Everything Dogs Podcast
Everything Dogs Podcast
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Welcome to the Everything Dogs Podcast hosted by Cassandra, Coralie and Anesh. In this podcast you will find lots of educational material surrounding dogs, training, nutrition and everything to do with raising a dog properly. With over 20 years of combined experience, we have lots on insight when it comes to everything surrounding dogs and their behaviours. The podcast will involve interviews with industry leading professionals, Q&A's and also conversations with us.
#11: Courtney Trauzzi: Lessons from working at the Emergency Vet and Fostering almost 100 dogs!
In this episode, we sit down with Courtney Trauzzi. She worked at the Toronto Emergency Veterinarian Hospital for a number of years. She has been working with animal since she was very young and just founded a new rescue. She has a strong passion for...
Sep 17
1 hr 2 min
#10: Choosing An Appropriate Breed
In This Podcast Episode, we discuss proper breed matches for people. What kind of dog should you get if you're lazy? What kind of dog should you get if you're active? Finally, is a working breed for you?We also discuss dogs we would get :)
Jul 30
1 hr 12 min
#9: Breed Specific Legistlation. An Owner's Perspective on Breed Bans and the "Pitbull" Stigma
In this episode, we have some very special guests. The owners of @monte.thepit join us on the show to share their experiences and insight on owning an American Pitbull Terrier in Ontario. Ontario has implemented "Breed Specific Legislation" towards...
Jun 27
59 min
#8: Realistic Expectations For A Nervous Dog. Fearful, Nervous Dogs and their limits.
In this episode we discuss nervous dogs, how they become nervous and if they are born nervous. No matter what the reasoning, we will inform you about precautions that need to be taken to ensure their success.
Jun 23
1 hr 14 min
Q&A #1: Dog training Tips, and Other Questions
In our first ever Q&A we discuss some topics regarding reactivity, socialization and dog bites. These are questions asked by our online community.
Jun 23
41 min
#7: Is a Board and Train Right For You? The limitations of training sessions.
Is this episode, we discuss the questions and concerns we get when people are considering a board and train. Also it will help you decide if you have ever been considering a board and train instead of dog training sessions. We also discuss when you...
Jun 12
1 hr 6 min
#6: What Should Your Dog Eat? Interview With Certified Dog Nutrition Experts
In this episode, we discuss Raw Feeding, Supplements, and overall Dog Health with The K9 Engineer. They are a Dog Nutrition and Training company in Toronto, ON. We also have a brief discussion about kibble and how signs that your dog is lacking proper...
May 31
50 min
#5: What NOT To Teach Your Dog
In This episode, we talk about commands that are not necessary for your dog to learn. They are considered a waste of time and sometimes can also get in the way of training your dogs to learn more productive commands
May 30
24 min
#4: Equipment We Prefer To Use On Our Dogs. From Beds To Collars. What We Find Most Efficent
In This Episode we talk about what tools we like to use for walking our dogs, training our dogs and just living with our dogs. This Includes our specific collars, e collars, e collar modifications and leashes. For in the house, we talk about bedding,...
May 22
47 min
#3: Where We Like To Exercise Our Dogs. Places To Go And Places To Avoid
In this episode, we talk about the places we like to go to exercise our dogs. Not only do we talk about places we like to go, we also talk about places that are not ideal and downright dangerous.
May 20
33 min
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