Aria Sline and Katelyn Nottke
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(f)embolden is hosted by two high school girls promoting social activism and feminism in their community and around the globe. Co-hosted each week by Aria Sline and Katelyn Nottke.
play by play: 2020 vice presidential debate
In this pilot of a new (f)embolden series, play by play, Aria & Katelyn analyze the misogyny in the 2020 vice presidential debate.
Oct 12
6 min
teens in quarantine update: living through a pandemic is traumatic
Aria & Katie discuss rising anxiety as we continue the virtual learning school year.
Oct 4
21 min
herstory: ruth bader ginsburg
Aria gives a herstory spotlight on the influential Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed on September 18th, 2020.
Sep 20
7 min
suicide is not an option
Aria & Katelyn discuss suicide prevention in light of September being Suicide Prevention Month.
Sep 13
12 min
black men, it’s okay to grieve.
Aria & Katie show their support for Black men.
Aug 30
17 min
teens in quarantine update: e-learning
Aria talks about her experience with e-learning thus far.
Aug 23
9 min
human trafficking
Aria and Katie raise awareness on human trafficking and its effects on society. They also discuss how to stay safe and to be mindful.
Aug 10
9 min
herstory: sandra bland
In our season two miniseries: herstory: a (f)embolden spotlight, we decided to spotlight Sandra Bland, a Black woman who was arrested for failing to signal a lane change, and was found dead 3 days after her arrest
Jul 27
3 min
let’s talk colorism
Aria & Katelyn discus what colorism is, their experiences with it, and how to actively fight colorism both internally and societally.
Jul 19
20 min
herstory: breonna taylor
In our season two miniseries: herstory: a (f)embolden spotlight, we decided to spotlight Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who was wrongfully murdered in her sleep by LMPD officers.
Jul 12
4 min
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