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The world’s only podcast celebrating films where helicopters explode.
Episode 141: Narrow Margin
“She was as easy to crack as a raw egg.”On this episode we take a look at one of the most important exploding helicopter scenes in film history. But before we do that, we discuss Narrow Margin (1990), Peter Hyams’ remake of a film noir classic.Film notesNarrow Margin (1990)Director: Peter HyamsCast: Gene Hackman, Anne Archer, M Emmet Walsh, JT WalshPlot: A Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney is sent to protect a woman who accidentally witnessed a Mafia murder.Episode 141.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopter
Nov 30
36 min
Episode 140: The Island
“Wow – that tongue thing is amazing.”On this episode we take a look at Michael Bay’s The Island (2005).We discuss how well the inventor of ‘Bayhem’ handles a film which attempts an exploration of philosophical and ethical questions whilst trying to figure out why we keep wanting to buy expensive consumer goods. Oh, and of course we take a look at the exploding helicopter action. Episode 140.
Oct 31
41 min
Episode 139: The Sentinel
“Have you received adequate training for your profession?”On this show we’re taking a look at the Michael Douglas noughties comeback THE SENTINEL (2006).After a three year absence from acting everyone’s favourite recovering sex addict returned to the big screen with presidential assassination conspiracy thriller. Did we suffer a fatal attraction for The Sentinel? Or did fail to satisfy our basic instinct? After that we take some time to consider the musical career Kiefer Sutherland. Lucky us…Episode 139. Show notesThe Sentinel (2006)Director: Clark JohnsonCast: Michael Douglas, Kim Basinger, Kiefer Sutherland, Eva LongoriaPlot: A Secret Service agent is framed as the mole in an assassination attempt on the President. He must clear his name and foil another assassination attempt while on the run from a Secret Service Protective Intelligence Division agent.
Sep 30
47 min
Episode 138: Bulletproof
“You may be bulletproof – but you’re not love proof.” On this show we take a look at the cult Eighties action film BULLETPROOF (1987). We’re joined by Matt Poirier from the DTV Connoisseur to discuss the action movie credentials of Gary Busey, why you should take a nap around this film’s third innings, and whether it provided inspiration to the writers of The Simpsons. We also review the exploding helicopter action and discuss a method of chopper destruction that’s only been seen 8 times in the entirety of film history!Show notesBulletproof (1987)Director: Steve CarverCast: Gary Busey, Henry Silva, Danny Trejo, William Smith, LQ Jones, RG Armstrong.  Plot: McBain - a former CIA agent turned renegade – loose cannon cop is called back to action by The Agency when an experimental, super tank is stolen. Our hero is sent to Mexico to recover the super weapon from the rag tag collection of Arab terrorists and Latin American commies who are behind the heist.  Episode 138.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow DTV ConnoisseurTwitter: @dtvconnoisseurWebsite: dtvconnoisseur.blogspot.com
Aug 31
46 min
Episode 137: Black Sunday
“Now – just blink for yes – or die for no.”Over a 40-year career John Frankenheimer earned himself a reputation as one of Hollywood’s foremost directors of action and suspense films. Here we're joined by Nick Rehak to take a look at one of his less heralded films, Black Sunday (1977). While it may not have the prestige and plaudits of The Manchurian Candidate, Seven Days In May or Ronin, it does have an exploding helicopter (which elevates its status in our eyes).Show notesBlack Sunday (1977)Director: John FrankenheimerCast: Robert Shaw, Steven Keats, Bruce Dern, Marthe KellerPlot: Terrorists attempt to blow up a Goodyear blimp hovering over the Super Bowl stadium in an attempt to kill the American president and 80,000 spectators.
