Faded Truth Podcast
Faded Truth Podcast
Angela Martinez
Faded Truth Podcast was created by Angela Martinez during the 2020 Pandemic when her busy life was shut down abruptly. A true Jersey girl, intuitive & outspoken, Angela decided to create a platform where she could dig deep into the minds of creatives, all while educating herself and viewers on the mental and physical health benefits of cannabis. Fast forward to now reaching over 1.5 million listeners with celebrity interviews in hip-hop culture, plant medicine, adult industry, food and creativity spaces. Faded Truth takes an honest approach while highlighting the highs and lows that come with our day-to-day lives. Angie has given great resources to find knowledge, with each episode providing a new focus on topics that the mainstream often overlooks. She allows her guests to be passionate and personal, often bonding the host and guest beyond a podcast episode, creating a special collective community. And you know the truth always comes out when you’re Faded! SUBSCRIBE TO THE GROWTH! https://www.fadedtruth.com
Dr Sebi’s Usha Village 2nd Annual Mind, Body & Soul Retreat Is The Ultimate Reset!
This summer I was grateful to return to the jungle to experience the 2nd Annual Mind, Body & Soul Retreat at Usha Village in Honduras. Usha Village was built from scratch by the infamous herbalist Dr Sebi, who preached the foundation of all health is dictated by what substances you ingest daily. It has been proven that with Sebi’s recipe of herbs, an alkaline diet and discipline, anyone can make a disease-free life their reality. This year I knew more of what to expect and was eager to complete my twice a day regimen of bitters, herbs, sauna, thermal water and of course, good eatin’. This trip we incorporated meditation, massages, bachata, and get an intense lesson on each mineral and its purpose. I came back not just with the smooth skin of a dolphin, but on a mission to keep my overall vessel clean so I can continue to be the healing vessel for others. Although sometimes life seems grim, the opportunities to educate and elevate are always available to you. Email Usha if you’re interested in learning more about this life changing experience. https://www.instagram.com/drsebisusha/ Watch at https://www.fadedtruth.com/episodes
Sep 16
2 hr 30 min
Digital Media Champion ”KENNY KING” Combines Charisma & Kratom For The Ultimate W!
Kenny King is a professional wrestler, instructor and overall Champion with over 20 years experience in the spotlight. Born in Queens, Kenny moved to Florida to pursue ball, but later fell into his ultimate childhood passion of being in the ring. After initially being exposed to a national audience on MTV’s 'Tough Enough 2', he has gone on to compete in countless promotions both stateside and internationally, including Ring of Honor. Today he reps for Impact Wrestling, where he just solidified his Digital Media Championship belt this past Sunday! King is also an avid believer in Kratom, a plant from Southeast Asia exploding into the US, with testimonies of healing for various ailments and addictions. When Kenny isn't killing his competition, he's making a major influence on the young and eager trainees at the 'Future Stars of Wrestling' here in Vegas. https://www.instagram.com/kennykingpb2/ Watch at www.fadedtruth.com/episodes
Sep 9
46 min
LA Media Icon ”DJ HED” Debunks Health & Healing At Usha Village!
From Carson, CA to radio broadcasting school to international tours to your favorite radio stations, DJ Hed is more than just music. "The Coast Guard," as he's come to be known, has a reputation for brutal honesty that compliments unwavering integrity within the industry. After building 'Home Grown Radio' from a make shift bedroom broadcast with friend & business partner Chuck Dizzle, DJ Hed became a staple in the LA Hip Hop scene, garnering national notoriety throughout the community. After hosting for 7 years at IHeart Radio, he recently made the leap to break off and pursue his own creative ventures. Over the last decade, Hed has dedicated his life to the improvement of Los Angeles neighborhoods, speaking regularly at various arenas, charities, fundraisers and schools in addition to maintaining strong political alliances. Although a skeptic to mental and physical health, this year his journey brought him to Usha Village to "debunk" healing first hand, so he can now share this life changing information with his eager network. After all the trials media has taken him through, being undeniable, bringing value, and not taking sh*t personal is Hed's Code to Live By. https://www.instagram.com/djhed/ Watch at https://www.fadedtruth.com/episodes
Sep 1
47 min
Fox 5 Lead Journalist ”MIKE DAVIS” Covers More Than News To Deliver All Things Vegas!
