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Faded Truth Podcast
Angela Martinez
Faded Truth Podcast is focused around 5 main components; Cannabis, Creatives, Health & Wellness, Taboo & Food Porn. Listen as our host, Angela Martinez digs deep with new talent every Friday. SUBSCRIBE TO THE GROWTH! https://www.fadedtruth.com
Vegas Sports Bet King ’MAZI VS’ Drops GEMS On Betting Smarter Not Harder!
Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Mazi VS is now known as the "Sports Bet King" of Las Vegas. His legacy was solidified when he placed a $500,000 bet on the Saints onslaught of the Buccaneers that netted him a comfortable $750,000 return. Putting his first $500 on a game quickly progressed to betting thousands and most recently, a cool million. Dissecting games the morning of, SBK's massive fan base depends on him daily for calculated advice to win big on Exclusive and VIP plays. In 2020, his obsession with music drove him to drop his first EP "For The Hell Of It" with his new video dropping soon for his single "Run It Up". This year is heavily booked with filming a new TV Show, Youtube and more. When he isn't making himself and others millions, he travels the world and enjoys the fruits of his labor. You can learn more about his picks at https://mazipicks.com. https://www.instagram.com/mazivs/  
Jun 17
32 min
Poly Content Couple ’Rikki & Jodi’ Combine Lust & Love For Their Ultimate Fantasy!
After ten years of friendship, Rikki & Jodi carried their solid connection into the bedroom to become a polyamorous content couple. From a young age, they individually knew that monogamy was not for them, equally enjoying multiple women and often getting caught for doing so. The free spirit in Jodi & the fire in Rikki has perpetuated a trusting relationship, attracting females who are more than willing to join in on the sexual escapades, with Rikki's permission of course! Jodi is also a Manual Meditation Therapist, taking massages to a whole new level with professionalism in sports, cupping, deep tissue and more. Rikki continues to shine her strong views on positive feminism, self love & anti-slut shaming. As an influencer, she prides herself on standing firm for the Black, LGBT+, Women and Sex Worker communities. You can find the gorgeous couple at the next EXXXOTICA or subscribe to their OnlyFans content for more. https://www.instagram.com/rikki_n_jodi/  
Jun 3
45 min
Quantum Coach ”LAURA CANTU” Facilitates Life Change By Breaking the Pattern of The Matrix!
Laura C. Cantu is a Quantum Coach who uses a multidimensional approach to assist you in breaking free from the Matrix and reclaiming your sovereignty. She travels between realms to bring your spiritual self into your true self so you can finally break the corrupted energetic patterns and live your life to its fullest potential. Laura's gift started as early as she could remember and she has been "helping" people ever since; earning her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine in 2012 and working with some of the most respected and gifted healers in the world. Laura also focuses her creative energies in other positive outlets. As a professional dancer, Laura won six national titles and placed fourth in the Professional Argentine Tango World Championships. Her artwork has toured the world, and her first novel won a Goodreads’ book of the month award. Laura is also an expert at drawing, painting, 3D art and animations, and graphic design. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, meditating, creating new projects, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets. If you or anyone you know needs healing, please visit her site at https://www.quantum-gal.com. https://www.instagram.com/lauraccantu/  
May 22
59 min
Hard for some to believe, but my whole life I was identified as an angry, unstable and cold hearted person. Hey, when you're a product of your environment, how else are you supposed to survive? My emotional walls I've built have always made it hard to really connect with others but the show pushed me into starting my rocky healing journey. So I decided to do an episode to dig a little deeper into my past, who I'm becoming and how I hustled my way to the happiest point in my life where my beauty finally outshines my pain. Thank you for supporting the growth! https://www.fadedtruth.com  
May 13
1 hr 4 min
’Puff & Paint’ Content Couple Blend Cannabis & Creativity For An Elevated Vegas Vibe!
Justice Fox and Jade Victoria have coined the term "Puff & Paint" following the gathering of a few friends 4 years ago. The spiritual element and artistic connection they both have with the plant sparked them to create a space where those they loved could come to hang out, have fun and get elevated. Since then, Vegas' Creative Couple have blossomed into organized monthly events filled with cannabis, art, and positive vibes. Originally from New York, Justice moved to Vegas and now lives on the family ranch with Jade and their two gorgeous girls, with a third child on the way! Tickets to the party include a live DJ, all painting necessities, vegan options, games, and a free joint! These two will continue to heal and shed light on everyone who decides to share their talented and inspirational space! https://www.instagram.com/thegrandlifelv/ https://www.instagram.com/xojadevictoria/  
May 6
51 min
Certified Ganjier ”ED OCHOA” Elevates Cannabis Consciousness By Reconnecting Soul With Soil!
Ed "Ocho" Ochoa became a Certified Ganjier in September 2021. In the tradition of the wine sommelier, cigar aficionado, or master chocolatier, Ganjier is a first-of-its-kind, rigorous, multi-tiered cannabis sommelier certification created and taught by the most respected names in the field with the intent of producing an entirely new class of cannabis professional—the Ganjier. After attending several Emerald Cups, Ed became inspired to find ways to contribute to sun grown, grass roots cannabis farms rather than supporting the traditional markets. The education into certification consists of identifying density, aroma, terpene profile, trichomes and more than you ever thought was in one little bud. Ocho thanks the Ganjier process for allowing him to steward the land, assist in planting and harvesting, reconnect his soul with soil, and build a deeper relationship with the sacred plant. If you're looking to be the next Weed Nerd visit https://www.ganjier.com to learn more! https://www.instagram.com/elev8edganjier/  
Mar 18
49 min
’Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant’ Combines Culture & Cocktails For The Ultimate Vegas Experience!
