Farm Small Farm Smart
Farm Small Farm Smart
Diego Footer
Weekly insights for vegetable farmers and market gardeners who earn, or want to earn, a living growing vegetables profitably. The show is hosted by Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices. Each week I talk with a beginning, or experienced farmer diving deep into their story to find out what makes their market farm successful. I focus on farming challenges and struggles, sales and marketing, soil preparation, weed management, post harvest processing, appropriate technology, farm startup, market selection, and work-life balance.
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This stuff is awesome!
Sometimes, I think you are standing over my shoulder, listening to me whine about what’s not working lol. The shade cloth is something I’ve been contemplating for a while. Being a small market gardener, pulling the trigger on things can be a fuzz daunting. Your work is very much appreciated!
greenway gardens
Please stop doing same episode on different shows.
I like this pod,but hate that you post the same episodes on different shows.
owen severne
Thank you
I have been listening to you since the beginning, I wanted to thank you because of all of your time that you put in with these podcasts, it helped me build my business and advance so very quickly. From 20 trays every other week to 140 trays, 8 Caterpillar tunnels, 1 greenhouse + we had our first batch of chickens last week! Thank you
Marcial Kajer
Informative and inspiring
Listened to an episode on permaculture and never looked back. Jordan provokes informative answers from his guests and keeps it light. My family owns a pretty large farm and I am so inspired to make better use of the land. I would definitely recommend! :)
Inspiring for the Aspiring
Love listening to this podcast as inspiration while on the road for work. Gives me a window into what will *hopefully* be my future job!
Anna BFM
Fan for years
Just wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration & information I’ve gotten from this podcast. Really excited for the new series on business + farming.
Business sense + Farming sense
“The Reality of Luck” IS BY FAR YOUR BEST EPISODE! Not a single farming podcast I’m subscribed to has delineated the business basics as you have. Usually I go to podcasts solely focused on business; however, your podcast just got better for combining both farming and business concepts! Thank you❤️❤️
Mushroom 04
Required listening.
IMO this is the first podcast to listen through all episodes.if you are considering, or doing a farm start.....INVALUABLE resource for FREE!!! I’ve been listening for long enough to be way overdue to make a contribution to this business....It’s coming. -Jared (thumbfoods)
Great show!
Diego.... great show thank you! Starting a new farm and project in 2020 and this show is so very relevant! Cheers
I have really enjoyed listening to the show, thanks for all the good information!
Farm Small, Farm Smart is excellent!
As a small scale farmer, I came upon this podcast series when I heard (I believe) Curtis Stone say “instead of tuning out to music as you’re harvesting or doing mundane farm tasks, educate yourself listening to podcasts!” That is such a true statement. I love listening to Diego and his guests as I’m working or delivering. This podcast is super informative, educational and interesting. I’ve learned so much listening to other small scale farmers in both their successes and failures. I’ve listened to every single podcast at least once, and I get a little bummed when I catch up or there’s not any new podcasts out yet... I actually reached out to Diego with my story, and was shocked that he wanted to interview me! He’s just as down to earth over Skype as he sounds in his podcasts! If you’re looking for inspiration for your farm business; just start listening. You’ll be hooked, I guarantee it! -Justin Logeais
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Compost Guy Farm
A great resource, FREE!! Very informational with several different areas of expertise. Love it!
So much valuable info
I love this podcast. Diego dives deep into so many topics facing small scale farmers, with so many different farmers. He’s awesome! Check it out!
Matt. L
Love it!
What a valuable resource for growers. Diego is such an exceptional interviewer and gets great guests, but also gets the most out of them. If this is not in your podcast queue––remedy that now!
Long time listener review - This podcast will change how you farm!
I’ve farmed for over 7 years now, most of which while listening to this podcast. There’s no other small farmer podcast out there that’s been running as long as this one! If you go back in time over these years there’s a massive treasure trove of information with some of the best experts in the field practically spilling their guts with every minute overflowing with information that can quite literally change the way you run your farm, and even at moments, the way you think about farming altogether. Diego isn’t a professional farmer himself, but he’s certainly become one of the best experts you could hope to have interviewing farmers. His questions are detailed and thoughtful, and get right to the heart of the topic at hand. He’s always asking questions you’d want answered if you had a crack at interviewing the expert yourself. If you own a farm, or are just ruminating about it, this podcast offers, for free, a practical degree in the subject, that you can’t find anywhere else. We are truly fortunate we live in a time where we can have access to information so many take a lifetime to learn, and all in a convenient form that is the podcast, which you can listen to even while you have your hands in the soil! Thanks Diego, I’ll always appreciate all you’ve given this community through this work.
