Everyday Mulemanship
Everyday Mulemanship
Ty Evans
Everyday Mulemanship with Ty Evans! We talk mules, mulemanship, offer training tips, and share our incredible interviews with fellow mule enthusiasts.
Mule Tip Tuesday! “You attract what you are, not what you want”
We have some great tips to offer you in this episode! Ty answers questions about what to do when you get stuck on one checklist item, dealing with balky horses, cold backed mules, and standing to mount.
Nov 24
31 min
Special Thanksgiving Episode
Ty reads and explains a recent article he wrote for Western Mule Magazine. Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 22
25 min
Mule Tip Tuesday! Focus on the good stuff and reward for that.
This weeks episode is packed full of great questions! Ty answers questions about herd boundness, helping your mule to be more punctual, standing to saddle, biting mules, kicking mules, and mules that get anxious when behind on a trail ride. Thank you for listening, please leave a review and don’t forget to subscribe. WWW.TSMULES.COM
Nov 18
31 min
Mule Tip Tuesday- How long to work on advancement each ride
In this Facebook live Mule Tip Tuesday Ty talks about working on advancement and how long to actually focus on progressions. Ty also takes questions about bolting mules, mules that don’t stand tied patiently, and mules that buck going down hill. www.tsmules.com
Nov 10
27 min
Jim Huggard! Ride, drive, and pack.
Jim is one cool man. He can ride mules, pack mules, drive mules, and even build a saddle for mules. Long time friend, and full of knowledge.
Nov 10
1 hr 26 min
What’s the Difference? Horses & Mules
This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions I get. What’s the difference? Let me explain...
Nov 3
38 min
Mule Tip Tuesday! Preserving the try and preserving the natural curiosity in your mule
This is probably one of the key elements in successfully developing a bridle mule. And it starts right from the very beginning. Preserving the try, it’ll pay off big in the future.
Nov 3
13 min
Mule Tip Tuesday! Don’t self-limit!
Self limiting cab really hold us back from progressing with our mules. Don’t let it happen to you!
Oct 27
9 min
Mule Tip Tuesday! Find Happiness Where You Are.
This week we had some great questions! Everything from speed control to familiarization to dogs. Brought to you by Mules & More Magazine and Timber Valley Mule Company.
Oct 20
31 min
Mule Tip Tuesday! Traveling with mules.
Big thanks to our Sponsors! Timber Valley Mule Company and The Watering Post! This week we talk tracing tips and how to be prepared. We also have questions about bolting and spooking mules as well as a mule that want to take off and buck.
Sep 29
30 min
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