Everyone Loves Guitar
Everyone Loves Guitar
Craig Garber
We sit down and talk with interesting professional guitar players, and find out what makes them tick. Uncover the backstory behind your favorite guitar players, artists and sidemen. If you love guitar, success, life stories and meaningful life lessons, then stick around… you’re in the right place.
Seth Walker: “It was just another step towards finding my true nature...”
On this Seth Walker interview, what it was like growing up in a commune in rural North Carolina, how his entire songwriting expertise evolved from trying to sound like other artists, to today creating full-blown arrangements for strings, horns & keys... moving to Austin, Nashville and NYC to find his true creative nature, ending unhealthy relationships in spite of the pain, finding his silent place in nature, allowing himself to change, self-forgiveness and more. SUPER cool & sincere, a must listen
Nov 29
1 hr 41 min
Jeff Carlisi, .38 Special: “Ronnie Van Zandt’s mom made the best ham sandwiches, ever...”
On this Jeff Carlisi interview, he went VERY deep, talking about the serendipity of the recession which made getting a job as an architect impossible… the real truth behind why he left the band, his thoughts on why .38 Special are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, dealing with the loss of his dad, his very cool and interesting vintage guitars… the real story behind he & Ronnie Van Zant creating the song “4 Walls of Raiford”. GREAT conversation, very intelligent and open
Nov 26
3 hr 49 min
Steve Wariner
Steve talks about how he hooked up with Chet Atkins, his dad’s deep and meaningful influence on him, how moving often as a kid, impacted him… his many hobbies and interests, outside of music… greatest lesson the music business has taught him, and LOADS more cool stories on this candid and rare call with a guitar legend
Nov 25
2 hr 27 min
Greg Jennings, Restless Heart: “If I’m faced with a challenge, I won’t quit...”
On this Greg Jennings interview, how he stuck it out to make his dream of moving to Nashville come true… how 19 year old Dann Huff helped Greg’s session career, dealing with a period of time where work was scarce and how Vince Gill turned this around, going to the gym later in life, playing with one of his childhood musical heroes - Peter Noone...cooking, Maui, Iraq, surrounding yourself with smarter people, being more comfortable in your own skin, closeness with his parents, and loads more
Nov 24
1 hr 8 min
George Bernhardt: Rick Springfield, The Mustard Seeds
Although George was signed to MCA directly by Irving Azoff, and has played on 10 major album releases as a member of various bands… oddly enough, his greatest success came to him because he will willing to accept a position as Rick Springfield’s guitar tech, during a time in his life when things were at a slow down. If you like to root for the underdog, you’ll love this story about how the good guy won
Nov 23
2 hr 6 min
Peter Parcek, “I realized quitting was not for me...”
On this Peter Parcek interview, being 3 feet away from the stage and watching Clapton & Cream, Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart and Peter Green (in London)... opening for Roy Buchanan & Jerry Garcia… overcoming a career-threatening wrist injury, being real and coming from your heart, and why his heart is opening up again. LOVELY, genuine guy
Nov 22
1 hr 49 min
Ryan Newell, Sister Hazel: “If I want to have a great day, I can make that happen...”
On this Ryan Newell interview, the challenges Sister Hazel faced early on, and how they launched their career… how the 5 band members have gotten along for 30 years, dealing with divorce, learning to be financially responsible, how he got into playing SG’s, best decision he ever made, letting go of worry, best childhood memory, not sweating the small stuff and more. Very open and honest
Nov 19
1 hr 4 min
Thomas Juneor Andersson, Kamchatka
On this Thomas Juneor Andersson Interview, Thomas discusses a severe accident he had in 2017, which nearly took his life… the 10-year commitment he made when he started Kamchatka, and what he sacrificed to make sure it all worked out… 2 valuable lessons his parents imparted… Telecasters, Stratocasters… raising children, more
Nov 18
1 hr 18 min
Jace Everett, True Blood: “I want to do Bad Things with you”
On this Jace Everett interview, Jace talks about finding Jesus at a young age, and then “opting out” of religion... dropping out of the music business for 5 years to raise his son and provide for his family... losing his publishing deal, his record deal and going through a miserable divorce - all at once!… Backstory to his new records, favorite song he wrote (NOT what you’re thinking), being a dad, understanding how others hear him, forgiveness, France, loads more. SUPER cool and intelligent guy
Nov 17
1 hr 44 min
Gary Hoey
On this Gary Hoey interview: why he’s a Black Belt in Martial Arts, hustling in front of Berklee, his audition for Ozzy, moving across the country from Massachusetts to LA… Writing his absolute biggest hit in 15 minutes, Chet Atkins, Judge Judy, and a TON of really cool stuff to enjoy in this fun conversation!...
Nov 16
1 hr 9 min
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