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The world’s only podcast celebrating films where helicopters explode.
Episode 132: Skyfire
“Only a lunatic would build a world class resort on a ticking time bomb of molten earth.”  On this show we do the deep dive on the shallowest volcano movie ever made, SKYFIRE (2019).We’re joined by disaster movie aficionado Fred Andersson to discuss spectacular set-pieces, one dimensional characters, and a classic exploding helicopter. Show notesSkyfire (2019)Director: Simon WestCast: Hannah Quinlivan, Wang Xue-Qi, Jason IsaacsPlot: Geologist Wentao Li (Xueqi Wang) vowed he would never return to Tianhuo Island after a catastrophic volcano eruption tragically killed his wife. But 20 years later, his daughter Meng works on the island that took her mother's life, developing an eruption forecasting system. The island has now been transformed into a theme park by greedy businessman Jack Harris (Jason Isaacs) despite Meng's warnings. As the volcano begins to erupt, it's a race against the clock to save the tourists and villagers from the apocalyptic chaos.Episode 132.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Fred AnderssonTwitter: @homosatanisInstagram: Schmollywood Babylon
Feb 28
41 min
Episode 131: The Final Countdown
”Somebody - for some reason - wants us to believe that we’re back in 1941.” On this show we spiral backwards through the time tunnel to review THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (1980).We discuss time paradoxes, marvel at the art of background acting, and admire the film’s military hardware. Oh, and we of course discuss an exploding helicopter which may secure the outcome of WWII. Show notesThe Final Countdown (1980)Director: Don SharpCast: Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Charles Durning, Ron O’Neal, Katharine RossPlot: A modern aircraft carrier is thrown back in time to 1941 near Hawaii, just hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.Episode 131.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Nick RehakTwitter: @TheRehakWebsite: Rehak Radio
Jan 31
38 min
Episode 130: Soldier Boyz
“Where’s the Sixties music dude?”On this show we take a look at the insane genre mash-up SOLDIER BOYZ (1995) – a film that attempts to fuse a prison movie, a teen drama with a ‘back to Vietnam rescue mission’ action film. Matt Poirier from the DTV Connoisseur returns to the show to discuss young offender rehabilitation, the film’s computer game spin-off and the only collaboration to date between Michael Dudikoff and Darren Aronofsky.Show notesSoldier Boyz (1995)Director: Louis MorneauCast: Micahel Dudikoff, Cary Tagawa, Don Stroud, Jacqueline ObradorsPlot: After the daughter of a wealthy American businessman is captured by a Vietnamese guerrilla group – an ex-Marine turned juvenile prison counsellor - is hired to lead a rescue mission alongside six young offenders.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow DTV ConnoisseurTwitter: @dtvconnoisseurWebsite: DTVConnoisseur.blogspot.comNovel: Holtman Arms by Matt Poirier
Dec 31, 2022
54 min
Episode 129: Evasive Action
“You wait – my travel agent is going to hear about this.” On this episode we take a look at EVASIVE ACTION (1998) a film which tries to recreate the magic of Con Air, but this time on a train. Jay Cluitt from the Con Air: The Podcast joins us to look at the uncanny and shameless similarity to the Nicholas Cage classic. We also examine the little known musical career of one of the film’s stars and, of course, the exploding helicopter action.Show notesEvasive Action (1998)Director: Jerry P JacobsCast: Dorian Harewood, Roy Scheider, Ray Wise, Sam Jones, Clint HowardPlot: A group of dangerous prisoners need to be transported to a new, maximum security, prison. Having witnessed the disastrous events of Con Air – when the authorities tried to transfer prisoners by plane – the criminals here are to be transported in a special rail carriage attached to a regular passenger train. But it soon becomes apparent that some of the prisoners have an escape plan.  Episode 129. Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Jay CluittTwitter: @ConAirPodTwitter: @LifeVsFilmWebsite: LifeVsFilm
Nov 30, 2022
37 min
Episode 128: Shadow Conspiracy
“Did your date lose the handcuff key?”On this episode we don our tin foil hats to review the conspiracy thriller SHADOW CONSPIRACY (1997).We’re joined by Nick Rehak to discuss conspicuous hitmen, the cinematic significance of basketball, and Stephen Lang’s hair through the ages. Oh, and we also talk about an exploding helicopter that one of our hosts declares the best they’ve even seen! Show notesDirector: George P CosmatosCast: Charlie Sheen, Linda Hamilton, Donald Sutherland, Sam Waterston, Ben Gazarra, Gore Vidal, Stephen LangPlot: Bishop, trusted advisor to the president, has shots fired at him when Pachenko comes to him about a traitor in highest level of government. He gets away from the cold blooded assassin twice. Will he find the traitor before getting killed?Episode 128.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Nick RehakTwitter: @TheRehakWebsite: Rehak Radio
Oct 31, 2022
38 min
Episode 127: Godzilla (2014)
“They call him GORR-Z-YAH!” After punishing ourselves by reviewing Roland Emmerich’s 1998 version, we turn our attentions to the Gareth Edwards helmed reboot, remake, re-quel GODZILLA (2014).Big G superfan joins us to discuss how this version honours/besmirches (delete as appropriate) the monster series traditions. And we of course look at the exploding helicopter action. Or, in this case, the exploding helicopter chain reaction. Show notesDirector Gareth EdwardsCast: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, Ken WatanabePlot: Ford Brody - a Navy bomb expert - has just reunited with his family in San Francisco when he is forced to go to Japan to help his estranged father, Joe. Soon - both men are swept up in an escalating crisis when Godzilla - rises from the sea to combat malevolent adversaries that threaten the survival of humanity.  Episode 127.
