Elizabeth Minkel & Flourish Klink
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A fun exploration of fandom
How did I only discover this podcast this year? At least I get to binge on old episodes! It’s a fun exploration of all things fandom that brings in both professionals in the field and fan listeners with insightful questions.
Great topics!
Have followed this podcast for years and I love it. They have thoughtful conversations on an array of fanfic topics. My only complaint is Elizabeth’s treatment of Flourish. She sometimes comes off as extra critical of Flourish and seems to have developed some animosity towards them over the years that’s off-putting.
Fansplaining is a truly informative and thoughtful podcast about fandom. Both Flourish and Elizabeth spend a lot of time thinking about fandom, both their personal relationships with fandom and the relationship between fandom and culture at large. They do a lot of really good interviews, too, probably because Elizabeth is a journalist, and Flourish brings an interesting perspective as someone whose job was, for a time, explaining fandom to content creators. It's a great podcast and I can't recommend it enough!
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Informative and Crucial
Thank goodness for this show. I had no idea it existed (for reasons), despite having a toe in the fan studies pool. So discovering this show randomly on Castbox was a true treat. The hosts do a fantastic job exploring fandom in its myriad forms, whether it's social media or K-pop stans (that episode was *chef's kiss*) and more MORE more. If you're "in" fandom, this show is designed for you. If you're just super curious, this show is also for you. Basically, just subscribe. It's super good.
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Favorite Fandom Podcast
I started listening to Fansplaining a while ago and it’s become a go-to for smart meta discussions! I have recently been working my way back through the archives and so enjoying the quality of guests and the chemistry of the hosts. Everything is thoughtful and informative and they have a great perspective on fandom from both inside and outside. Extra kudos! ;)
Informative and often humorous
I learn so much about different aspects of fandoms—not just fan fiction writing although fan fics are a big focus of the show.
Fascinating and smart
I don’t engage deeply in fannish activity (& don’t do fanfic at all) but I love this podcast. It’s very smart and always interesting! Listening to this helps me understand the internet & pop culture.
Everything i ever wanted
I’m so sad that i came to this podcast so late Bc it’s everything i ever wanted. Even my friends in fandom don’t seem to enjoy discussing fandom as a general topic and so i just want to gush along side you. Thank you so much.
Thoughtful, Nerdy Goodness
Flourish & Elizabeth are so thoughtful and passionate about all things fandom and have a lovely rapport with each other. Love this podcast.
Waiting for an update?
Wonderful Podcast!
I discovered this podcast while doing research for a linguistics assignment and was hooked immediately! If you are into fandom it is definitely worth your time to subscribe and check out the back episodes.
Inspiring, Fascinating, and Fun!
This is the #1 podcast I would recommend to anyone, especially people who are involved in fandom. I’ve binged every episode now - I absolutely adore it. Hearing Flourish and Elizabeth’s nuanced, sensitive, and funny conversations about fandom and their super intelligent guests’ thoughts and contributions is always a joy. Listening always inspires me to get more involved in fandom, write more fanfiction, and chase my passions. (I also find it inspiring to hear about so many people in fandom who have successful jobs involved in fandoms and in creating and discussing pop culture - I’m in my 20s and trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life, so hearing about others’ success is very reassuring!) There are so many more great things I can say about this podcast. Listen to it NOW. Also, Adventure Lunch FTW!
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Adorable and Informative
If there were a kudos button for this podcast, I'd get the "you have already left kudos here" frownie face message for every episode. Elizabeth and Flourish are a delight to listen to. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their comments are insightful, and their guests present a broad spectrum of fannish experiences. I can't thank them enough for the time and consideration they've given to this often overlooked (or misunderstood) subculture. Keep up the excellent work, ladies! We love and appreciate you.
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So Smart
I love this podcast for the level of nuance and intelligence the hosts and guests bring to the material. So often fandom is talked about in really dumb, reductive ways, and Flourish and Elizabeth are so good at capturing the complexity and depth of the issues they are tackling. It is often intellectually rigorous *and* generous, which I strongly admire.
Love it!
Discovered this podcast about a week ago, and it has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I'm guilty of looking down on my own fan community at times, so it's helpful to hear such smart discussion happening around fan works and fan communities. It's a nice reminder that we can be silly and witty and self-aware, without losing our enjoyment of the media we love.
Endlessly erudite and entertaining
I love fandom and I love academia and statistics and if you love these things too you will love this podcast too.
Lyanna S
Smart, funny, engaging show
I've listened straight through the back catalogue three times. Flourish and Elizabeth (the hosts) are super-smart, passionate, and charming (I love their dynamic--I hadn't realized how many podcasts I listen to are all- or primarily male spaces, and I love hearing women's friendship represented in my earbuds!!) The guests are remarkable. (Some standouts: Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, both lawyers on the Buncha Lawyers episode, and kfan.) They are very clear about their own fan identities and proclivities (both come from fic backgrounds), but are very open to other types of fandom too (including old-school SF fandoms and sports fandom), and explore them on the podcast. It's like a really entertaining and enlightening cultural seminar twice a month!!