Mike Davis is a media personality, news reporter, TV host, podcaster and all around entertainment plug in Las Vegas. Raised in the Tri-State, Mike has used his Jersey gift of gab to land him interviews with some of the biggest names in sports, music, and radio. Knowing his purpose by the 4th grade, Davis went on to graduate with a masters in broadcast journalism, while becoming the head production intern for the 'Howard Stern Show'. Fast forward to hosting on major TV networks like Fox, CBS & NFL, Mike is now popular for "Making Waking Up Fun" on Fox 5 Vegas News & More Fox 5 every week.  Continuing to live the dream, he also hosts 2 podcasts on Fox and enjoys giving back to the community in fun and memorable ways. Davis attributes his hard work and hustle not only to the East Coast, but to looking within and reminding inner self that if you do just a little better everyday, you're already on schedule. From taste testing with Cake Boss to face painting with Blue Man Group to getting massages from Shaq, you can bet you will ALWAYS be entertained by Mike Davis.  https://www.instagram.com/michaelmikedavis/ Watch at https://www.fadedtruth.com/
Aug 25
1 hr 45 min
’CHAMPS’ Trade Shows Creates Space For Counter-Culture Businesses to Connect & Thrive!
CHAMPS Trade Shows has provided a platform for a wide range of businesses since 1999, including smoke & vape shops, dispensaries, 420 counter-culture stores, adult novelty shops, entrepreneurs, and other industry professionals. These national conferences offer opportunities for businesses to grow and gain current knowledge and product offerings, allowing them to better leverage their business in a thriving marketplace. This year I was souped to partner with my favorite hemp company, Royal Blunts, and utilize their booth to bring awareness to our growing brands. This event I interview various influencers and business owners in the Cannabis & Wellness space, and as always see how this taboo plant has changed lives in monumental ways. Guest features include: Keith-Royal Blunts Business Development RapperKush-Dispensary & Lifestyle Brand Owner Jennifer Tapiero-Artist, Radio Personality Jackey420-Cannabis Influencer Angel Diaz-Love Bites Enhancement Gummies Liz-1836 Kratom & more! https://www.instagram.com/champstradeshows/
Aug 18
54 min
Media Mogul & ’Dodgers’ Host ”JEN DELEON” Uses Faith Over Fear to Skyrocket Her Career!
Jen DeLeon is a podcaster, sports host, producer and all around powerhouse in the hip-hop and media space. Originally from Chicago, Jen moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion of being on camera full time. 13 years later, DeLeon's talent and drive have landed her interviews with Snoop Dogg, Kodak Black, Nipsey Hussle, Chris Brown and a laundry list of major names in Hip Hop. From playing bball with Jadakiss, to boxing with Swae Lee, she has put together unique episodes proving she's not your average content creator. Always wanting to be involved in sports, Jen is now honored to be an in-game host for the LA Dodgers and enjoys using her amiable personality to connect with culture, players and fans alike. Tune in to "The Jen DeLeon Show" to catch up on current artist news and follow her never-ending journey of healing through interviews and inspiration. https://www.instagram.com/jen_deleon/
Aug 11
57 min
Worlds First Pole Dance Instructor ”FAWNIA MONDEY” Teaches Making Fitness Fun!
