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Love, love, love
This is the first beauty podcast I ever heard and I’m in love with them!! It’s informative, funny and yet educational. Great job!! If you love beauty anything and everything, you HAVE to listen to this podcast.
Kristen Bell interview
Sounded like an infomercial for “her” cosmetic line. Other than lending her name to the line (and maybe money), what makes her qualified to sell cosmetics? Seems to be a thing with celebrities-wanting people to believe that they use the product (who knows) and that therefore they must be quality products. Re: how she describes her children as “feral.” What kind of mother does that? I guess she was trying to be funny, but maybe she should look the term up in the dictionary before she uses it again.
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A lot of interesting info but...
The “valleyspeak” aka valley girl dialect can get super annoying.
Dr.Ranella Hirsch
Fabulous! The people of Boston are so lucky to have her!
Listened since day one...I’m tired
Interviews: I’ve learned a lot from the interviews, and I appreciate them branching out beyond derms, surgeons, estheticians, makeup artists, etc. to find folks like the sleep doctor and the master perfumer. However, they frequently talk over the guests, cut them off (this may be poor editing), and make me cringe with their overly pointed questions. Also, it’s no surprise they waited until the rise of BLM to feature folks working toward beauty equity. We see you. Beauty news/banter: if you’re going to do beauty news, I would love to hear more about ethics, beauty workers’ rights/struggles, and consumerism. Talking about company acquisitions means little to the average listener. Super into Jen’s Science Corner for info I wouldn’t necessarily find on my own and I can apply to my daily life. Raise a Wand: y’all...I’d be curious to know how many of your listeners can afford a $60 candle or even a $35 lipstick. It’s framed as a luxury/treat-yo-self, and there’s frequently disclaimers “we know it’s expensive, but...” Including disclaimers doesn’t change the fact that the average person can’t afford it, period. You’re normalizing luxury beauty. Tone: I’ll echo other reviews...I know this is an escape for folks, but sometimes the tone is...tone deaf? The white upper middle class New York perspective is already over represented by our media. I appreciate the new featuring of listeners for fresh perspectives, but I’m tired of hearing about your chef made baby food or perspectives of “I just don’t like it.”
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Super Sunshine
Such a good podcast!
Paul Richie
Tone Deaf AF
Woooow. Where to start.. I won’t say “vapid” but they’re pretty obviously living in a white Manhattan bubble. The endless shaming of people different than them... they sound like they’d take it as a compliment to be compared to The Plastics. I’m out after this one: The crotchtox episode is literally about a medical solution to a medical problem and these girls were like “OMFG BARF WHOSE CROTCH IS THAT SWEATTYYYYY?!?!” Uhm. The medical patients who signed up for the medical treatment, hello?
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Peak white feminism
I listened to the episode discussing Pantone’s color of the year. The episode started with one host going on about her much needed vacation in the Hampton’s, with her Infiniti SUV and how needed it was and she was just so sick of her job that she needed this luxurious vacation, and did you hear? She got an *Infiniti*. Later, while talking about Period Red, one of the hosts (I can’t tell the difference between the two to be honest) said “I’m just tired of everything being a political statement, I just need a break from that”. I turned off the podcast after that. It must be so hard, being a white woman in Manhattan who can take luxury cars to the Hampton’s, to have to hear about how not everyone else in the world is as well off as her. So tragic.
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Kind of rude!!!
When I saw they did an episode on Emily in Paris, I was excited to hear their thoughts and the possibility of my views on the show changing. I love the show... but I also love cheesy netflix originals. I know it’s not everyones cup of tea. However, when they started bashing young 22 year olds fresh out of college, I was completely turned off. Maybe I’m being sensitive because I am a 22 year old from chicago and just graduated with a degree in marketing and I’m bright eyed and eager also.. what emily is doing is my dream.. but the way they spoke of her eagerness honestly just made them seem old & bitter. And it’s a show lol. No need to bash the way we do our hair or dress or our aspirations. Let young girls dream and be happy. You do have a younger audience too!!! Just my two cents :)
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My self-care
I’ve been listening to this podcast for well over a year, and it has been my go-to in the rare moments of mom-life where I get to be alone and indulge. I adore listening to the hosts — they’re smart, engaging, personal and insightful, and the topics always seem to surprise me as they’re topics that I’ve thought about but haven’t seen talked about. As a brown woman, it sure is nice to be seen. These discussions of beauty, and the ways to reach your goals, I think is so essential and I think Fat Mascara does it so well.