Jul 31
49 min
Episode 136: Assault On Paradise
“The rich must pay or the rich will die.” On the new Exploding Helicopter we’re joined by Doug Tilley from Cinema Smorgasbord to look at a very strange film: ASSAULT IN PARADISE (1977).We try to decide if the film was trying to make a sophisticated exploration of the exploitation of Native Americans, or if it was just a confused mess of a movie with nothing to say.We discuss seduction at gunpoint, comedic car chases, wildly inappropriate cultural appropriation, and, of course, the exploding helicopter action!Listen now, listen later, but just make sure you listenShow notesAssault In Paradise (1977)Director: Richard ComptonCast: Oliver Reed, John Ireland, Stuart Whitman, Paul Koslo, Deborah RaffinPlot: An Arizona resort town is rocked when local cops are struck down by a crossbow-wielding assassin dressed as a Native American. The perpetrator of these murders is demanding a million-dollar payoff from the town’s wealthiest citizens – lest they become his next victims. Fearing for their lives – and no doubt hoping to save themselves a few quid – the town’s gentry call in a hard-drinking mercenary to stop the reign of terror before the killer notches up more victims.Episode 136.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireball Website: explodinghelicopter.com Instagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Cinema SmorgasbordTwitter: @CinemaSmorgTwitter: @Doug_TilleyWebsite: Cinema Smorgasbord
Jun 30
43 min
Episode 135: Under Siege
“Mother goose, mother goose, the quails are in the nest.”We take a look at the maritime-themed spin on Die Hard that briefly turned Steven Seagal into an A-list action movie star: UNDER SIEGE (1992).Was this film really a Steven Seagal vehicle though? Why did Tommy Lee Jones never record a blues rock album? And was the action in this film really no better than the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman ‘Oirish’ drama Far And Away? All these points and the exploding helicopter action are discussed in our new show. Episode 135.Show notesUnder Siege (1992)Director: Andrew DavisCast: Steven Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Busey, Erika EleniakPlot: An ex-Navy Seal turned cook is the only person who can stop a group of terrorists when they seize control of a U.S. battleship.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: chopperfireball Website: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopter
May 31
46 min
Episode 134: Small Soldiers
“What are you worried about? They’re only toys.” On this episode we’re reviewing Joe Dante’s SMALL SOLDEIRS (1998).We discuss this surprisingly dark kids flick, subversive messaging and, of course, the exploding helicopter action.Show notesSmall Soldiers (1998)Director: Joe DanteCast: Kirsten Dunst, Kevin Dunn, Dennis Leary, Phil Hartman, Robert Picardo, Dick Miller, Tommy Lee Jones, Ernest Borgnine, Frank Langella, Bruce Dern, George Kennedy, Christina Ricci and Sarah Michelle Geller.  Plot: When missile technology is used to enhance toy action figures, the toys soon begin to take their battle programming too seriously.Episode 134.Find Exploding Helicopter onlineTwitterExploding Helicopter websiteInstagram
Apr 30
35 min
Episode 133: Swamp Thing
“Some of the men say it’s one of those abdominal snowmen.” On this episode of Exploding Air Boat we take a look at one of the classics of the propeller assisted water transport genre, SWAMP THING (1982).We’re joined by Nick Rehak to discuss the film’s strange cult status, monster costumes and the spectacular air boat action. Episode 133.
Mar 31
27 min
Episode 132: Skyfire
“Only a lunatic would build a world class resort on a ticking time bomb of molten earth.”  On this show we do the deep dive on the shallowest volcano movie ever made, SKYFIRE (2019).We’re joined by disaster movie aficionado Fred Andersson to discuss spectacular set-pieces, one dimensional characters, and a classic exploding helicopter. Show notesSkyfire (2019)Director: Simon WestCast: Hannah Quinlivan, Wang Xue-Qi, Jason IsaacsPlot: Geologist Wentao Li (Xueqi Wang) vowed he would never return to Tianhuo Island after a catastrophic volcano eruption tragically killed his wife. But 20 years later, his daughter Meng works on the island that took her mother's life, developing an eruption forecasting system. The island has now been transformed into a theme park by greedy businessman Jack Harris (Jason Isaacs) despite Meng's warnings. As the volcano begins to erupt, it's a race against the clock to save the tourists and villagers from the apocalyptic chaos.Episode 132.Follow Exploding HelicopterTwitter: @chopperfireballWebsite: explodinghelicopter.comInstagram: explodinghelicopterFollow Fred AnderssonTwitter: @homosatanisInstagram: Schmollywood Babylon
Feb 28
41 min
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