Jersey born, New York bred entrepreneur, Tariq Ali, acquired his first business opportunity fresh out of college. 30 years later, Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant is known as a staple in Las Vegas for its amazing food, culture and entertainment. Located just north of the Strip, Marrakech is a perfect choice for date night, business meetings, and every celebration in between. Being from Egyptian and Lebanese descent, Tariq has wholeheartedly created the perfect fusion of Moroccan, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine in a six course Halal feast for only $49.99 a person. Escape for the evening inside "The Tent" , where bellydancers perform nightly in show stopping, jewel encrusted costumes to ancestral beats that get everyone out of their seats to join the party! This year, Tariq has big plans for his restaurant with new renovations, expansion and the addition of hookah to the menu. Whether you're a local or a tourist, sometimes the Vegas scene can get mundane. Come get the Marrakech experience! https://www.instagram.com/marrakechlv/  
Mar 11
43 min
Yoga & Meditation Master ”KRIS BLUNT” Enlightens The Globe To Strengthen The Mind, Body & Soul!
Kristina Michelle Blunt affectionately called Kris has been a mover "literally and figuratively," since she discovered dance at the age of nine. Dance was the beginning of finding form without words, expressing soul through movement, in addition to exploring the curious and bewildering nature of Self. Her love of dance led Kris to spectacular parts of the globe, allowing her to perform with reputable dance companies and eventually leading into to the healing practice of yoga. In 2007, Kris received her 200 hour teacher training certification through YogaWorks in New York City. Following her training, she immediately began leading a yoga warm up to the cast and crew of Broadway’s The Lion King. In 2008, she returned to YogaWorks to deepen her knowledge of yoga and completed her 300 hour training. In 2011, Kris relocated to Las Vegas and currently teaches at Trufusion Summerlin and Blue Diamond locations, as well as Kintsugi. Kris is registered with Yoga Alliance, holds additional certifications in Pre-Natal, Yin and Restorative Yoga and has more than 108 hours in Yoga Anatomy. Although most yoga exercise is for the physical body, Yin focuses on empowering the mind so we can live a more carefree life and address the issues that keep us in a mental hamster wheel. Kris continues to shine her light and guide others effortlessly to feel "unstuck" from their everyday lives. https://www.instagram.com/krisblunt/  
Mar 4
54 min
Radio Legend JUDE ANGELINI AKA ”RUDE JUDE” Puts Pain On Paper & Turns Tragedy Into Triumph!
Jude Anthony Angelini, also known as 'Rude Jude', is a radio host, television personality and best selling author who has hosted Shade 45s 'The All Out Show' on SiriusXM since the early 2000's. Jude's truthful conversations and wild antics have shocked and awed millions of listeners for the past 20 years, making him one of the most unapologetic icons to date. His first break into entertainment was getting cast on the 'The Jenny Jones Show' in the 90s, after his cynical humor became a necessary edition to the reality program. Soon after, Jude got his first radio gig that sent him to LA, NY & back to his hometown of Detroit, MI. Though he only journaled as a child, Jude realized he needed to find another form of income since his industry is more about who you know, rather than how you can add value to your company. 'Hyena', 'Hummingbird' & his newest 2022 publication, 'Fin', carry you through a dark and light trilogy, mentally and physically, of what Jude experienced from childhood up until the present day in his 40s. His fresh perspectives on sex, drugs, and life will keep your eyes glued to these tell-all autobiographies until you subsequently ask yourself "What Would Jude Do?". You can find all 3 books available for purchase on Amazon and tune in to the 'All Out Show' Weekdays 4-7pm ET/1-4pm PT on Sirius XM radio. https://www.instagram.com/onemorejude/  
Feb 26
1 hr 17 min
M4MM Director & Plant Advocate ”NICOLE BUFFONG” Continues Global Mission To Inspire & Heal!
Since being diagnosed with HIV in 2017, Nicole Buffong has been on a mission to not only educate the world on the power of plant medicine, but also create spaces for progress, education, and activism for the sacred cannabis plant. Determined not to take synthetic drugs for the rest of her life, Nicole went against doctors’ recommendations & launched her own holistic healing initiative, becoming a pioneer in the green foods movement. In September 2017, she founded the Georgia chapter of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, one of the country’s largest non-profit organizations working to bring equity and opportunity to communities hit hardest by the drug war through providing advocacy, education, and training. Ultimately, Buffong has served M4MM in a variety of capacities, including Regional Director of the Caribbean and Nevada State Director prior to accepting her current role as Western Regional Director across 8 states. Nicole also serves on the Board of Directors for ACHEM, Association for Cannabis Health, Equity & Medicine & The Nevada Chamber of Cannabis. In 2021, she created Purple Plant Magic, a cannabis consulting agency focusing on using education to empower Cannabis users and their ally's into becoming advocates as well as custom education curriculum for brands and community programs. Buffong is also excited about expanding the legal Cannabis industry throughout the Caribbean, ensuring the region has the advocacy resources it needs. Her experience in both the patient and caretaker role has helped her immensely on her journey of building a campaign to achieve legislative goals and promote a holistic, healthy lifestyle. https://www.instagram.com/purpleplantmagic/  
Feb 19
1 hr
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