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adrianne w.
Best beauty podcast
Absolutely love Fat Mascara. Jess and Jen bring all the beauty content across the board and it is clear they are always listening to the audiences questions and curiosities when curating the interviews and episodes. And now we get two episodes a week - such a treat! Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m talking to my best friends about my favorite products and trends in the beauty world. Can’t go wrong with a Fat Mascara recommendation!
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Informative and quirky
I’ve been a listener for a couple of years and these girls do a great job, ask good questions and interview very interesting people. They truly do their homework and it shows. My hang up is when they interview people and don’t let them finish their answers. It’s also annoying when a guest raises a wand to a new product that they’ve never heard of and immediately Jess is stunned that she doesn’t know of every single product out there. Girl, just say “Wow! Tell me more!” And Jenn, love for you, but we don’t need to constantly hear you calling out the news headline jingle. We get it. It’s cute. Overall, it IS an excellent beauty podcast.
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Anita Claudia
I love this podcast
I love Jess and Jenn, this has been one of my favorite podcasts for a long time now. But why do they get the E rating every episode?? There’s an occasional bad word but they’re really not explicit 99% of the time. Apple, why??
23 minutes to get to the interview
Ugh. So much senseless chatter before you get to the meat of the episode. Just get to the good stuff!
Jess is rude and condescending
I used to love this podcast and still listen to it every time it comes out , however it’s becoming difficult to listen to it with intent as I cringe at Jess’ rude remarks, interrupting Jen or interrupting guests !!! Girl check yourself!!
What happened?
I used to absolutely adore this show, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to listen. I’m not sure if remote recording is partially to blame (lack of being together, being able to read the room and body language, etc.) but Jess in particular has become such a horrendous interrupter. She frequently speaks over the guests, often with personal stories that really aren’t what I signed up to hear. Let the experts speak! Honestly would love this again if just Jenn were the host.
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Kim Kardashian? Seriously?
I used to love this podcast and *was* an avid listener. Then, in an egregious display of tone deaf privilege, Jess and Jenn gave a platform to KKW. Kim and her siblings are notoriously problematic for appropriating Black culture in regard to their style, hair. The Kardashians are well-known for Blackfishing in general (if you don’t know what it is, google it.) The presidential election is in 68 days. This election has the rights of our most vulnerable people at stake and KKW’s husband is a blatant coon and trump supporter. The lack of thought given to hosting KKW is disappointing and truly surreal. I cannot imagine being so privileged that I claim to support BLM and then host KKW. Fat Mascara’s activism or support was totally performative, folks.
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My favorite!
I love this podcast, it’s one of the few where I just go on binges of old episodes right on through to the current ones. Jess and Jen May have glamorous careers, but they’re so down to earth. The podcast is informative and so fun!
Love this podcast!
This Podcast is such a wealth of information, and info that is dependable, vetted, and well researched. Jenn and Jess are smart, savvy, funny, and entertaining. I literally lol as I’m listening, it’s so relatable, and overall I have learned so much from this Podcast.
Mony Rose
Hands down best beauty podcast 🙌🏽
Fat Mascara is my favorite podcast! I 💯 recommend to any who is a beauty junkie. Thank you Jess & Jen👏🏽❤️👏🏽
PLEASE fix audio😩
i have lots of mixed opinions about this podcast content wise. i find some of the hosts’ takes to be outdated and kinda out of touch (usually in regards to body positivity, body hair, etc). they also sometimes feel like they are on totally different wavelengths (with jen usually being super upbeat and jess practically cringing at her thru the mic) the beauty news is a great to-the-point segment, and interviews tend to be hit or miss. but my biggest critique is the sound! mixing! which desperately needs to be fixed! the music cues blast my eardrums bc they are mixed so high in comparison to jess & jens voices. i can’t listen to this podcast w headphones on for this reason. PLS FIX!
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Vapid and annoying
Looking for new podcasts and I listened to three episodes hoping to find a way to like this, but Jen and Jess are just insipid. Move on, this is like chewing glass.
