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Faded Truth Podcast
Angela Martinez
Faded Truth Podcast is focused around 5 main components; Cannabis, Creatives, Health & Wellness, Taboo & Food Porn. Listen as our host, Angela Martinez digs deep with new talent every Friday. SUBSCRIBE TO THE GROWTH! https://www.fadedtruth.com
Taboo Talk: Single Lady Status!
I know what you're thinking. Here goes a bunch of bitter old women who complain about why they hate men and can't find a good relationship, right? WRONG! I gathered my few single and successful female friends in Vegas to break down exactly why women of our caliber are doing life solo. Is it by choice? Or do we have other personal issues holding us back from enjoying love to its full extent? On this episode we dig deep into our own perceptions of why we haven't claimed anyone, toxic side chick situations, going to therapy and what we're looking for in a future partner. So whether you're blushing, judging or taking notes, get ready for the Faded Truth! https://www.instagram.com/irresistiblydifferent/ https://www.instagram.com/misskmendez/ https://www.instagram.com/__aliyya__/  
Jan 7
1 hr 12 min
Celebrity Nutritionist ”IZEAH BOWMAN” Continues Dr Sebi Legacy Of Healing The Body With Natural Herbs & Minerals!
Izeah Bowman is a celebrity trainer, nutritionist and proud grandson of the late Alfredo Bowman, better known to the world as Dr. Sebi. Izeah is carrying on his grandfather's legacy by healing clients with natural herbs and minerals through the family company, Dietary Resolutions. Living with obesity and asthma, Dr Sebi had decided to educate and heal himself of his own ailments by use of available plants in his village in Honduras. After relieving others around him of harsh sicknesses such as diabetes, cancer & HIV, Sebi was quickly labeled a fraud until he was finally found "not guilty" by the Supreme Court and granted legalization to sell his products all over the globe. As his grandson, Izeah was taught from a very early age what foods are acidic to the body, therefore causing inflammation, mucus and disease. While balancing high school and basketball, Bowman was learning how to change peoples lives drastically, starting with healing his best friend of herpes at 17. After Sebi's passing in 2016, Izeah stepped up to be the next major healer and educator in the family. Other than promoting Sea Moss, which holds 92 of the 102 minerals our body needs daily, Bowman also talks on the benefits of the Blood Purifier, Hair, Skin & Nails, Brain Food, Detox and more, all designed to ENHANCE the body naturally so you can heal from within. You can shop in-store in LA and ATL or contact a consultant online at https://dietaryresolutions.com. SEA MOSS GANG! https://www.instagram.com/dietaryresolutions/ https://www.fadedtruth.com    
Dec 31, 2021
1 hr 30 min
’Bad Girl’ Turned Businesswoman ”Rocky” Santiago Talks Life After Reality TV, SacredSKN & More!
Reality TV icon, Raquel “Rocky” Santiago, is more than just a gorgeous face; she's a 'bad girl' turned business woman! Her amiable personality, unwavering confidence and ambitious attitude have given inspiration to many, on and off the camera. After being involved in several spin offs from the reality hit tv show 'Bad Girls Club', Rocky went on to explore other avenues in her life including modeling, promotions and real estate. After becoming a mother to her beautiful daughter, Noa Rose, Santiago decided to venture into more creative and fulfilling passions. During the 2020 pandemic, Raquel founded her own nature-inspired skincare company, sacredSKN, driven to promote self love and acceptance for all women. This MOM-trepeneur, also, adds “content creator” to her list of titles, varying from popular social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok (@prettygrlrocky) to YouTube channel (@Raquel Santiago) and video game streaming service, Twitch (@rocKILLA). 2022 has big things in store for the powerhouse as she plans to start her own podcast journey and vows to consistently work on her own healing through spirituality! Over the years, the former Bad Girl has constantly proven that there isn’t much she can’t accomplish and she is, without a doubt, far from finished. https://www.instagram.com/prettygrl_rocky/  
Dec 24, 2021
55 min
”MOHAVE MUSHROOMS” Owner Delivers ‘Kung Fu Kickin‘ Healing Through Ancient Natural Medicines!
Mohave Mushrooms is a medicinal mushroom company based out of Las Vegas, focused on bringing the eclectic science and traditional use of mushrooms to mainstream American culture. Although mushrooms have been used culturally for centuries, modern science is only now brushing the surface of what our ancestors already knew - that mushrooms are deep reservoirs for powerful medicines and an integral part of human evolution, both physically and spiritually. Mohave Mushrooms started with two partners Jordan and Wrara, growing gourmet mushrooms on a small scale and selling them at local markets. They have since streamlined the business to focus on creating medicinal mushroom tinctures, supplements, and jerky, made from homegrown mushrooms, then eventually sourcing from the best growers in the nation. These supplements are made from 100% mushroom fruiting body, meaning there is no filler in the powders or tinctures. The average healthy consumer experiences better sleep, sharper cognitive function and increased memory, while people with serious health issues like lupus and fibromyalgia experience huge differences in their health, quelling seizures and digestive issues. When Jordan isn't spreading mushroom awareness, he is working on music production, martial arts and aerialist performances. https://www.instagram.com/mohavemushrooms/ https://www.fadedtruth.com/      
Dec 17, 2021
47 min
Legendary Cannabis Growers ”MENDO DOPE” Spit Facts On The Struggles Of A ‘Real Weed Rapper‘!
