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Join the Faxon team each week as they discuss a variety of firearms-related topics ranging from gun care and upkeep to social perception. Learn more and catch the articles at faxonfirearms.com/blog
Firearms of The American Revolution | Episode 38: Faxon Blog & Podcast
We welcome the NRA Firearms Museum to the show!With over 30 years with the NRA Firearms Museum, Senior Curator Philip Schreier joins Dustin to talk about the historical firearms of the American Revolution.
Oct 23
1 hr 19 min
AIM Surplus | Episode 37: Faxon Blog & Podcast
This week we have special guest, Bryan Flannagan of AIM Surplus on the show!Bryan will be chatting with us about how AIM got started, their long history in the industry, and how our current gun-run looks a lot like Y2K.PLUS: We have a special Wheeler Tools giveaway during Jay's World of Eats!Find notes, links, and giveaways at FaxonFirearms.com/blog/episode37
Oct 14
1 hr 1 min
Bonus: Firearms & The Election - Extended Conversation with Sean Maloney
On episode 36, we were joined by Dan Zimmerman, managing editor of The Truth About Guns as well as Sean Maloney, Defense Attorney with Second Call defense, a legal resource for firearms owners.As you saw or heard in episode 36, we were tackling the big topic of firearms and the election.The goal was to pick the brains of Dan and Sean to get some insight on what the potential election outcomes could mean for the firearms industry and community.When we recorded, Sean arrived a little early, so we decided to record our talk before Dan joined us on the call.As always, with Sean, he shared some great insights in that time, including some things that didn't make the final cut for Episode 36... and we'd like to share that conversation with you here on this bonus episode.Find more at FaxonFirearms.com/blog
Oct 13
22 min
Firearms & The Election | Episode 36: Faxon Blog & Podcast
Dan Zimmerman (Managing Editor of The Truth About Guns) and Sean Maloney (Defense Attorney, Second Call Defense) join Dustin for a roundtable discussion about how the election can impact the firearms community.
Oct 7
1 hr 15 min
Buying a Gun During The Pandemic | From Episode 35: Faxon Blog & Podcast
Hannah Lentz was on for Episode 35 of the Faxon Blog & Podcast talking with us about ATF Compliance and how it works with a shop like hers, Premier Shooting & Training Center.With the massive increase in firearms sales during 2020, she sheds some light on what to expect when you go to purchase a gun during these times.Find the whole show at FaxonFirearms.com/blog/episode35
Oct 5
5 min
ATF Compliance Insights | Episode 35: Faxon Blog & Podcast
On the show, Hannah chats with Dustin about what the ATF really looks like in shooting range and gun store day-to-day activities, as well as the impact that the pandemic and recent social issues have had on firearms stores and ranges.
Oct 1
50 min
RECAST | Firearms Defense & The Law
We're taking a look back at Episode 28, "Firearms Defense & The Law."If you're listening to this before October 1st, 2020, you still have a chance to enter our Hog Harvester giveaway!Visit FaxonFirearms.com for your chance to win a prize pack valued at over $4000 featuring:- A custom 300 BLK Faxon Rifle- and prizes from BOG, Rocky Boots, Crimson Trace, Hornady Ammo, Caldwell Shooting, Tipton Gun Cleaning, One Off Coating LLC, Lockdown, and Old Timer.On episode 28, Sean Maloney was our guest. He is a Defense Attorney and founder of Second Call Defense which specializesin providing all the legal support and coverage you need as a firearm owner should you ever become involved in a defensive shooting.We may think that things like castle doctrine, stand your ground, or even homeowners insurance would cover us in such an event, but as Sean points out... it really doesn't.
Sep 28
29 min
Hunting & More | Episode 34: Faxon Blog & Podcast
The Hosts of 'Grace, Camo & Lace' are on the show!Alli & Adriana chat with us about making their Sportsman Network show, their favorite hunts, and more! PLUS: A Caldwell Giveaway on Jay's World of Eats
Sep 23
45 min
Faxon Barrel Quality Inspection | From Episode 33
Curious about our Barrel quality process?Check out this clip from Episode 33 of the Faxon Blog & Podcast with our Director of Product Management, Jay Wilson.Find the whole show here: https://faxonfirearms.com/blog/episode33
Sep 23
8 min
The Faxon Story | Episode 33: Faxon Blog & Podcast
Bob Faxon joins us for our first Podcast Episode in our new West Chester Facility to share the story of Faxon Machining and Faxon Firearms!PLUS:Barrel Quality Q&A with Product Director, Jay Wilson.Crimson Trace CMR-204 Giveaway on 'Jay's World of Eats.'Don't forget to check out our friends of the podcast!
Sep 17
51 min
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