Extra Hot Great: This Week In TV
Extra Hot Great: This Week In TV
Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, David T. Cole
Join David T. Cole, Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting and their valued guests each week for discussion of what's new on TV plus our hall of fame roundtable segment called The Canon, listen as we appoint Winners and Losers Of The Week and of course our ultra competitive TV trivia quiz: Game Time.
331: War Is Hell: An All-Canon Episode
The panel is contemplating three user submissions for the Canon this week, starting with the extremely highly rated, extreeeeemely looooong series finale of MASH. Lindy makes a fascinating parallel between [waves hands vaguely] All This and the world MASH portrayed, but is the episode's status as a historical reference enough to earn it a medal of honor? Next, we're sampling a first-season Strangers With Candy episode submitted by Tim (and the second in which a chicken figures heavily). Does Amy Sedaris's satirical take on The Best Little Girl In The World -- and a solid comedic turn from one Ellen Pompeo -- have what we'd call a debater's body? Finally, Mlle. Caroline files a support ticket for The IT Crowd, which pits Matt Berry and a great PSA parody against suboptimal pacing and an intrusive laugh track. Try turning it off and then back on again: it's an all-Canon Extra Hot Great! 
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Dec 2
1 hr
330: Saying A Final Farewell To Supernatural
After 15 seasons on two networks, Supernatural has finally hunted its last monster, and our French friend Caroline Lefloch is joining us to bury the series finale in an unmarked, shallow grave. Around The Dial takes us through I Hate Suzie, Peacock's sequel to Saved By The Bell, Agatha Christie's Poirot, and new looks at the D.B. Cooper case in both History's Greatest Mysteries and HBO's The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper. Kimberly challenges us to Fleabag-enize a show by adding a hot clergy person to it; then it's on to Guy's submission of the Perfect Strangers episode "Just Desserts" for induction into The Canon. Finally, after crowning the week's Winner and Loser, we end on a Game Time with a little Gallic flair. Load up the vintage Impala and join us! 
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Nov 25
1 hr 30 min
329: (Baby-)Sitting With Becoming You
It might not be Olivia Colman's highest-profile streaming series this week, but Apple TV+'s Becoming You, which explores how the first 2000 days of our lives shape our futures, is perfectly on-brand: expensive, gorgeously shot, and not quiiiiite essential. Omar returns to the guest chair to talk about the series' limited concept of diversity; whether the show made him miss his kids' first years; and what a visual subtweet of Brooklyn parents looks like. After that, we moved on to Colman's other big gig in Around The Dial as Tara talked about The Crown (plus Candy Land, and alas, there's no crossover event there...yet) before the rest of us made stops at The Animal Rescue Show and SVU's odious season premiere. Suley asked us to script a Jack McCoy rant for Extra Credit, and then Tara Talked To Us about a first-season Joe Pera Talks To You episode about The Who ("second base!"). Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer won; COVID production shutdowns lost; and we curled up with cozy murders (and gardening ghosts) in Game Time. Insert your own "baby bunting" joke here: it's an all-new Extra Hot Great! 
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Nov 18
1 hr 39 min
328: Celebrating Christmastime In The City With Dash & Lily
Perhaps you feel the 2020 holiday season should start a little earlier than may be strictly traditional? So does Netflix, as it brings us all Dash & Lily, in which a pair of adorable teens who've never met use a red notebook to challenge each other to dares all over New York City. Internet Boyfriend taxonomist Esther Zuckerman jumps over from Thrillist to talk about it! Around The Dial takes us through A Teacher, B Positive, Ted Lasso, The Reagans, and the maddening episode numbering of Disney+. Andrea pitches the Barry episode "ronny/lily" for induction into The Canon. Then after naming the week's Winner and Loser, it's on to a Game Time that you should thank for its service. Make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and join us! 
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Nov 11
1 hr 16 min
327: The Extra Hot Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show
EHG's Dave and Game Time veteran Dan Cassino along with host Taylor Cole welcome Tara, Sarah and Mark Blankenship for a special crossover episode with The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show! Tara, Sarah and Mark battle it out in TV trivia modelled after a typical Extra Hot Great episode! We'll open with a new release for the week, go Around the Dial with a game about shows that change networks, and play The Canon where our contestants must separate great works of literature from TV favorites. It all comes down to a contentious lightning round to determine the Winner and Losers of the week! 