Mendo Dope started making music in 2007 when brothers 'Old E' & 'Bleezy' got introduced into the industry with Reek Daddy on NOYB Records. After releasing their first nation wide album in 2009, they exploded on to the scene in 2013 with their double disc reggae hip-hop album, "Planters Of The Trees", featuring reggae legends Pato Banton, Marlon Asher, President Brown and more. Soon after the release they were raided by local sheriff and COMET for growing medical cannabis, but that didn't stop them. They gained a huge following throughout the Cannabis Culture and continued to release albums dedicated to the ganja farmers and medical patients. In 2015, they took their music outside to record "Live In The Garden", the first album ever to be completed in a marijuana tree recording booth right in their backyard.   As their popularity grew, Mendo Dope began touring the states and performing with a full live band traveling across country. Mendo's popular "How To Grow" DVDs and 26 million plus views on their YouTube series for outdoor cultivating have gotten them featured in Magazines such as High Times, Weed World, Cannabis Now and Greenleaf. This month is epic for the pair as they perform for the first time at The Emerald Cup and get ready for their 15th album, "M's In The Air", dropping 12/31/21. Mendo Dope will continue to help farms progress across the globe and break the stigma of the powerful cannabis plant! https://mendodopemusic.com  
Dec 10, 2021
48 min
Best Selling Author & Mr Fries Man UNLV ”STEVE PHILLIPS”  Breaks Stigma To Build Generational Wealth!
Steve Phillips, originally from Gardena, CA, is a new staple in the Las Vegas restaurant business after opening his first 'Mr Fries Man' franchise this past year across from UNLV. A self taught chef since age 10, Steve has always been his happiest when the people around him were eating healthy and smiling hard. After moving to the desert, Phillips hosted for the legendary Drais Nightclub on The Strip, where his entrepreneurial spirit really kicked in. Only being open for a few months, MFM UNLV is a local and tourist attraction for athletes, artists and celebs alike. You can find Steve's best selling cookbook "Cooking Made Easy For Real Niggas: My Soul Into A Science" on Amazon Kindle. 2022 plans include learning more about spirituality, dropping a low carb cookbook and a opening a second Mr Fries Man location in a city near you! https://www.instagram.com/_king.steve_ https://www.fadedtruth.com/    
Dec 4, 2021
56 min
Why I Left Youtube: Starting Your Own Podcast & Monetizing Yourself!
Ever consider starting your own podcast but have NO IDEA where to start? I was there in the beginning too. This week I'm talking directly to my supporters about how I started my journey, equipment I started filming with vs the new equipment I just bought, the harsh realities of Youtube creators and why I decided to start my own website to get paid for my content creation! There is no better feeling than entrepreneurship! Keep grindin and shining! https://www.fadedtruth.com  
Nov 26, 2021
28 min
Taboo Talk: Men VS Women Q&A!
Remember Howard Stern before he went all commercial? That's what this episode is like. Im getting down to the nitty gritty with the age old debate of men vs women perspectives on love, sex and relationships. I believe it's crucial we hear viewpoints from the opposite sex instead of our best friends so we can continue to break cycles and stigmas. This episode features Fellas Podcast, G6 & Brenda. So whether you're single, taken or "its complicated", get comfy and get ready for the Faded Truth! https://www.fadedtruth.com  
Nov 19, 2021
59 min
Block Boy Media CEO “IRV DA GOD” Brings NY Hustle To Vegas & Builds A Family Empire!
Born & raised in Queens, "Irv Da God" is a Las Vegas based artist & entrepreneur, with bodies of work in music, film, and overall entertainment. Irv is Founder & CEO of both Block Boy Media & Block Boy Mafia, a family owned business pushing first hand stories to the masses through creative production. Irv Da God's first studio album “Thirty 3,” was released in 2019, and featured one of his top singles “Trap Till Summer.” In 2020, his label B.B.M. released their first studio collaborative album, “Son Day.” In film, Irv has directed, produced, edited, and acted in his own independently funded productions including the short film, “Edges Not Full,” and the television series, “Block Boy: Behind The Lights.” Irv strives to continue to stay innovative and find creative outlets to grow both his brand and himself. https://www.instagram.com/irv_da_god/ https://www.fadedtruth.com  
Nov 12, 2021
31 min
High Times Mag Director ”MARK KAZ” Makes Consumer History With The 2021 Nevada Cannabis Cup!
Mark Kaz is the Director of Competitions for High Times Magazine, running the Cannabis Cups across the United States and beyond to identify and award the best cannabis brands and products in each state. His goal is to provide a platform to spotlight brands, large and small, new and old, get their products into the hands of new customers, and to gather real, honest feedback from judges that these brands can use to continue improving their products. Of course, they also get a chance to win the illustrious Cannabis Cup, the most recognized award in the Cannabis industry. Mark's life started in South Florida, moved to Cleveland, Ohio, then to New York City where his sales and marketing career began. After moving to Los Angeles, CA, Mark worked in the talent agency world booking tours for live musicians and stand-up comedians around the country. His work at the talent agencies caught the attention of High Times, who brought him over to hone his skills in event production, talent booking, and now running all operations for the Cannabis Cups. When not working, you can catch Mark, or Kaz as friends call him, at the skatepark or in the kitchen making breakfast sandwiches, which he also used to hustle on the side. Hit him up https://www.instagram.com/mayor_mark/or Kaz@hightimes.com. Get your judge test kits at https://www.cannabiscup.com. https://www.fadedtruth.com
Nov 5, 2021
35 min
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