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Benny Pino
The Best of the Best
I have followed Diego for years now. Since the early days of this podcast and the others I have been hooked. Diego somehow puts out content that is always stellar and super relevant. I think any of his podcasts and/ or discussions will lead you to success. I remember a transistion of my farm happening and its success correlating when I began to listen to his work. I will always appreciate what you have done for the farming movement but also for my farm and myself personally. Your insightful disscussions and direct no bull advice will help any farmer out there. You have saved me time, money, and stress and all for free without ever meeting or talking. I would pay for this work but we are blessed to have someone who is dedicated to helping others. Diego you are the best. Even though podcasts have blown up in the few years Ive been following you , you still have the best farming podcast and I always look forward to new episodes. I personally have directed many many farmers to your work and your products. I wish you continued success and happiness. Derek Emadi Emadi Acres Farm LLC
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Derek Emadi
Great Info, but...
I really dig the info covered in this podcast. However, why in the world are some episodes only 2 minutes long? And, why are some people coughing and wheezing and blowing their noses right into the microphone? Can’t you improve the sound—maybe filter out the sounds of disease? And would you please include more valuable content than 2 minutes worth? Thank you—I very much want to be a devoted listener.
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Thank You
Thank you Diego for bringing this podcast to fruition and for the longevity of this program. You and your guests have brought a wealth of information, ingenuity and innovation into the small scale farm world so that others can take that information and run with it. This gives me great inspiration that one day we can change big agriculture. In the meantime we can provide healing, nourishing foods to folks far and wide that are interested in what we do while making a living at it and spreading the word. Diego, you and others are definitely moving the needle forward on this movement...never give up. We are all standing here with you shouting YES from our backyards and small plots around the world!!
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JB Witt
Amateur or Professional
Just wanted to say Diego, that I have really appreciated your podcast. I’m new to the small farm approach, looking to invest next year, and these programs have been wonderful! Some of them I have listened to over and over! - and I so very much appreciate that while you do advertise, your program is still education based. There is a phenomenal amount of information in your podcasts! Thank you! Please don’t stop anytime soon!!
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Just one episode changed our business life!
Our small farm needs help on the office side of the business. The office side is non existent. So I searched “small farm” in the podcast app and your podcast was recommended. And just the day before you posted an interview with Emma Hendel. I listened to that podcast and it scratched in so many places I was itching!!! Thank you for the guidance in the specific area of the office side of the farm. Emma said so much on exactly how I feel. Please continue to share quality information in this important side of farming.
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Way To Go Diego
“That’s D-I-E-G-O Diego!” With all of the amazing information and farming tips that you and your guests share, makes it much easier for us to “Do The Work!” Great Podcast!
Great farming show
As a new farmer I love listening to this podcast as I am going about harvesting vegetables, planting, or making deliveries. I always learn something from his conversations with guests on a variety of topics that pertain to the farming lifestyle. Diego’s insights have given plenty for my husband and I to discuss around the dinner table. Thank you for continuing to put out this podcast for the community. Love the guests, the topics, and all that you do.
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HelpFul lady
Love This Podcast
The soothing voice of Diego and his enlightening farming conversations makes for goodness in life. I could see Diego being part of CBS’s Sunday Morning Show someday, he’s that good! Thank you for doing what you do.
Ray Tyler Interview
I really loved the interview you did with Ray Tyler! I like hearing about farming methods, but It’s refreshing to hear about the human element of farming and actually get to know the farmer. Thanks for all you do!
Lascassas Farms
Food is life
Thank you for your work, you have a great approach to helping all of us understand and think about small farming, eating and business management and life choices at all angles.
Farm Small Farm Smart
This podcast has changed the way I Farm for the better. Advise from Diego’s interviews have made my work easier and more profitable. Thanks Diego!
My favorite podcast!
Curtis stone is such an inspiration! Great podcast love listening.
Thank you
This show has been so helpful.
Very thankful for Diego's work
As an aspiring small scale farmer, Diego's work is invaluable. All episodes I have listened to have been exceptional in all aspects from sound quality to question quality. Thanks, Diego
Real farmers
Listen and learn from real farmers. Diego's questions extract useful answers.
Love the show
I love your podcasts thanks Diego keep doing a wonderful job this definitely a awesome show I enjoy and I appreciate all the educational info I pick up from your podcast.
Flavio Guzman
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year and find it invaluable. And this last episode, 126 - A Practicle Look at Vegetable Farming and a Fragile Seed System was what finally made me want to leave a review. The information was fascinating and very thought-provoking, as pretty much every episode is. I am so grateful for the work Diego does in this field.
The best I’ve heard....
Diego’s questions are incredibly insightful. Love how his guests range from farmers I’ve never heard of to industry leaders like JM, Conor Crickmore and Curtis Stone. Thank you for you podcast
Just listened to my first episode (the Thanksgiving episode). I loved it!! It is just so refreshing to hear a generation of younger farmers not afraid to work hard. Who realize they may fail in one thing but can learn from it, persevere, possibly pivot, but never give up! So encouraging. Keep up the good work!
Gigi Libertybelle
Best small farm podcast hands down
As an newbie homesteader with transition plans to full-time, small scale farming, I never miss an episode of this podcast. The variety of topics and guests are incredible. Diego's commitment to the cause shines through in the professional level of questions and sound in each and every episode.
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