Sep 30, 2022
33 min
Episode 126: Black Hawk Down
“It’s all in the grind Sizemore.” On this show we’re taking a look at Ridley Scott’s war epic BLACK HAWN DOWN (2001). As the events the film depict fade from memory, how does it play today? What point was the film trying to make? And how in the hell has Ridley Scott only ever made one film with exploding helicopter. We ask many questions on this show, but do we have any answers? Listen now and find out. Show notesDirector: Ridley ScottCast: Ewan McGregor, Eric Bana, Josh Hartnett, Sam Shepherd, Tom SizemorePlot: US soldiers are dropped into Mogadishu in October 1993 to capture the lieutenants of a renegade warlord, but find themselves in a desperate battle with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis.Episode 126.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Nick RehakTwitter: @TheRehakWebsite: Rehak Radio
Aug 31, 2022
37 min
Episode 125: Firepower (1979)
“What’s going on here? I’m lost.”On this show we review Michael Winner’s FIREPOWER (1979). A film where the plot is almost as bonkers as the cast. We’re joined by Nick Rehak to try and work out what on earth is going on and discuss the exploding helicopter action.Show notesFirepower (1979)Directed by: Michael WinnerCast: James Coburn, Sophia Loren, OJ Simpson, Vincent Gardenia, Eli Wallach, Jake La Motta, Victor MaturePlot: A retired hitman is hired by the F.B.I. to track down a powerful and reclusive businessman who is suspected of murder. Episode: 125Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Nick RehakTwitter: @TheRehakWebsite: Rehak Radio
Jul 31, 2022
37 min
Episode 124: High Ice
“Never blame a mountain for what it does.” On this episode we take a look at one of the last films of the Seventies disaster movie cycle, the rock climbing catastrophe HIGH ICE (1980).Joining us to discuss the film is disaster movie enthusiast Fred Andersson from Schmollywood Babylon. We marvel at the film’s tremendous antagonist, its annoying kid, and the most undignified death in disaster movie history. And, of course, the exploding helicopter action.Show notesHigh Ice (1980)Director: Eugene S JonesPlot: A park ranger clashes with an egotistical army officer over how to handle a rescue operation to save three rock climbers stranded on a mountain ledge. Cast: David Janssen, Tony Musante, Dorian Harewood.Episode 124.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Fred AnderssonTwitter: @homosatanisInstagram: Schmollywood Babylon
Jun 30, 2022
50 min
Episode 123: Samurai Commando: Mission 1549
“The past is attacking us.” If you’ve ever wondered what a film that pitted soldiers from 16th century feudal Japan would fare against the military technology of the 21st century would look like, then wonder no more. You just need to check out SAMURAI COMMANDO: MISSION 1549 (2005). We discuss time travel, samurais, and the sixteenth century exploding helicopter action. Show notesSamurai Commando: Mission 1549 (2005)Director: Masaaki TezukaPlot: After an experiment goes wrong soldiers from Japan's defence force are sent 460 years into the past. But when mysterious anomalies threaten the present, a new team of soldiers is sent back in time to correct history and save the world.Episode 123.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.com Instagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Nick RehakTwitter: @TheRehakWebsite: Rehak Radio
May 31, 2022
34 min
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