Fearless Minds Podcast
Fearless Minds Podcast
Cole Hatter: Author, Investor, Award Winning Speaker And Entrepreneur
Too many people allow fear to rob them of success. What turns dreaming into doing? Conquering your fear, while pursuing life, your goals, and your purpose. Twice a week I will interview the world's top leaders in business, politics, top performing athletes, artists, and entertainers. We will examine the places where they faced fear, overcame fear, and are now at the top in their respective industries. It is my quest to bring you story after story of fearless achievers so we can see what overcoming fear looks like to make our dreams a reality. www.FMPodcast.com
034: Professional Rock Star To Tech Start Up Entrepreneur With Elmo Lovano
Elmo walks us through his career as a professional drummer, starting touring the country in his teens and ending up a music icon in Hollywood touring with A list artists. He found a need in the music community and launched Jammcard to solve that problem, a company that is about to explode. Show notes: www.FMPodcast.com/episode24
Oct 13, 2014
1 hr 8 min
033: Melissa Costello On A Healthier Happier Life, Eating Right, Addiction, & Habits
Melissa Costello is the founder of Karma Chow and creator of The Vital 30-Day Food Based Cleanse which has become very popular amongst celebrities in Hollywood. In this episode she gives away great tips and advice on how to start living a healthier life NOW, and simple steps to take to get there. Show Notes: FMPodcast.com/episode33
Sep 29, 2014
1 hr 4 min