Everybody's Talking At Once
Everybody's Talking At Once
Drew Messinger-Michaels, Frances Michelle Cannon, and Lucio Valentino
A longform interview podcast mostly about video games, but also about design, storytelling, labor, and tech more broadly—not to mention music, books, movies, TV, theater, gallery art, food, and everything else that's important to the people who make games what they are. Trying to make sense of things, and sometimes even succeeding.
The Mayonnaise Allegory, with Jeremy Warmsley
ETAO Podcast, Episode 107. Jeremy Warmsley’s music has spanned pop (or more broadly, the whole touring band thing), film, television, radio, and recently, games. He’s an inventive, thoughtful, ever-expressive voice wherever he shows up (including on podcasts, as it happens). Here we mostly talk about his game soundtracking work on Russell’s Quinn’s Linda & Joan, … Continue reading "The Mayonnaise Allegory, with Jeremy Warmsley"
Apr 20
The Futures of Stories, with Russell Quinn
ETAO Podcast, Episode 106. Russell Quinn has had a unique career as a technologist enabling stories, building the underlying systems for the ahead-of-its time McSweeney’s app, as well as for the equally-ahead-of-theirs, novel-adjacent multimedia projects The Silent History and The Pickle Index. He’s brought remarkably inventive and playful stories to the world, though not as … Continue reading "The Futures of Stories, with Russell Quinn"
Apr 6
A Nuanced Critique of Subtlety, with Chevy Ray
ETAO Podcast, Episode 105. Chevy Ray has been making games for a long time now—though most of them are currently tough to play; RIP Flash—but is probably best known for Ikenfell, a tactical RPG about going to magic school, working through difficult relationships, and petting a great many cats. Here Chevy talks about what it … Continue reading "A Nuanced Critique of Subtlety, with Chevy Ray"
Mar 23
Designing for Empathy, with Anisa Sanusi
ETAO Podcast, Episode 104. Anisa Sanusi is an accomplished UI/UX designer, probably best known for her work on Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster—two utterly different games that bring with them utterly different challenges in terms of usability, accessibility, tone, and scope. She’s also the founder of the Limit Break mentorship program, an organization dedicated to … Continue reading "Designing for Empathy, with Anisa Sanusi"
Mar 9
Rogue Chunks, with Chris King
ETAO Podcast, Episode 103. Chris King of Batterystaple Games shares a chunk of his time to discuss 30XX, the reimagined, souped-up sequel to the Mega Man X-esque roguelike-alike 20XX. We get pretty far into the weeds as far as the differences between the two games, the double-edged beam-sword of encouraging player-created content from day one, … Continue reading "Rogue Chunks, with Chris King"
Feb 23
Experiencing America, with Bryant Young
ETAO Podcast, Episode 102. Our America puts you in the shoes of a Black father driving his son to school—and if that doesn’t sound potentially harrowing to you, then you might be exactly the project’s intended audience. It’s a work that means to illuminate, instruct, challenge, and speak simple, difficult truths. In this interview, Bryant … Continue reading "Experiencing America, with Bryant Young"
Feb 9
Communities and Modularities, with Chel Wong
ETAO Podcast, Episode 101. You might know Chel Wong from her rightly-celebrated, highly modular soundtrack to Kine, and some more people are about to know her from Watch This Space. But you definitely already know her if you’re even tangentially involved in the Boston-area indie scene (or for that matter, the New England Smash scene). … Continue reading "Communities and Modularities, with Chel Wong"
Jan 26
What We Heard and What We Learned in 2020
ETAO Podcast, Episode 100. For our hundredth episode, we’re trying something a little different and editing together some of our favorite moments from the past year of the ‘cast. If you’ve been looking to catch up but haven’t had the time to dive into entire longform interviews, then this should provide a good place to … Continue reading "What We Heard and What We Learned in 2020"
Jan 5
What We Played (and What We Didn’t) in 2020
ETAO Podcast, Episode 99. 2020, everybody. It was a weird year for lots of things, we think it’s fair to say—including but by no means limited to games. So in this episode, we take a moment to recap the games we played this year, the games currently glistening atop (or languishing deep within) our to-read … Continue reading "What We Played (and What We Didn’t) in 2020"
Dec 22, 2020
The Work of War, with Zach Barth
ETAO Podcast, Episode 98. Like Eliza before it, Möbius Front ’83 is a Zachtornics game that longtime Zachtronics fans probably didn’t expect—though also like Eliza, it has more than a few themes in common with the rest of the catalog, and beyond that, Möbius Front ’83 adheres to Zach-like conventions more closely than you might … Continue reading "The Work of War, with Zach Barth"
Dec 8, 2020
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