumental in my journey into Lutheranism. I’m currently a member of an LCMS congregation. God bless you.
Brian Allen Marshall
Changed my life!
I didn’t realize how much I was affected by the word of faith movement and how I was still believing lies about God and His Word until I started listening to Pastor Chris. I thank God that through these teachings I can now appreciate the Bible for what it is actually saying! The biggest thing I had to realize was that the Bible wasn’t about me and that I’m not supposed to read myself into the text of scripture. The scripture is so much more then me and my problems and that when it is taught rightly it doesn’t burden me with works. It feels me with joy and peace and brings me comfort. Truly many huge burdens have come off of me since I have started listening. I still have so much more to unlearn but I’m so grateful that I now have a hunger for the Word of God that definitely wasn’t there before because of the lies I had been believing.
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Keeping to the Word.
I found your podcast, while searching for info on the NAR movement. I left it last year, but didn’t realize that’s what it was. It was so refreshing to hear you go into the word and show how many scriptures are taken out of context or twisted. I honestly don’t know how you listen to these crazy messages, but thank you for doing so and sharing the real truth on it.
Don’t bother
I tried to listen to several of the podcast with an open mind & heart but found this very critical and misleading. You take random quotes from other ministers sermons & criticize & condemn them. I believe Gods Word is Truth, alive and powerful & sharper than any two edged sword! God’s Word instructs us, corrects us, teaches us! Yes! 100%! God also said “ it is better for us to dwell together in unity, encourage each other daily, PRAY for each other. Jesus said “Judge not that you be not judged”. I understand there are wolves in sheep’s clothing & we should search & examine & study the scriptures, and ask Holy Spirit to show us truth. And pray for others, love them & ask the Lord “what do You Lord want me to do?” We all need His Grace & Love & Mercy. We all need Jesus Christ as our Savior & Lord because we are sinners in need of our Savior. We are not perfect people & we live in a sin filled selfish, self centered dark world. But we do not wrestle with flesh & blood. The real enemy is Satan! So let’s pray for our Pastors and Teachers and Ministers, Missionaries, as well as the President & our government officials. Let’s pray, love and not condemn others.
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Love this guy
Chris has really helped me to discern false teachings, for which I’m so grateful. I have been deceived many times by several of the false teachers he’s exposed. It’s like God has taken even more scales off my eyes. If I could give 10 stars, I would.
Love what Chris does!!!
I can only give him five stars because that’s as high as it goes 😃 Chris does a really good job breaking down the text. Clearly some people who gave one star are highly sensitive to their teachers being criticized for not properly using God‘s word. I believe at that point they have a problem with God‘s word and not with what Chris is doing. I do wish the podcast could be downloaded a little bit quicker but they’re well worth the wait and when they load into my phone I binge listen to them. Thank you Chris!!
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Is there less than one star?
This man calls out arrogance in other bible teachers while missing the obvious arrogance in himself in thinking he’s one of the few people on the planet that can accurately understand and interpret the vastly complex, rich, and living word of God.
Love the originality of this podcast.
Love how Chris uses humor on shedding light on false teachers and movements. When discernment can be so disheartening, he lightens it up in such a unusual fun way!! Also love that he doesn’t just say what they have said, but plays it from their own lips! Hearing these false teachers in their voice, you hear just how rotten they are!!
Podcasts are unavailable
I’m unable to hear your podcasts.
A Lutheran Audio Review
Rev. Chris Rosebrough, pastor of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church in Oslo, ND and founder of Pirate Christian Radio, is the unabashed voice of Fighting for the Faith. As he states at the beginning of each episode, the goal of his show is to “compare what people are saying in the name of God, to the Word of God.” And he covers it all—from the epicenter of modern day “Christendom” to the fringes: new “prophetic” statements; the prosperity gospel; seeker-driven mega-churches; contemplative mysticism; liberal theology; and self-proclaimed apostles. Rosebrough reviews the teachings rising up in some of the churches around us and takes them to the Bible, to see if their theologies hold water. At nearly ten years bringing you Fighting for the Faith, this show has a very professional feel: great sound quality, with content and teaching that keeps you engaged and focused on Christ (even when the pastor he is reviewing may forget to mention Him). Each episode lasting two hours, it is by no means a short listen, but it is a show that is well worth your time. Of all the Lutheran podcasts listed on this website, Fighting for the Faith is the one with the highest rating on iTunes, taking it into the running against some of the mainline Christian speakers it seeks to discuss.
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Great show, very informative!
I really enjoy this podcast. Are there going to be any new episodes?
Great show
I have to ask though, is this still a daily show? Or a bi monthly show now? Blessings to you!
Nurse banana is a freak
Love the show. I haven’t gotten a new show since Jan Am I missing something? heatherCoby is a freak too. Just sayin’
Tony Mantana
Kat Kerr
She is not a mormon, psycho, schizophrenic, and God had her put pink hair because guess what? Satan isn't dying people's hair pink in hell. You are insane. She has hours and books BACK UP EVERY SINGLE THING she says! You do not believe in the Supernatural, which is pretty hilarious. Kat Kerr staked her whole credibility and ministry and reputation by prophecying how God showed her Trump would be President for two terms years before it happened, then Pence for 8yrs, and then 8yrs of Pence's vice President. If you met Yeshua today you wouldn't even recognize Him and think He is was some crazy Rabbi.
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So Enlightening and Educational
I have learned so much on how to discern the true teachings of Scripture from the false teachings of the current churches that have lost their way into think that the Bible is about themselves. Yeah, there might be some repetition, but that helps me grab a hold of the key concepts in discernment when interpreting the Scriptures. Chris proves the meaning of Scripture with Scripture. I love how Chris never gives you his opinion, as he shows through the use of Scripture will give the sense and meaning of Scripture.
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Blessing blockers
I said “Wh-at?” At the same time Pastor Rosebrough did! When a false teacher veers off into a “biblical “ interpretation so fast it can give you whip-lash. I have a term I kinda made up. Maybe this already out there already, but I call it “False Teaching Touretts Syndrome.” It’s when a false bible teacher yelps out a so called biblical connection to what they are saying that makes so sense whatsoever and causes me to literally throw my head back in incredulity. So watch out for FTTS. Perhaps they can get therapy or medication. Maybe someone could start a go fund me wait forget I said that. They don’t need more money thrown at them. Just pray for them and the people in these “churches.”
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Spudy Bug
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