Creme de la creme beauty pod
Thank you Jess & Jenn for the weekly dose of beauty news, excellent interviews, and a down to earth yet still glam vibe. Y’all are dang queens and I love the show!
Ryann the girl
a refreshing take on beauty
I started listening in 2019, but it wasn't until this spring that I fell in love with this show. Jen & Jess have been getting me through everything: they're relatable when it comes to pandemic complexities (mask makeup issues!), they're talking about BLM and social movements that matter (as it pertains to beauty), and they're keeping me company. I know there are ads, but they don't seem to advertise brands they don't like/ This is their job, they need to make money...Anyway, love the pod! Listener for life.
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No need to qualify that you support “peaceful” protests.
Deeeeee W.
Too many ads
I love the podcast but I’m thinking the girls are panicking about money: The new segments sponsored by companies you’re including in the segment? Jen admitting she was “blowing smoke” to a guest about a shampoo that’s just so-so? In general I love the news, the guests, the science and the skepticism...but I think the advertorial tone (sponsor as guest correspondent!) makes the show less trustworthy. So 5 stars for in general, but 3 stars for this month!
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Unsubscribed after years
Unfunny, out of touch, unrelatable.. I could go on. They started out strong and still some of the guests they’ve had were awesome, but it went south in 2019 for me. Ran its course.
Used to be fun but not worthwhile anymore
I listened for a year but recently many things threw me off. The hosts are actually journalists insisting they don’t have a taste for marketing BS and fear mongering in beauty industry and support science rather claims, but they terribly fail to adequately question and challenge the guests that come from such stand points. Examples are MLMs episode, interview with Barbara Sturm, Suzzane Somers, and too faced’s problematic founder Also I personally can’t stand Jess’s ignorance and deaf tone, excusing her sexist remarks with saying she’s “old fashioned”, complaining about why Virgin Airlines stopped requiring female flight staff to wear red lipstick, etc. After some point it’s just insulting the audience’s taste and intelligence
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Great podcast! Love these two and all the info!! I take notes of all the stuff they talk about! 💅🏾💄👄
I love this podcast~
I have been listening to this podcast for years. I love Jen and Jess and really appreciate all the guests they bring on and how they interview them!
cute, kind of
Valium to my brain
I am a physician and on my days off during this pandemic I go on walk/runs and usually end my exercise by listening to your podcast. I like it because your guests have strong backgrounds in the topics discussed, yet you ladies don’t make it feel like I’m listening to another medical conference lecture. For that I’m grateful and I appreciate you continuing with your work to give us some normalcy. Self care has helped me maintain my sanity!
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Fave podcast
Love the content. Its real talk that I can relate to and the interview subjects are always interesting. Insightful questions and discussions with just the right amount of fun and silly. Thank you!
A fun beauty podcast!
I love this podcast! I’m a runner who listens to a lot of podcasts and Fat Mascara is one of my favorites- it always delivers entertaining and insightful commentary! With every episode, I learn something from Jen and Jess! Seriously! I’ve learned new beauty insights, found great products, and feel more in the beauty loop. Thank you ladies for all the awesome podcasts!
Disappointing interview w/ Suzanne Somers
I recently learned about this podcast and have been listening to older episodes, which I enjoyed. However, I’m really turned off by today’s interview with Suzanne Somers. For two hosts who claim to really care about science, to have someone come on and say that they healed their cancer(s) with healthy eating and that chemo/radiation is “poison” seems irresponsible. She was also talking about cellular supplements and supplements that can repair your DNA — seems unlikely that these are effective & backed by science [lol you can buy them on her website]. I got the impression that this was mostly an interview to promote her new book & supplements, not because she is an “expert” on anything in any way.
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MLM episode was a huge bummer
Yikes! I was really liking this podcast but am soooo disappointed by the way they presented MLMs. They were clearly biased from the start because one of the hosts works with Mary Kay. They didn’t touch on the fact that 99% of MLM contractors LOSE MONEY. The fact that they said multiple times that MLMs are predatory is so irresponsible. I’m gunna have to unsubscribe because now I don’t feel like I can trust them.
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Love this podcast, one thought
Love this podcast! Lots of info! Love your guests!! However one of you talk way to fast.. sounds like you fast forward your voice. The other one talks where it’s easy to follow and listen too. Just my thoughts.
