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Episode 70: No Kissing During Sex
Heyyyyyyy Y'all ! We ar eback like we never left. We've missed y'all these last few months. After a brief check in with our individual lives we embark on a discussion about a viral video featuring chocolate, foine-a** artist Xian Bell. In an interview on a YouTube talkshow, Xian is shunned by the hose for kissing during casual sex. Y'all really gotta hear all the content around his aversion. His "y'all really our here kissing women?" quote has us, here at Facts Only, ready to gently unpack what all of that truly means. Whoo chile!.... Tune in for the full episode now.
Aug 26, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Episode 69: A Mother's Day KiKi
Today we discuss a popular tweet warning women to steer clear of having children if they can not accept the idea of them growing up to have their own ideas, principles, values and identities. The conversation gets quite intense as we discuss our own parents’ decisions and how they’ve impacted our lives vs. our plans as future parents. The new mommy of the group, JB, also shares her personal plans for her daughter, Abigail, and how her ideas of motherhood have drastically shifted since she’s had her. This episode ends with a juicy wager between members about who and when the next mother of the group shall be. Care to join the wager?! 😏 Please remember to like review and subscribe to our podcast! Tell us what you think of the episode; your feedback means the world
May 10, 2020
50 min
Episode 68: Living The Dream w/ Amanda Booz
Our friend Amanda Booz blesses us with a long over due hit chat about her experience as a full time host of her very own lifestyle talk show. She gives insight on what it's like to move across the country for work, politics of being an opinionated black woman in the south and even gives the major tips for social media branding. We also get to hear about how she maintains focused and what has kept her thriving during COVID-19. What started out as another girlfriend check-in turned into yet another episode of a guest snatching us bald with knowledge. Don't forget to like review and subscribe.
May 3, 2020
59 min
Episode 67: Cat's Out The Bag
Today we discuss allegations regarding a popular host of an even more popular party series. We take a look at who we think is responsible for assault in cringey "rapey" situations vs. who the public often blames. If you leave with a man after the club is it now no holds barred? Is it the woman's responsibility to view all men as potential predators? What do y'all think? Catch the tea on what happened as well as how we feel about it. Don't forget to like, comment, review and subscribe.
Apr 29, 2020
57 min
Episode 66: He's Just Not That Into You W/ Teddy
JB's brother Teddy agreed to grace is with his presence on this week's episode and we couldn't be more grateful. He's a married man of 13 years and we wanted to get his opinion on some ideas concerning marriage and commitment. For example, if a man is in a relationship with one woman and after that relationship ends, is engaged to another woman 6 moths later Teddy says the new sis just had a spark that the former relationship didn't have. The convo gets deeper into discussing topics to visit before marriage and even deciphering love languages. Don't forget to like, review, share and subscribe!
Apr 27, 2020
56 min
Episode 65: What Kind Of Pandemic Friend Are You?
We’ve been seeing this meme going around debating whether this pandemic exposes how good of a friend you are or if you should get a pass on behavior because this is such a huge crisis. What do you think? Are you keeping tabs on who reaches out to you during this time or are you simply worried about yourself? Listen to us discuss this and go off on our own tangents about what we’ve been up to and how things have changed since Ms. Rona has been in our lives. Don’t forget to like, review, share and subscribe!
Apr 23, 2020
51 min
Episode 64: A Zodiac Dragging w/ Natali Nicole
We hope your 4/20 is going all the way up! We wish you great “heights” in this quarantine. Please continue to relax and enjoy this week’s episode...We have a guest expert on astrology: Natali Nicole and gurlaaaa it gets crazy! Listen in and cackle while we play a game of “Which zodiac sign is most like to...” ghost, or shoot their shot or even still go to the club when they’re older. Lastly can someone mail us three new wigs because, our edges were collectively snatched bald as Natali read our natal charts (BRIEFLY) and dragged us for filth honey, FILTH! Listen as she gathers us and also hit her up for your own personal gathering, uhh we mean reading. (ig:@natali.nicole and click the link in her bio) Don’t forget to like, review and subscribe
Apr 19, 2020
55 min
Episode 63: Don't Cha Know That You're Toxic ?!`
One of our listeners asked our opinion of toxic traits so we decided to make a list and: gas lighting, all about me, and a lack of loyalty all made the cut. Whhheeewwww Chile! We also made a point to highlight how we are toxic in our own very lives. Go on and press that play button to see if you've been toxic in your past. #LetsArgue This quarantine had us putting it all out on the table. So please remember to like, review and subscribe
Apr 15, 2020
59 min
Episode 62: Date Your BFF's Ex w/The Grown Man Podcast
Oooh Chile, we were blessed and honored to record with the educated and opinionated brothers of "The Good Man Podcast" for today's episode. Not only did we get clarity about their beliefs around girl and guy codes, we also delve deep into older topics such as possession, menage trois and what it means to be a "Good Man" with the male perspective. We promise you you do NOT want to miss this seamless and hilarious collaboration. Please like, review and subscribe to our page as well as our guests' on iTunes and SoundCloud
Apr 7, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Episode 61: A Man's Job
Hey y'all! Hope your quarantine is going as smoovly as it can. We wanted to bless y'all with another episode since we all in the house on the Palm Sundee. Today we talk about a meme where a man references his female friend's plea to "no longer feel like the n*gga in her relationships". He said that what he once identified as a strength in women is now seeming like more of a burden. Y'all be feeling like y'all doing a man's job in your relationships? Or are all roles transferable regardless of gender? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to like, review and subscribe!
Apr 5, 2020
45 min
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