Experimental Brewing
Experimental Brewing
Denny Conn, Drew Beechum
Sit down with Denny Conn and Drew Beechum, authors of Experimental Homebrewing and Homebrewing All-Stars as they explore the world of beer and homebrew. Every episode tackles the science of brewing and the art of brewing. Listen and learn how to make and appreciate better beer and how to create even the craziest idea you have. We can't promise that you'll save the world, but we can promise mad science in the pursuit of great beer!
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Great Listen
Denny and Drew are a great match of brewing knowledge combining practical and experimental philosophies. I appreciate that they don’t always agree in a respectful, humorous way. I have learned a lot and enjoy their entertaining delivery.
Great Source for Beer infotainment
Denny and Drew are super knowledgeable and are great at sharing that home brewing knowledge in an entertaining and down to earth way. They often cite mantras like “malt wants to become beer” and always focus on the most important part of this hobby, having fun. By far my favorite brewing podcast. My only critique is that the ukulele is not more heavily featured.
Hermy t
Orlando episode is dubious
I was happy to learn a local brewery was featured on this show, but disappointed to hear which one it was. That particular brewery is not completely home brew community friendly. If you’re not a member of their favored club you’re treated like an outcast every visit. Disappointed with the brewery and this show putting a spot light on them of all breweries in this area.
Great show
I have been listening from the first episode. These guys know their stuff and they just love beer.
Doesn’t live up to the name
I wanted to like this podcast so bad, but the content doesn’t match the name - they rarely discuss anything experimental. Denny comes across as angry and annoyed at anyone who disagrees with him, but Drew is fine. I just don’t think they have that magic that good hosts have. I’m just confused as to what the point of this podcast is.
Sent in a question awhile and never really got an answer. The hosts aren’t very good at communicating with listeners, especially those that give financially. Most of the advice given are anecdotes, nearing the realm of pseudo science.
Mark Pellicle
They should stick to discussing brewing
Neither of the two host has a very interesting personality. Dennie is probably the worst of the two. The content is ok from an informational basis. But the last episode I listened to had a diversity diatribe thrown in. Just talk about beer guys. Oh well, one less podcast I have to listen to.
Backcountry Jim
Good show.
Interesting to listen to people’s ideas
Great Show
40years of brewing experience and just an extremely entertaining and informative program. Thanks guys keep up the good work!!
My Favorite Brewing Show
These guys are great. The shows are interesting and informative, fun and engaging. I learn new stuff with every episode.
Love this Podcast
Helpful, informative and entertaining. This podcast provides practical brewing information suitable for beginning and expert brewers alike, plus keeps me up to date on industry news. Keep up the great work, guys!
The Home Brew Podcast
If you love there books, you will love there podcasts. Denny and Drew do a really good job of informing there audience, while entertaining them too. If your a home brewer this ones for you!
Great Podcast!
Denny and Drew take a topic we are all passionate about(those of us that brew) and provide various musings on everything from ingredients, equipment, process, recipes, industry events and news and more! This is for those of us who are relatively new to brewing as well as those of us who have been brewing for years. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!
Ed the Jedi
Fantastic beer podcast
Entertaining and informative. A very enjoyable podcast.
Cats Eye
3 thumbs up
These two bozos really know what they are talking about , class act that will help elevate your brewing game !
Really great stuff! All kinds of it. Knowledgeable and clear, funny.
Mr. Doctorfantastic
Favorite homebrew podcast
Hands down my favorite homebrew podcast. Drew and Denny are a joy to listen to and insightful, helpful, and funny.
Content That Counts
I appreciate what these guys have done for homebrewers and the podcast is a continuation of making our beer and practices better. Nice work guys!
Not a fan of the new direction
I'm not a big fan of the new direction where they are getting away from homebrewing. I don't mind doing the change every once in a while but not all the time.
Good Content, Terrible Editing
I really liked the Experimental Homebrewing book and I was excited to find out (about two years late) that it had been adapted to a podcast. However, while there is great content in the podcast, it’s usually ruined by the editing. They have a middle aged computer programmer and a retired stoner, and they let the latter handle the editing. Ever watch “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”? Seen any of Charlie Kelly’s work? It feels like he edited this podcast. Their “editing” seems to be hitting the ‘Record’ and ‘Stop’ buttons on a 1980’s tape recorder. That being said, I still listen. But I certainly won’t pledge money on Patreon if this is the production value.