Review change
I had to change my review... this show has plummeted. There are so many ads I can no longer tell what’s informational and what’s being sold to me. Ulta and Charlotte tilbury must have quite the hold on you guys. FYI $35 CT lipsticks are not for the average consumer. Jess blaming her hurtful remarks on being “old fashioned” 😔 you sound like a boomer. If this was just a Jen podcast I’d think about tuning back in. You both have grown out of touch with the modern woman living in today’s world.
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Great podcast for beauty entrepreneurs!!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for months now and I am so excited every time I get the opportunity to listen to them. I have a small business in beauty and skincare. I’m very busy to stay on the loop of things through the Internet so this keeps me informed and entertained and I am put onto a lot of great products as well!! They always have boss ladies as guest that I adore !
Fun and informative for beauty the beauty obsessed!
I just found this podcast from Forever 35. Love the hosts, who are beauty editors. They are experts and honest about products and brands. They are fun friends and have great guests on the podcast.
Easy Listening
I am super late to the Fat Mascara party but I’m so happy to have found this podcast. I love that Jess and Jenn each bring their unique perspectives, and it’s not just the two of them agreeing with each other the whole time. Jess has the best New Yorker accent that makes the listening even more enjoyable and I have to mention that the sound quality is always consistent. They have top notch guests on the show and thanks to them, I’ve purchased some awesome products, including a kids toothpaste I never knew I needed.
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This show lost me with fawning over MLMs which are actually not at all like a normal corporate org chart. Do better for your listeners!
Dropped in quality
Sick of the privilege. They don’t buy these expensive products! They are given them. This used to be a fun podcast to listen to but the hosts are always interrupting their guests, the guests have the same story (there was no one making a quality beauty item until I started my brand), commercials are annoying, they don’t question brand claims or the science behind the beauty business at all!
Best Beauty Podcast!
I love Jen and Jess and really value their advice. They know the facts and present great information, rooted in research, not hype. Also, they get really informative and interesting guests and they are great interviewers - true journalists! I love listening to these girls! Thanks, Jen & Jess!
Catherine Deist
Straight from the people who know
I love listening to Fat Mascara because Jen and Jess know their s*%t! Their years in the beauty and journalism industries make this podcast really informative and entertaining. I feel like they give perspective and honest opinions. Their guests are some of the best in the beauty biz, but my favorite part of the episode is Raise a Wand. A good recommendation is always appreciated, and I learn about new projects/services I would not otherwise think about. A+ for Fat Mascara!
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Lizzy from Florida
Say NO to MLM companies
These ladies are no longer trustworthy in any sense. Saying MLM companies are an opportunity? Nope. Not true. Check out John Oliver's episode on youtube for a real breakdown.
Can’t tell when they’re being honest or salespeople
I understand that Podcasts don’t need to be objective, or even factual, but this one seems like a long commercial. They graze the surface of every topic and bring on “experts” who don’t offer compelling information to better inform listeners. They shill questionable brands and don’t seem to care about their impressionable listeners. I don’t know how it was in the beginning, but now it’s not worth my time.
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Apft girl
The BEST beauty Podcast
I love fat mascara!! Listening to the podcast is really like hanging out with your girlfriends and talking about all things beauty. I’m new-ish to the podcast but have already learned so much from the girls and their guests. In addition, they have a phenomenal Facebook group. Fat mascara is my new favorite “community”. 💄
Misses the mark.
I love all things beauty but between Jess’s sexist remarks under the guise of being “old fashioned” to the blatant ignorance on behalf of both hosts throughout various episodes, I just feel icky after listening. With so many other opportunities to access good journalism, I’d pass on this one.
I can’t with all the ads
I hadn’t listened in a few months . I like to binge podcasts, and this just turned me off in several episodes. I work in beauty and love this stuff.. what happen? There’s too much product pushing, and back to back ads vs beauty useful info. It’s like one long commercial. I’ll check back in a few months. I understand you have to make a buck, but yuck or yuk!
MLM episode
I’m so disappointed in you guys!! It’s so telling that even your “expert” talks about how she was being approached by MLMers not to buy their products, but to join their downline as a seller. Because once again for the people in the back, the ultimate goal is always, always, recruiting!! That’s the whole point of the MLM business model. I love your show, but you really let your audience down on this one.
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Ssam C.
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