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Sensitive, Engaging and Informative
I can't overstate how much I love this podcast. Elizabeth, Flourish and an array of wonderful guests have fascinating discussions about fandom. They are funny, intelligent and well-informed and have introduced me to portions of fandom culture/history/legality that I wasn't aware of previously.
Informative, Entertaining, Insightful
Elizabeth and Flourish bring humor, intelligence, wit, and insight, as well as awesome guests, to this podcast. I thoroughly enjoy every episode!
Intelligent and charming!
One of my favorite fannish podcasts! I love the way they grapple with their topics and always take care to examine everything with nuance. Super recommended if you love discussions of fandom.
Thoughtful and fun for all kinds of fans
I had never actually listened to a podcast before Fansplaining, because I always thought I couldn't handle listening to ~2 people talking about a topic for an hour without getting bored. Fansplaining has totally changed my mind, and is always so engaging and funny! Elizabeth and Flourish bring really thoughtful (and differing!) perspectives to fandom that are applicable for all kinds of fans, which is such a challenging thing to do, considering the breadth of "fandom." Always a delight listening to Fansplaining, and would highly recommend for all who consider themselves fans!
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Super Awesome
An A+ podcast with great topics and guests. Not only the explorations of individual fandoms, but also the excellent dives in fan culture and history. Thanks for the great listen!
Interesting, Wonderful Conversation
Elizabeth and Flourish are both so knowledgeable - and about a variety of subjects each - and have really fascinating, informative conversations surrounding fandom. Whether you are deep in fandom, like myself, or curious about what the big deal is, you should give this podcast a try. The really great thing is that both hosts are in fandom themselves, so they aren’t trashing fans like so many other people who talk about fandom. However, even though they have great love and respect for fans, they are also able to be objective and discuss things without putting any one aspect of fandom up on a pedestal. Really riveting stuff.
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Fun, funny, and thought-provoking
I've been steadily making my way through all the episodes for a few weeks now and there hasn't been one so far that was less than utterly fascinating and delightful! Fandom is something that I have been engaged in to some degree or another for most of my life, so I'm really appreciating the podcast's loving yet critical examination of all of fandom's dimensions, including aspects of it I had never considered before. Elizabeth and Flourish are winning hosts whose conversations with each other are affectionate, thoughtful, and playfully adversarial, and they are always gracious and respectful to their many interesting and insightful guests. Something I really appreciate about them is that they are game both for challenging and being challenged, which makes the episodes wonderfully interrogative, rather than definitive - even the segments with destinationtoast, who shows up occasionally with some awesome fandom stats, are careful to state the limitations of that analysis and focus on the questions it raises. And finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the podcast's totally on point musical choices, which are amazing. I was initially unsure of the value of 30 sec. breaks in a podcast without ads, but I've come around to being 100% in favor and regularly look for the episode rundowns on their tumblr so I can find out what the songs are. Anyway, if you're interested in fandom at all, this is definitely one to check out!
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Super informative and funny
I finally caught up on the podcasts and I can't tell enough people how much I love this podcast. It makes me challenge my perspectives on things in fandom and forces me to think more critically. It's also super funny and I love the hosts. I think it's one of the few informative things about fans and fan culture that isn't condescending on any fandom even if the hosts aren't necessarily into it. It's objective and I love having an academic like space to contemplate fandom.
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Fanscinating .. errr Fascinating!
I didn’t know much about fandom before I started listening to this podcast, so I can’t say how a longterm fan would feel about it, but to an outsider it’s always an intriguing glimpse into the subcultures that are increasing shaping mainstream culture. The two hosts strike a great balance between enthusiasm and perspective.
One of my favorite podcasts, about fandom or otherwise.
Funny and thought-provoking. The hosts engage with interesting high level questions like what it means to be a fan, while also interviewing an excellent assortment of fandom guests (fan linguists, wiki owners, lawyers, meme librarians...), who bring a fascinating variety of perspectives. (Okay, I admit, I’ve been a guest. ;D ) High production values and great show notes, too!
Destination Toast
Thoughtful and fun
This is my favorite fan culture podcast. They dig into some interesting issues.
Great Podcast Discussing Diverse Fandoms
I found the Fansplaining podcast a few weeks ago through their joint show with SRSLY, and I’ve been listening to all the back episodes in my spare time. It’s definitely one of my new favorites. Flourish and Elizabeth are both smart and savvy podcasters who have consistently interesting things to say about fandom at large. I love the way they talk broadly about fan issues without making you feel left out if you aren’t a part of a particular fandom.
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An Informative Delight
Elizabeth and Flourish grapple with the nature of fandom culture. No easy task since it represents the passions of millions of people in arts, sports, and media. The approach it with humor, zest, and their own keep observations. The guests are engaging and insightful.
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