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Nov 4
1 hr 7 min
326: Unpacking The Undoing or Too Many Butterflies
What if Big Little Lies, but in New York City and with no point? That's kind of how Emily and the regulars all felt about The Undoing, the latest Nicole Kidman-David E. Kelley collaboration for HBO; we admired the workmanship, while not really understanding what sets it apart from BLL (besides the quality of the wigs), or buying Kidman and Hugh Grant's chemistry. Will any of us be successfully cliff-hung into watching all six episodes? Later, we investigated Around The Dial with stops at Archer, the new Supermarket Sweep, Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Morning Show, City So Real, and The Queen's Gambit, before location-scouting "Domestic Survivor" for Don's Extra Credit. Emily hoped the signal-to-noise ratio of a fourth-season Halt And Catch Fire episode would be good enough to connect it to the Canon. Stath Lets Flats won, Quibi lost, and Game Time proved a severe insult to the brain (and other things). Quick, look hunted! It's an all-new Extra Hot Great. 
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Oct 28
1 hr 56 min
325: Are We Living For Someone Has To Die?
Netflix's new import is a miniseries set in Franco-era Spain and revolving around a just-returned college grad and his Mexican ballerino friend. How does Lázaro's arrival tear the community apart (with lust)? Will Ellis joins us to talk about it! Around The Dial takes us through Social Distance, The Conners, Selling Sunset, Australia's Next Top Model, and HBO's A West Wing Special. Will presents Naomi Campbell's visit to The Tyra Banks Show for induction to The Canon; then after naming the week's Winner and Loser, we close things up with a Game Time that has spirit(s). Settle into your favorite wing chair at the Shooting Club and join us! 
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Oct 21
1 hr 28 min
324: The Right Stuff May Not Have...Well, You Know
Disney+ and NatGeo decided to remake beloved '80s Mercury-astronauts epic (and earlier Tom Wolfe book) The Right Stuff as a series...and Adam Moussa decided to talk about it with us, a choice he may regret, because the four of us struggled to care. We struggled even to tell various astronauts apart, even, when we weren't wondering why this needed to be made, whether we should recommend For All Mankind instead, and where various actors would be in the Twink Taxonomy. Then we splashed down into Around The Dial with stops at Connecting, The Good Wife, Dark Side Of The Ring, and Rise Of Empires: Ottoman, we ordered some bangers and Smash with a Canon presentation on RuPaul's Drag Race UK. AppleTV+ won, Max Ehrich was a giant loser, and we were absolutely horrified by the wordplay in Game Time. Strap in to the vomit comet: it's an all-new Extra Hot Great! 
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Oct 14
1 hr 32 min
323: Doing A Tight Five On The Comedy Store
Showtime's latest docuseries is a deep (maybe too deep) dive on L.A. comedy club The Comedy Store, and first-time guest Brandi Brown -- herself a comic -- is joining us to talk about it! Around The Dial takes us through Emily In Paris, Polar Bear's Café, and Paramount's doc I Am Richard Pryor. CoreyAH challenges us to cast the Hallmark Christmas movies of tomorrow, today! Then, after her successful pitch of "Senegal," Françoise goes back to the Parts Unknown well to pitch us the "Houston" episode. We crown the week's Winner and Loser; then it's on to a Game Time that takes place in front of an unadorned brick wall. Join us -- but just so you know, there's a two-drink minimum! 
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Oct 7
1 hr 28 min
322: Should You Search For Utopia?
We're thrilled Devindra could step over from Engadget and Slashfilm to talk to us about Utopia, Gillian Flynn's reimagining of a belovedly culty UK original. Sarah was less thrilled by the show itself, which she's probably bailing on after only two episodes, but the rest of the panel had good things to say about the story, the acting (especially John Cusack), and how fundamentally weird it is that Amazon chose to release Utopia anyway during All Of This. After a trip Around The Dial with Enola Holmes, Julie And The Phantoms, The Legend Of Korra, 30 For 30's new Oscar Pistorius deep-dive, and Dave's long-awaited Cobra Kai review, we took the correct train to Coney Island for Whitney's Canon presentation on the Mr. Robot pilot. Christine Baranski won, tight pants lost, and Game Time put a song in our hearts. Put down those raisins and cue up an all-new Extra Hot Great! 
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Sep 30
1 hr 58 min
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