Fawnia Mondey is a DJ, award winning competitive pole dancer and the 'Worlds First Pole Dance Instructor'. Born and raised in Canada, Fawnia started working in strip clubs and quickly realized the need for teachers in the art of pole. In 1994, Mondey released the world’s first instructional video on how to pole dance and has since produced seven VHS/DVDs, teaching thousands of women worldwide dance moves, floor work, lap dancing, weight training and how to make fitness fun! Since opening 'Pole Fitness Studio" in Las Vegas, she has now influenced women, men and kids to join in on a variety of activities from boot camp to aerial to pilates sessions. Fawnia is also a worldwide respected judge for high level pole competitions including the World Pole Dance Championships, the World Pole Sports Championships and the International Pole Championships. With almost 30 years experience and seeing the demand for safe and effective pole dancing instruction, Fawnia created the Pole Dance Instructor Certification (PDIC) which is a complete training program and guide for running a safe, informative and successful pole dancing school. When she isn't being SuperWoman, Mondey enjoys performing under the name DJ Raven Wave, dedicated to her son who is also following a life of fitness and compassion. Whether it's your birthday, bachelorette, or you simply need a pole delivery to your room, check out https://www.polefitnessstudio.com. https://www.instagram.com/officiallyfawnia/ Watch full episode at https://www.fadedtruth.com/episodes
Aug 4
53 min
President of Business Development “JEFF BROOME” Talks ’Hood to Homes’ & Financial Literacy!
Jeff Broome is the President of Business Development for GoAccredited and the VP of Business Development for Red Coral Entertainment. GoAccredited is a funding platform for small and medium sized business owners, giving access to divisions for products including NO DOC revolving lines of credit, NON-QM and commercial mortgages, SBA loans, cash advance and more. Red Coral is an entertainment platform showcasing creatives in every industry like never before. Broome, born and raised in the projects of Brooklyn, is excited to launch his show on the Red Coral platform “Neighborhood to Homes”, which helps first time homebuyers with the education and tools they need for the meticulous process of homeownership. Whether you are looking for a home, additional revenue or a want to be part of a skilled network of professionals, Jeff is the plug! https://www.instagram.com/jeff.broome/ Watch episode at https://www.fadedtruth.com/episodes
Jul 28
18 min
Pro Sushi Chef ”ROMAN ALLEN” Races the Clock To Open Vegas’ Premier Eatery in 30 Days!
Roman Allen Sarmiento is a long time lover of cuisine and now executive chef of 'The Pepper Club' By Todd English. Though he started cooking young, it wasn't until he relocated to Las Vegas that Chef Roman decided to pursue a career in culinary arts. Since he viewed being a sushi chef as the closest thing to becoming a Samurai, he quickly realized he could fulfill his passion for food while paying homage to anime and Japanese culture. He honed his skills at Yellowtail under the tutelage of Chef Akira Back, Chef Jonathan Li, & Chef Taka San, where he underwent rigorous training and traveled the world with the team. Sarmiento then got the opportunity to open a new restaurant in Sin City but there was a catch; they only had 30 days to get it done! Fast forward to a family-oriented and reliable crew that celebrated their 1 year anniversary this past spring. Chef has also launched a sake brand with his two partners; 'Okawari', which means "seconds" or "back for more". So whether you're in the mood for their signature French Toast, mystery omakase boxes, or some kimchi Brussels, you're guaranteed an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the joy of food and the spirit of innovation. https://www.instagram.com/chefromanallen_/ Watch full episode at https://www.fadedtruth.com/episodes
Jul 21
1 hr 4 min
WWE Heel ”TOP DOLLA” Breaks More Than Necks On The Road to WrestleMania!
A.J. Francis aka "Top Dolla" is a professional wrestler, gamer, musician and elite entertainer. Born in D.C. and raised in Maryland, Dolla realized his unique talents in the athletic and creative spaces early on. After playing in the NFL for 6 years across multiple teams, Francis signed with WWE and finally fulfilled a lifelong dream of wrestling in the big ring as well as performing in his first WrestleMania! A longtime artist, A.J. has released three albums, 2 tours and is excited to drop his 4th project this year. When he isn't building an empire, you can catch him winning FIFA World Championships and traveling the world. Watch Top Dolla and his Hit Row stable, B-Fab & Ashante 'Thee' Adonis, every Friday on WWE SmackDown. And if you didn't know, NOW YOU KNOW!! https://www.instagram.com/ajfrancis410/
Jul 14
58 min
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