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Everything Crafted Show
I swallowed it hook line and sinker. To quot a book that all old geeks know, "Thanks for the fish!"
Great podcast on homebrewing!
Denny and Drew kill it!! Thanks for making a wonderful podcast! Cheers!! If you’re into homebrewing and not listening to this podcast, you’re missing out.
Great format!
I really enjoy listening to these guys! One of my favorite podcasts. I dig the format of the show being broken up into several different sections, and enjoy listening to each one. The shorter brew files epidsodes are great as well. Keep up the good work!
Brew Files Episode 27 - Lager myths
Loved this podcast subject - it's right up my brewing alley! Great information from Dave Carpenter - immeditaely bought the book.
Going Stale
I am a female student who is studying Fermentation Science and hopes to join the industry very soon. I am a newbie to your podcast, so I'm playing some catch up. I wanted to thank you for your comments on women being treated well. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. Really. Additionally, your podcast helps me with my studies and is very interesting. Thank you for all you do!
Click and Clack of homebrewing
These two yahoos have stolen the playbook from the venerable and now defunct Car Talk radio show and I love them for it. Their main show is a long format and they do a great job blending information and entertainment. Far from focused, they allow themselves to go off on tangents but it always seems to work. Self deprecating, honest and sincere. Great practical information from a couple of experienced homebrew Geeks. Always a fun homebrewing podcast to listen to.
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Great brewing content
I’ve been a listener to the podcast since they started it. Great content every week. A good mix of beer news, interviews, experiment results and fun. I’ve even met the guys a few times and they are as nice in person as they are on the podcast. And I appreciate the work Denny puts in audio wise to make it sound good.
Beer brewing goodness for your ears
It has a public broadcasting feel, if only it was a show on pbs to watch. Denny and drew have AWESOME knowledge and experience to be shared with the world.
Love this podcast
Denny and Drew are masters. Thank you!
More than just another beer podcast
Denny and Drew may know a thing or two about brewing, they might even offer up great tips while challenging some old Homebrew myths and commonly held practices, or give you provocative interviews of Homebrew legends and professional brewers... but if there is any reason this podcast is a must listen, it is the UKEKELE!!!! Also, you might learn some things and become a better brewer. But really it's all about the UKE! Cheers!
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Liking the podcast.reviewing the podcast and talking it up the best I can on a keyboard
Fun and educational podcast on home brewing!
Denny Conn & Drew Beechum couldn't better personify the odd couple any better than most other tandems. However, their different approaches wind up coming back to a mutual love of beer and brewing it. Great podcast with nice music, entertaining segments, industry interviews, listener participation in experiments, charity work, and other fun and educational excerpts. Come on in, let's talk about beer, beer, beer, beer....
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Best Home Brewing podcast I have found!
These guys are great! Very informational, no nonsense, a little bit of humor, but no long irrelevant tangents like other podcasts that I have listened to.
This podcast rocks!
Thanks to Denny and Drew for making a great show. Met Denny at the PNWHBC and what an awesome guy. Cheers!
LonePalm 2849492
Great Information
This podcast is full of great information from two excellent hosts. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed listening. Great job!
Robert Samuels
Homebrewer? Must listen!!
Great podcast! It's so refreshing listening to a beer podcast that isn't just people sitting around drinking beer and talking about it, but actually giving amazing advice to homebrewers! If you are a homebrewer, no matter what status, you should listen!
Fantastic info
Great brewing podcast with a decent playtime
My favorite brewing podcast
I listen to lots of different podcasts, some are very silly and have less information and some are very dry and full of useful knowledge, drew and denny have found that perfect balance of filling your brain with craft beer updates and homebrewing expertise. Keep up the good work guys.
Great start to a new podcast
I frequently listen to the brewing network podcasts so I compare this one to that. I just started to listen to this one and so far I'm very pleased. I can't wait to see how this podcasts grows. Good stuff so far.
Car talk meets home brewing
Great information about beer and brewing from two of the most respected and knowledgeable minds in the hobby. As informative as it is entertaining! A must for any home brewing or beer enthusiast.
Great for the industry
So far I like what I'm hearing from these two guys...they are credible and informative...and humble
What you should know as a homebrewer
These guys don’t realize how good they are. They provide context on what’s happening on the brewing front while throwing out side comments on homebrewing techniques that make us better brewers. I especially like the Q&A section and plan to listen to this podcast weekly, letting the knowledge wash over me like a beer shower.
Lyne Noella
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